Heaven is now, when I remember that all is well

Fred resting on a book that I'm reading called "Proof of Heaven" ...I did stage this one! (and this is a wonderful book!)

Fred resting on a book that I’m reading called “Proof of Heaven” I did stage this one! (and this is a wonderful book!)

As many of you know, Jack and I have been hoping to buy a home in Middlebury VT, for about a year. Yesterday, we went through that house. As soon as we walked in the door, it felt like home. One of the owners gave us the tour (as her sweet toddler followed behind, happily playing with a very life-like toy snake). She talked about why they needed to move closer to their jobs, but how much they loved the house. We were not, in that moment, in a position to make her an offer (and there was another couple coming back right after our appointment, for the second time). I made several phone calls when I got home. One of them was for prayer.

As I sat outside, early this morning the thought came to me, “This house is a blessing and you are going to learn more about who you are as you go through the process of waiting to see how the money will manifest, how doors open, how perfectly everything is happening.” That thought brought me to tears, but the next one surprised me even more, and it was, “I pray that the home sells quickly so this little family can move this summer and get settled.” Maybe we’ll be the buyers, maybe not, but I know that it will be perfect either way.

One of the spiritual truths that I Know is this: If something (a job, home, opportunity, relationship, …any thing) is meant to be ours: if it is for our highest and best good, it will be. Our part is not to figure out “how”,  it is simply to know what our hearts desire, and then to hold that vision, knowing that all is well.

“The message had three parts, and if I had to translate them into earthly language, I’d say they ran something like this: ‘You are loved and cherished, dearly,  forever. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do wrong.” from the book Proof of Heaven,by Eben Alexander, M.D.,  page 41

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  1. Good Early Morning Mary from WIsconsin…..this just struck close to my heart as I had to sell my childhood home of 64yrs. My dad built it when my parents were just young with a toddler. This is just how i let it go from a sellers side. Prayed who ever could fill it with love and best use would come. After 3 months of house flippers and bargain downers and young sweet couple with a baby came and wanted it soooo bad i just knew even though it hurt it would be loved. I needed the bolded message at the bottom since i am dealing with a sister who is dealing in anger instead of letting go….i love all your messages but this one just hit it on the nail head today….have a wonderful day!! Janette

  2. Dear Mary, I will pray as you did that the house sells quickly for this couple. What a lovely thought to hold about something that you want dearly. And I shall pray that you and Jack find your special home as well ~ Middlebury is such a pretty town and it sounds like this house might be meant for you. But if not, perhaps there is another right around the corner! Do keep us posted! Candy

    • Thank you Cindy! (and we appreciate your prayer so very much!)

  3. Either way, Mary and Jack, all is well……we dont have the power to ruin Gods plan……what a relief, and oh so freeing to “know” I’m not in charge…..my fear, (False Evidence Appearing Real) has tripped me up so many times, (control?), but when I let go and let God……I see the wonder of it all!!! Ps I put my house on the market after Peter died thinking it would take a yr.or so to sell, first looker, one day …..sold, the God of my understanding knew what I needed, physical and emotional purging of stuff…..to help me through my grief and gently move me forward……I was in a panic, then I remembered……..and now I am grateful. Love and hugs!

    • We didn’t know this Sandy! Wow are you being “moved”…we send our best thoughts for the perfect new home for you too.

  4. Muncil, Metzger, and Middlebury…perfect together! My thoughts and prayers continue for your desires and the current owner’s desires and energies to align as it is supposed to Be. Hmmmm…My copy of Proof of Heaven arrived yesterday! I believe I should begin reading it tonight! XOXO

    • I just read your comment to Jack and he laughed and said, “I like that!” Thank you Kathye for your prayers. We appreciate them more than words can say.

  5. Dear Mary, I am sending good thoughts and loving vibrations to everyone involved with this wonderful home/house. I support your courage and your commitment to follow the faith and trust that divine order is working out all the details for you and Jack (and your fur family, who will also be enjoying their new abode) as well as the gentle family who is searching for their next, perfect home. Letting go is a powerful and sometimes challenging thing…..thank you for your ever-present joy and wonder in the process. I know your life will be blessed throughout this journey!

    • I will take your loving words to heart Debra and can feel the vibrations of Love coming from you to all. Thank you so much.

  6. If indeed, “home is where the heart is”, then wherever you and Jack live, it will be a house full of love with hearts as big as the sky. Love to you, and may all fall into perfect place.- going to my library website now to request Proof of Heaven. I love receiving book suggestions from the flock. Happy May, everyone!

    • your thoughts are soothing and so comforting Susan..thank you so much

  7. Mary, I ♥ this post! Having had two moving and house selling experiences within the past 15 years, I truly believe God does know best! One house sold in December, the day before it went on the market (not the best month for home sales) and the second one sold before I could chose a relator. Looking back I can truly say “…all things work together for good…” The difficult part for me is always “letting go” as Sandy and Debra have put my thoughts into such helpful words. Love that fear definition, Sandy!

    Mary and Jack, may it work out for good for all parties involved. I like that quote…nothing to fear, … nothing you can do wrong! Life is a complex tapestry and some times the gold and silver threads are lost among the blacks and browns until the picture is completed and “right side up” 🙂 then we “see it and get it” and it’s heavenly!

    • Thank you LaMae for your words filled with light and hope… I am going to follow those gold and silver threads and very much appreciate the beautiful image!

  8. “One of the spiritual truths that I Know is this: If something (a job, home, opportunity, relationship, …any thing) is meant to be ours: if it is for our highest and best good, it will be” and in this, Mary, you’ve said all you need to say to relieve anxiety, stress and worry. I can’t tell you how automatically my ego tries to override my spiritual sense. Everytime.
    I met a friend today in the grocery store whose close friend has been told by two doctors that the cyst on her ovary needs to be dealt with immediately, frightening both of them. Yet the surgeon she has seen now says he feels quite confident that it is not malignant. My friend and her friend are deeply reileved yet not entirely accepting because of the first two doctors comments. All I could say was: one day at a time. One moment at a time. Time will tell.
    SandyP, thanks for the reminder of leaving life to a higher power than my own ego. Now if I can just get that message through to it, I’ll be away to the races..

    • I know this Truth and when I forget, I feel alone…and the pain of that feeling awakens me again to remember the Truth. thanks so much Sandy.

  9. If it’s meant to be, it will be. I think Mary any place you and Jack hang your hat, you find a way to make it charming and inviting to everyone.

  10. Here it is, a mere nine months since my husband and I took the same leap of faith: took a purposeful vacation (with real estate in mind); found, bid upon, were accepted; raced home, listed, and sold our then-home in a mind boggling space of 27 days!! When it’s meant to be, it becomes.

    The young couple who couldn’t wait for the first open house showing came directly from their jobs less than a week after our listing hit the realtors MLS. I loved them immediately. ( I even wrote them a poem right after they left–imagine that!– which our realtor withheld until after escrow.) The long and short of it is, that although we received other offers, my heart told me this sweet young couple would love our home as we had. And so they will.
    Sending you prayers of perfection which ever way things manifest.

    “There is nothing you can do wrong.” [I’m on my second reading of this book!]

    • I gratefully receive your prayers of perfection Cheryl! thank you

    • I will certainly agree with that Carol!…I am loving it.

  11. I know what book I’m reading next! Mary, I am holding you and Jack and the couple inMiddlebury Vermont in my heart and prayers. May it be we’ll for you all.

  12. We made an offer on a house we loved and it was accepted, with the comment that a relative of the original owner had 72 hours to match our offer and buy the house. She hadn’t been able to sell her condo, so the realtor didn’t think it would be an issue. We got a call on the 3rd day saying that she had accepted a low offer on her condo and was buying the house. My husband said “it’s our house, I’m not looking anymore, I know that’s going to be our house.”

    Every day for 2 weeks my husband would say “I know that’s our house.” I said “okay, crazy man, don’t get your hopes up.” At the end of the 2nd week there was a message on the answering machine from the realtor that the relative wasn’t able to buy the house, that her financing fell through. They were wondering if we were still interested in buying the house! My husband said “See, I knew it was our house!” It will be 10 years this September since we moved in. 🙂

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