Fred admiring the bouquet I picked yesterday
Fred admiring the bouquet I picked yesterday

I’ve been so moved by the book, Proof of Heaven, that this morning, I decided to look up Dr. Eben Alexander’s schedule thinking that I would love to see him in person sometime. As it turns out, he is speaking TONIGHT in Liverpool NY which is about a 3 hr. drive for me. “This is truly amazing!” was my first thought. It is, for me, another affirmation that everything is moving exactly as it should. When I need, or want, something (want from my higher self that is, not necessarily what my ego thinks I need in the moment…a big difference!), it shows up. It presents itself for me to say yes (or no) to.

We are constantly getting guidance to move forward, wait, or to take a different direction. The more aware I become of the larger dimension of My-Self, the more I recognize the constant, loving, guidance that is as close as my breath, my beating heart, my deep desires.

This book, although recommended to me by many people, didn’t really make it into my consciousness until Wed. afternoon, when we arrived back home from looking at the house in Middlebury. As I walked back into our current home, feeling all sorts of emotions; hope, excitement, doubt, and anticipation, I saw it on our coffee table (having just borrowed it on Sunday from my future daughter-in-law) and opened it up…. and didn’t put it down until I went to bed.

After Jack and I had seen the home in Middlebury on Wed., we took a walk through the downtown and talked about going out to breakfast, but  I was so deeply moved emotionally, that I felt I needed to ground myself and re-center, so I suggested that Jack get a bagel, and I decided to go to my new favorite Middlebury thrift store. As I walked into the store I thought, “This is good, I can get my mind off the house for a half hour or so, calm down, and stop this flood of tears” that had begun welling up when we were going through the house.

I am not opposed to crying, actually I think it is wonderful, but it isn’t something that I do very often. It isn’t my usual reaction to life. So when we walked though that home, and I started to feel like I was about to burst open with tears, I was surprised. But when Jack and I got into the car to drive away, and I broke into sobs, I felt a bit like I was coming unglued. So my trip to the thrift store seemed just the ticket to bring me back to myself….or so I thought.

Within a minute of walking inside, a new song began playing on the radio. The tears started again. Really? In the middle of the thrift store?…the name of the song was “Home*” by Philip Phillips, and one of the lines is,”….just know you’re not alone, cause I’m gonna make this place your home.”

OK, I guess I was not meant to “center myself”…I was meant to give in to this flood of feelings, emotions, grace, love, divine coincindence….I’ve been crying in bursts since that moment inside the house…..tears of love and happiness and wonder….and I know without a doubt that none of us is ever alone.

Without recovering that memory of our larger connectedness, and the unconditional love of our Creator, we will always feel lost here on earth….God is present in us at all times…and loving us without conditions….we are connected as One thorough our divine link with God.” pg 161, Proof of Heaven

Sending you all blessings this weekend of hope, courage, and renewed faith, that you are right where you are supposed to be, surrounded and cradled in the arms of Love.

The video to the song Home is below….it is wonderful!

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  1. I am in tears… I so want a small farm and was listening to the music of Out of Africa while reading this. thank you I needed this:you are a blessing in my life.

    1. I will hold you in prayer for that small farm to come to you in the most perfect way Heather

  2. I love all the cat pictures! Seems I must look into this book. Just your blog entries about it make me feel warm and comforted.

    1. I am so glad that my comments about this book make you feel that way Ruth…that is so sweet. Thanks for letting me know

  3. Your posts about the Middlebury house make me think of my mom who had the gift of making anywhere she lived a reflection of our family. From the rowhouse where my sister and I grew up, to the apartment where my parents moved as they got older, to senior housing/assisted living, it was theirs. It didn’t dawn on me that it was a gift until a few years ago, or how much she loved and rose to the challenge. I’m sending you prayers and thoughts that what you want and what should happen are one and the same, but I suspect your ‘home’ will be wherever you and Jack and your animals are happy. And Fred has good taste.

    1. Your prayers are very gratefully received Charlotte…thank you so much.

  4. Mary, if you could roll back your life to two or three weeks ago, when you had not seen this house, which has struck a chord in you so deeply, would you do it? When you think of all the feelings this experience has aroused in you, you almost wonder where they’ve come from. I sense that you are a nester and that your surroundings are part of what make you at peace with yourself. As I look back over the field behind our home now, this would be considered a park in the city, and I think of how a medical condition brought me to this place, almost as though another ‘hand’ was acting in my life for I’d always wanted to live in the country and but for this medical experience, I would not have done so. As I grow older, I know that letting go causes me much less stress…and yet, the longing for this house in your heart means that something has connected with you emotionally as well as visually. Fate or whatever it is, will decide. Until then, for you, living on tenter-hooks is how it is at the moment……where did that word come from…it means a sharp-hooked nail used in stretching cloth on a tenter, a machine for stretching cloth..hmmm…odd how these words pop into our brains…
    SandyP in Canada

    1. Thank you Sandy…no, I wouldn’t go back…This “wanting’ is such a teacher….everyday, as I say, THis house is a blessing, I know that the experience will open me up to a larger part of me…beyond houses, things and time. I must be ready for this now…to want something so deeply and to let it go at the same time.

  5. Dear Mary, thank you for this most beautiful post and deeply loving message. I really needed to be reminded today of the ever-present power of divine acceptance and support. The song/video is life-affirming! It will stay with me!

  6. Mary, I was so touched by your post this morning. Hang in there, you will get this house, the house that you want so much.

    1. Thank you so much for that encouraging thought Shirley!

    1. Oh, I think I just felt it flutter by Candy!…thank you sweet heart

  7. Candyinvt, I just smiled when I read “sent another prayer for you winging to Heaven” – reminded me of that little swoosh nose some emails make when you hit ‘send’ – swoosh! Mary, I got goosebumps reading of the deep emotions this place has brought out of you. There must be wonderful energy in that house – good people seem to have lived there. Have you ever viewed a house and upon entering just did not like the ‘vibe’, little to do with the actual look of the house? I join Candy in swhooshing up another prayer that you and Jack be blessed with either this home that has so enchanted you, or something even more perfect. And, tears are good, cleansing us of an excess of emotion, sometimes it’s just so very powerful, and like a pressure cooker, we have to let off a little steam. So let them fall, they are happy tears. Love, Susan

    1. …yes, is what I feel in response to your words Susan! I have had that experience that even when something looked great, it felt wrong, ….and with this home, it was just so right. Thank you for your beautiful prayer for all of us. I receive it with such gratitude.

  8. Oh, Mary, are you going to see Eben Alexander’s presentation tonight?? If I was anywhere near, I’d swoop you up and take you along with me! How divinely timely looking at his speaking schedule.

    I’m always amazed how art and music touches the deep emotions within us—even in the most unlikely places. “Home” is a regular play on an indie radio station I listen to. It’s more than a location; it’s a state of mind. I’m still holding high aspirations that you’ll be toe-tapping and humming your way through your next new home soon. XOXO

    1. Yes! It is 4 pm and I just arrived. His talk is at 6:30

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    2. Thank you Cheryl…the talk was beyond words, and I love your visual and will hold that in my heart. As we walked through the home, after the little boy put the toy snake down, he picked up a card (that his mom had gotten as a birthday card) and he kept opening it up. It was a muscial card playing, “Girls just want to have fun!”

  9. Hi Mary,

    I read the book a few months ago. The passages you quoted yesterday and today are two of my favourites in the book.
    Prayer flags are flying and prayer wheels are spinning in the wind.
    Prayers are ALWAYS answered.
    Love and blessings to you and all of my fellow WFF friends.

      1. You’re welcome Susan!
        I was thinking about Tibetan Buddhism but I remember Peter, Paul and Mary and now your quote has me thinking about Bob Dylan. ..
        Here’s to Mary’s. house! May her heart’s desire manifest!
        Blessings to you Susan!

    1. Thank you so much Monika…flying and spinning prayers….I love that!

  10. Mary, enjoy his presentation! I recently watched him on a prior episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and that is what inspired me to buy his book! I can only imagine that he is even more awesome in person! You might expect some more tears!!! XOXO

  11. I’m here in Liverpool Ny waiting for dr. Alexander’s talk at 6!

    1. Thank you Mary…Wed.- Friday of this week has been beyond words..(I’m just “getting back” now…but not really!)

  12. Dear Mary, Sending you prayers and blessings for the grounding energy you desire for Home to feel so powerfully right. Safe travels tonight!

    1. Oh thank you Diana…I very much appreciate your loving prayers

    1. Thank you Terri…I am still absorbing that energy, and appreciate your love so much!

    1. I will for sure keep you filed in Heather…thank you!

  13. So glad you are home safe and sound and coming back to earth (maybe literally and figuratively). I think/feel we were all there with you. Talk about ONENESS!

  14. Just finished reading this bok and will probably re-read it soon! Very interesting to read about the transformation in Dr Alexander after his NDE. Very inspirational and thought provoking. Loved it!

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