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I didn’t realize that the YouTube video cut out the last minute. Here is the full version.
Happy evening to all!


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    • I know…I couldn’t even speak to Jack while we watched it (for the 4th time)

  1. That is such an uplifting story of courage! She is so brave. We need more good stories in the news.
    Thank you Mary

    • You are so welcome Carol…I loved being able to share this story here too

  2. Oh Mary! Thank you for sharing this. What a most inspiring family you will be marrying into! I know, I know…it’s your son who is doing the marrying, but you too will be joined with this wonderful family as well.

    • Thanks so much Debra…I feel so grateful for the Brush family being a part of his life (and we like them a lot too!)

  3. WHAT A WOMAN!!! Attitude is everything, as she so adeptly displays.
    I had tears of joy in my eyes; my chin resting on the table; and an increased heart rate. A pity party will never again be possible.
    Mary, you find the most incredible role models to share with us: in your quotes, your photos, and your heart.

    • just amazing isn’t she?!…every night when I have to get up and go to the bathroom (and I’d rather stay in my warm bed), I think of Kelly and what she (without ever complaining) has to do just to live life …and to keep that attitude. I am also in awe. Thanks so much for your kind words Cheryl.

  4. The ski racing world is a small, tight community. My children were ski racers right through college and I remember the day we heard about Kelly’s tragic accident. Thank you for the video. What a remarkable young woman!

  5. Oh Mary! Thank you so much for sharing this with us…

    Absolutely a marvelous story… marvelous young woman!

    What wonderful families coming together!

    Much Love,


    • I was so happy to be able to share this Terri (it hadn’t been available to link to it until the other day and I was thrilled when I could do it)…I also knew that the loving hearts gathered here would receive it with happiness…thank you dear-heart!

  6. Wow what a fantastic story and thank you so much for posting it Mary. She is truly a remarkable young woman and her family is awesome in many ways…loving, encouraging, caring, supportive…and I could go on and on….what a wonderful tribute to her and them!

  7. Mary – What an amazing young woman with such a strong spirit! I was so moved by her story. Her family seems wonderful. I also think of how fortunate Lindsay will be to have you for a mother-in-law!

    • Oh thank you Pam!…what a sweet thing to say. It has been my intention (since I first became a mother) to be a good mother-in-law someday, and I sure want to be!

  8. Wow Mary !!! Thanks for sharing ………What an awesome young woman ….and you can see she gets her strength from her wonderful family….we have a 27 year old daughter who has lived all her life with seizures and she is so happy, strong and amazing …I would like to think that part of it is because her Dad and I have always shown her the bright positive side of life ( glass half full )
    And yes you will be an amazing Mother In Law 🙂

    Thank you…………….Collette

    • Thanks so much Collette! Your daughter sounds like quite a woman herself! Love and good thoughtst to you today, Mary

  9. Mary, my computer programme has disallowed me access to the links but I did go into Google and have read about Kelly’s accident and her incredible spirit that has maintained her since. I have a cyber friend, an Australian Shepherd breeder in Indiana, a nurse on her way to work, who had an accident with her van and flew through the windshield of her car. She isn’t sure what happened, she is reported as saying ‘deer’ ‘deer’ immediatly after the accident. She is also in a wheelchair and is determined to walk again. Spinal injuries are unimaginably horrible for those who suffer from them. Thank you for putting this up on your site, Mary,
    SandyP in canada

    • thanks so much Sandy and I will hold your friend in my prayers for her to walk again….maybe you’ll be able to see the video at some later time (it is wonderful)

  10. Thank you so much Mary for sharing this story of such a strong young woman and her incredible family. You will be such an amazing mom-in-law to her.

    • Thank you Myrna (and I knew what you meant and appreciated your sweet thought!)

  11. WOW Goes to prove the mind over matter theory and what strength it takes to overcome the “why me”!

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