No more battles

Luke resting in the grass on a beautiful day
Luke resting in the grass

A few days ago, I became  anxious that I hadn’t heard from someone (who I knew was going through I rough time). I’d called him, but he didn’t return my call (which was really unusual) so I waited for a day and called again, feeling very “concerned”. He answered the phone and was cold, distant and abrupt. Later that day I thought, “He was feeling my energy of fear (worry, anxiety, and concern are all just dressed up words for fear). I had been imagining him as unhappy and closed off so I took it upon myself to come to the rescue, and was rewarded with exactly what I deserved. Who wants to be looked at in this way?…not him, not me.

As soon as I realized what I’d done, I started imagining him as happy and feeling at peace. I saw the God in him. I let go of all anxiety or need for him to contact me. The next morning, he called and we had a wonderful talk.

“My friend, the battle you are trying to fight is not yours, but God’s. Be still. Let go. The battle is God’s, not yours, and because it is God’s battle through you, God desiring to manifest through you, victory was on your side before the battle began (in your consciousness, for that is the only place where there is any battle). Some who doubt will say, ‘Yes, but I must have money today’, or ‘I must have relief at once’ or ‘this salvation will come too late to be of use, and besides I do not see how!’  Stop right there, dear friend. You do not have to see how. This is not your business. Your business is to ‘stand still’ and proclaim, ‘It is done.” From the essay, Trusting and Resting, by H. Emilie Cady, published in 1903

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  1. Mary, this is an insightful posting this morning. It is in my nature to try to control whatever happens in my life and letting go, letting God or whatever higher power there may be, is not my initial response to what happens to me in my life. I’m trying to be more mindful of letting go. I can excuse it as human nature to want to control but it doesn’t always work well, does it.
    SandyP in Canada

  2. Dear Mary, I love this simple, yet profound message today! Thank you. I will be repeating the words “It is done” throughout my day, implanting that beautiful vision in my mind and heart.

  3. Loved this post and all of the wonderful comments, could not have said it better.
    Luke looks so happy and at peace in this spot ~ give him an extra hug from me today. Xoxo

  4. Wow. Thank you, Mary. Our precious Skeeter has a malignancy in her mouth…. for a second time. Her surgery is tomorrow… thanks to you, I’ve been imagining her healthy and whole, chasing a tennis ball on the beach.

    I can see it so clearly~ this sweet dog who has been at my heels for more than ten years. ***If it weren’t for your teaching, Mary, I would be a fear-consumed mess right now.*** Bless you. And the rest of today, I will be thinking, “It is already done.”

    1. Sending prayers for Skeeter, Kelly, and am placing him in with my prayer group for a total healing and speedy recovery. Will include you and your family in that same request, asking for peace and ‘knowing’ that all will be well. Keep us posted.

  5. Wow, that quote is meaty, Mary! A lot to think about. The last line, ‘stand still’ and ‘it is done’ reminds me of scripture, “Be still and know that I am God”, and also Christ’s last words on the cross, “It is finished”. I believe He is telling us the battle is finished, He has intervened for us and sacrificed His life. His resurrection and eternal Being with us in Spirit is the victory. So, our battles on this earth in our lifetime can be viewed from an entirely other perspective, – I also don’t think letting go means just going with the flow, whatever happens, happens, but letting go in the sense of not just trusting only our little selves and our tiny powers, but letting go into something bigger, more powerful than we are, and ever available. just sort of rambling here, – will definitely be thinking about this today.

  6. Oh Mary, I needed this right now. I feel like I’m on the front lines in a battle with myself. I’m fighting as hard as any soldier. Depression is a tough state to be in. I’m acting as if,liked we learned years ago. I must think of God. I must stand still. Thanks so much for this.
    Luke looks gorgeous in the photo. What a love!
    @Kelly,prayers for your little buddy Skeeter.

    1. Oh Cindy……I’ve been on the same battlefield myself for awhile now also. The following quote has been of help in the past couple of days for me – “If ‘connection’ could be visualized as holding hands with Spirit, then Guidance is receiving direction. Let the Internal Teacher lead you by the hand.”

      Maybe we could all be holding hands….

      1. Mary and Cindy, – extending my hand from Arizona tonight, – any time I hear the word depression, it touches a deep place in my heart as my father and my older sister took on this beast for most all of their life. Just seeing your dear names, so familiar by now, makes me know we all have tender connections here on the ‘farm’ – Love to you both, Susan

    2. I’m thinking of you, Cindy, and hoping for a return to equilibrium for you. I know the crushing weight of depression, but I also know the wonderful feeling of realizing the longterm weight has been lifted (and sometimes darned if I can figure out how or why). Two things that I hold on to are staying close to nature, and a line from the old Yes song, “Your Move:” “Don’t surround yourself with yourself.” That’s not an easy thing to do when you think you aren’t fit for human company, but for me — a ruminator — it is key. I like the soldier analogy – I’ll bet you are winning the battle.

  7. Your words today Mary gave me alot to think about!
    Luke is so adorable and seemed really relaxed and peaceful

  8. Thank- you all for your kind words. They mean so much. We are holding hands. We’re not alone. Love to you all, Cindy

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