The open door of intuition: The Spirit of Truth

Noah heading out into the garden this morning
Noah heading out into the garden this morning

Have you ever just known that something was right? Even when it didn’t make sense? Even when there was no way that it was possible? And have you ever held your belief anyway; persistently turning away from those voices of doubt and reason (the voices that were really in your own mind, but seemed to be coming out of the mouths of people around you…the ones who didn’t want you to be disappointed or deluded enough to believe in something that you couldn’t figure out the “hows” of?).

I love hearing stories of how others did just this: held their vision and came to see it become their reality. If you have a story that you would like to share; a story of hope (when things seemed hopeless), faith beyond your ability to understand, or healing, please tell it here. There are an awful lot of stories that we hear everyday of “senseless” violence, loss, and hatred…and I know that there are so many, many more stories of “senseless” (we can’t understand how this wonderful thing happened) blessings, recovery, and Love.”…..Grace, Goodness, and Love may not make sense to our small, limited selves, but they are who we really are at our centers.

Faith does not depend on physical facts or on the evidence of the senses because it is born of intuition, or the Spirit of Truth, ever living at the center of our being. Its action is infinitely higher than that of reason. It is founded on Truth, while reasoning or intellectual argument is founded on evidence of the senses and is not reliable.

Intuition is the open end, within one’s own being, of the invisible channel ever connecting each individual with God. Faith is, as it were, a ray of light shot out from the central sun, God, one end of which ray comes into your being and mine through the open door of intuition.” from,  Lessons in Truth, by H. Emilie Cady (1848-1941)

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  1. Oh yes Mary…and it is a ‘house’ story too! In 1999, my best girlfriend of 30 years had just passed away. Prior to her geting sick (10 months before she died), she and I, with our husbands, had been looking for retirement property together and were traveling around looking for the ‘perfect’ spot for us. During her last conversation with me she held my hand, looked into my eyes and said “don’t wait”. A few months later I fell in love with a house in Vermont…yes, I KNEW, it was right. But it seemed the timing was not for a lot of reasons, including my father-in-law’s illness and death, as well as finances. My husband and I thought and thought about it and finally told our realtor that we would have to pass. When we told him why, he said why don’t you make an offer and see if the sellers are willing to wait a while for closing. You just never know. Well we did not make an offer that day in Vermont. Instead we drove back to Jersey, but not before returning to the home, just to drive by again and again. It is all I could think about. Every cell in my body told me that we had to have that house. I FELT it…it had hugged me each time we walked in. And I kept hearing Jan saying “don’t wait”. So 3 days later we called and made an offer and asked if the closing could be held up for 6 months. And the buyer’s accepted! It seemed that they wanted us to have their house too! But still we had no idea how we would come up with the down payment that we had to have in 30 days, at the time. The next day we both went to work. And that afternoon, my company announced that it was selling the part of the business in which I worked. All 15,000 employees would be part of the acquiring company. As I was processing this, my boss called me into his office. He said that our parent company was excluding about 25 people from the “deal” and that those 25 would stay with the parent company. I was one of them that they wanted to stay. And, to ‘retain’ us and keep us from jumping ship and looking for another job, they would offer us a ‘stay bonus’. I had never heard of this before that time. And they would give us half, when we signed our intent to stay, and the other half when the deal/transition was completed. I could not believe it! My stay bonus was EXACTLY the amount we needed for our down payment! And while we still had some serious details with timing to work out, it did! And 6 months later, in January of 2000, we closed on our house…our millenium home! And we have said many many times that this is the best thing we ever did!

    1. What a magnificent story Kathye!! ..and one that i really needed to hear today, this moment. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Mary: I have a story of faith. It may seem trivial because it involves one of our four cats…but to this day I still smile in wonder. We adopted three cats a few years ago. All of the siblings, and great pals. For some reason, I kept saying to my husband Alan…”I want to go back for a fourth.” Everyone asked me why…why another? Did I see another I wanted? Was three a bad number? My answer was no, no and no….but I just had this strong pull to go back. We did, adopted a Fourth kitty, and she, Ella, is just as lovely as the original three amigos.

    I can’t imagine our herd of cats being complete without our Ella. Small, benign story…but one that illustrates that feeling of intuition.

    Thanks as always for your work…


    1. What a wonderful story Maggie! It didn’t feel at all trivial to me (or to Ella, I’m sure!)….thank you for sharing this story of Love and Divine guidance

  3. Oh wonderful, Mary – an invitation to share one of my favorite stories that I turn to when I want to remember the miracle of connectedness to the greater source of knowing.

    This happened many years ago when I was a teenager. I was the only adopted one in a family of intellectuals. I was constantly reminded of how stupid I was. (I later learned that I wasn’t stupid at all – just had a different sort of intelligence). One evening I was listening to my favorite radio station, WMEX, and it was the last night of a contest they were holding. To enter one needed to write a letter about what WMEX meant to you. Suddenly I was hit with the conviction that I should enter, and that I would win. Now mind you, I was a very poor student – never studied, and as a result mostly squeaked by. But I grabbed a pencil and paper and began writing – for some reason I knew exactly what to write. I referred to the songs they were playing as I wrote, and applauded them for the sprinkling of oldies, etc. I mailed my entry the next day. Despite the fact that this station was wildly broadcast throughout the Boston area, I knew I was going to be the winner – I just had a knowing. As the next days and week went buy, I (who rarely said much of anything) frequently asked my mother and siblings if any of them had heard yet who had won. I didn’t keep it a secret that I was convinced I would win. They all laughed at me. My mother even sneered at one occasion, “don’t be ridiculous.” But…some days later my mother, a college English teacher, arrived home from work and told me one of her students had heard my name announced on the radio. I had indeed won, and my prize from WMEX was a hefty sum for those days. The real prize was the enormous boost to my self-esteem.

    In retrospect I can see that this was just one of many times when Spirit intervened to awaken me to my inner self.

    1. Oh my goodness what a story! I love it, and thank you so much for sharing with us today!

  4. I love these stories! Oh, Mary, THIS is the kind of news I want to read as a new day begins! My story of perfect timing occurred in Sept. of 2011, just weeks after 9/11. My younger son who was twenty three at the time, was in New York for a week on business. He was staying in the Soho District, not far from Wall Street. On that particular day an ‘orange’ heightened alert had been announced for that area. He called me on the phone that morning to tell me this, and I could hear that touch of anxiousness in his voice. Before we hung up, I said to him, “honey, don’t worry. There are angels all around you.” That evening he called me back to say, “Mom, you won’t believe what just happened.” He was walking back to his hotel when a slightly shabby looking man started walking toward him. My son thought he probably was going to ask him for money. But instead, the man approached him, smiled gently and said, “Sir, there are angels all around you.” And walked on . . I still get goosebumps when I think of this. Sure, some may say the man was a little touched in the head to walk up to a stranger with this message, but I prefer to believe he did sense an aura of angelic protection around my son. Who knows what some people are gifted to see and sense? To all my friends here today, “may angels be all around you.”

    1. How beautiful…how moving and wonderful this story is Susan!!I am flooded with goose bumps, blessings to you this day

    2. Susan, I really love this story! My goosebumps have goosebumps! This is the kind of happening that reaffirms a lot for me. This was a good share. Thanks!

    1. I join Mary in that flood of goose bumps, Susan! How wonderful! i think the only thing this man was touched with was a connection to something divine, there for us all but only seen by a few. Blessings back to you.

  5. Dear Mary, thank you for such a wonderful invitation to share our stories of faith and goodness.

    My story is of my beloved horse Romeo who passed last Spring..Our relationship transformed me, and to this day his spirit stays with me in profound and unmistakeable ways. When I first met Romeo, a soon-to-be retired show horse, he was a tired, lonely, lame…..and very handsome fellow. I was completely undone by an honest knowing I felt deep within my psyche. This horse was my partner. So I went against the advice of my vet, trainer, and friends….and bought him anyway.

    Our relationship (we truly were the Romeo and Juliet of the horse-human world in so many ways) was not lacking in its tremendously challenging times, however. It took us a couple of years to not only figure each other out, but to bring Romeo back to soundness. Our last two years together, we spent at a beautiful ranch where he lived like a king with grass pastures, a huge paddock, good horse friends, and me in his life every single day to love on him, ride him and hand-walk him all over the ranch to visit with his family of humans and horses. During that time our love affair blossomed into something I’ve never experienced before…something that has changed me forever.

    When we follow our own inner voice….that sense of rightness that dwells within our hearts and souls…..we are supported by a force of divine guidance and love which delivers us to our destiny.

    1. I absolutely love your last sentence Debra, “When we follow our own inner voice….that sense of rightness that dwells within our hearts and souls…..we are supported by a force of divine guidance and love which delivers us to our destiny”…thank you for this powerful story of Love and connection. It touches my heart in a such a deep way.

  6. Hi Mary,
    My story happened 27 years ago in 1986. I was trying to start a video business. My marriage was falling apart and I was unhappy, worried about my children and terrified of what lay ahead. I worked up a two year plan for my “hoped for” business and made an appointment to go to a bank and ask for start up money.
    My heart was fluttering and my knees knocking as I walked to the bank’s door. I put my hand on the door handle and “something” whispered to me…don’t worry. If this bank won’t give you the money another bank will”. I was immediately calmed, made my presentation and they gave me the funds I requested (with no collateral!). What a moment that was….touching the door and hearing those words. It still amazes me today!

    1. Martha, I really do believe as you paused at the door that you really were touched by an angel! Remember that TV series? I am so happy the amazement still carries over to today. Believe. . .

    2. I love the image of touching the door, and hearing that message, Martha! There is a Rumi quote that I painted above my front door, “The door is round and open, don’t go back to sleep.”…thank you for reminding me of the larger reality

  7. Well, I have another house story.
    My husband and I had been looking for a house in Vermont so as to be near my daughter and the grandchildren. We had looked and looked every time we visited and even put in an offer on a house near theirs but “the vibes” were not right for that one so we kept looking.
    During one trip to visit we stopped for breakfast at our favorite diner in Fair Haven. I picked up the current issue of Pickett Fence Realty, something I don’t usually do, and as I was leafing through the Chittenden County homes for sale I saw what I considered to be “the one”. I handed the magazine to my husband, pointing out the picture saying ,”that’s our new house!” It was in a neighborhood I was in love with and in a style I lusted after, and had every feature that I had been hoping to enjoy in a new home. To make a long story shorter, as we were being shown through the house, my daughter and I kept looking at each other gleefully and saying things, like “this is the boys’ bedroom, and this is Abby’s room….” My husband realized he was not going to be able to resist the force of this house calling to us so here we have been, living happily close to grandchildren for the past eight years.
    Good luck with your house hunting in Middlebury Mary. The right one will be yours very soon.
    From Fran

  8. Five years ago my father called me and said he felt his health was declining and needed help. After prayer and a long conversation, I decided to rent my house and move two hours away to live with him. That decision was met with many negative remarks from family and friends. Yet I knew it was the right decision for us. Two weeks after I moved in with my dad, he had a stroke. He recovered and since then has struggled with many other health issues that we are dealing with. During these five years we have grown to respect each other in a way I celebrate each day. We are active in church, both are Stephen Ministers, and uplift and encourage each other every morning over coffee and have learned how to communicate our needs effectively. He recently turned 90 and we both believe that God arranged our situation for spiritual and personal growth not only as father and daughter but as brother and sister in Christ.

    1. Oh how beautiful Gayle…I can feel the Love coming right through your words..thank you so much for sharing your life with us

  9. Mary, this is just what we need to hear instead of the news these days. News is hardly ever hopeful. Many years ago, and in my mind it seems as though it happened yesterday, so I must be getting old…!!…the mother of my boyfriend, who later became my husband (he died in 1972) had been born and raised on a farm not too far from where I now live. She encouraged me at the age of seventeen to start taking oil painting lessons, which I did and which taught me the joy and recognition of how colour is created. Six years later, she encouraged me to learn how to make a quilt, for she’d made quilts most of her life. Those two gifts from her have sustained me throughout my life in a way that could never have been predicted. Following her son and my husband’s death, my skills in quilting led me to teach quiltmaking for a decade in the 70’s/80’s, a skill that helped provide the extras for my two young children and myself. That skill led to forming the second quilt guild in Canada and then, it led me into art college as a mature part-time student. You never know or realize where a small amount of encouragement can change a young person’s life. To this day, I am so grateful to have had Maude Small in my life for she has laid the groundwork for peace, for creativity, for personal growth and acheivment, for friends over the years made through my quiltmaking. Colour and cloth are who I am all thanks to this wonderful woman. She died in her 100th year when I was teaching quilting on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. SandyP, what a beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law. You expressed it so well. Made me shed some tears.

    2. Oh SandyP, this is a beautiful story – talk about how ‘threads connect’, and all because someone cared enough to encourage a child to discover her gifts. My parents were both musical and I grew up playing the cello – I know it was a huge sacrifice for them to save up for my beautiful instrument when it was obvious by age 15, I was really serious about my music. They have both passed on, and I treasure it as their greatest gift to me, my ‘best voice’ as I always say. I also am awed to know it was made in London in 1827, – who else has played this cello over the many years? Is it ‘mine’? No, not really, I am just the grateful custodian of this instrument that will someday pass into another’s hands to sing and sing and sing. Art unlocks our hearts and spirits, that’s for sure, and connects us one to the other in a universal song. As I hear my husband listening to the ‘news’ in the living room – I am so glad I am tucked in here with the really good news!

      1. Well, I have a wonderful cd of you playing the cello Susan, and it is the most glorious, loving sound (which I hadn’t considered before your words above, but it, “unlocks my heart”!)

    3. I’m so moved by this story Sandy (my grandmother’s name was Maude and I was “talking with her” on my run this morning, asking if she could help things along from that side of Life!)….When I read her name, your dear mother-in-laws name, while she was here too, I felt it was a message to me as well…all is well. Thank you

  10. I’ve so enjoyed reading all these stories. This is my kind of “news”. Thank you, all, for sharing!

  11. About two years ago I felt a strong “tug” to end my marriage of 10 years. The years prior I was unhappy but felt a strong sense of “stay” and so I did. I learned a lot from staying and surrendering and then suddenly I felt a strong “now” and I began the process of leaving. I have never once waivered, never once questioned my decision. it all felt completely right and divinely ordered. And now, more than 2 years later I am beginning the journey of marriage again. I am amazed at how effortless life can be when we listen to that voice inside.

  12. When our oldest daughter was born she has serious breathing complications and spent ten days in the NICU (neonatal ICU) At first I was devastated and angry. Our first child had been still born…how could God expect me to suffer such a loss again. I had a dream that I walked into our living room and saw her as a toddler standing by the big picture window on our living room, dancing and smiling in the sunlight. I woke and just KNEW everything would be ok. No matter what the neonatologists tried to tell me about how serious her condition was, how with every set back I could be prepared to let her go. I simply smiled and said ” She will be fine.” They all, including my husband, thought I was in total denial. But fine she was indeed. And about 15 months later I walked into the living room and there she stood, dancing and smiling in the sunlight. This experience has given me the strength to believe through so many other challenges. As for our daughter, she just got married this past September to a wonderful guy!

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