Time to be real

Noah and Esther sitting through the screen
Noah and Esther sitting on the chair (view through the screen)

Last night, we were having dinner with friends and the song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow*, sung by  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, was playing.  The way that he sang and “mixed up” the original lyrics was so touching to me. I don’t generally like re-makes of songs (or anything else) but his version was magic. He brought to life something new and unique, and that shined through, and we all felt it.

A couple of years ago, Jack and I were stopped as we got out of our car by a man (someone Jack vaguely knew) who wanted to show us the paintings/assemblages that he had just completed. They were in his van and he was driving to a gallery to set them up for a show. As he pulled them out, one by one, I felt turned off.  The images were dark and, at least to me, uninteresting.

But it wasn’t this so much that bothered me, but what he was saying.  As he proudly presented each one he kept saying things like, “This is my own unique style. No one else has created in this way….” and the feeling I got was that he was trying to be unique and different. He obviously had a lot of talent but he wanted his work to stand out as unique, and that somehow made it feel flat.

We do not need to try to be unique. We are unique. Most of us have just covered that uniqueness up, from years of trying to be something better, different, more interesting, or more special, than we think we are. You, me, we, couldnt’ be more special. Each one of us has the ability to stop others in their tracks, and bring them to tears of Love…just by being real…just by being ourselves.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

* This version of the song is a combination of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World      


11 thoughts on “Time to be real”

  1. Mary – What a beautiful message this morning! Thank you for sharing the video – I love the music and the pictures are wonderful. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I have the album with that version of “Over the Rainbox.” I have listened to this wonderful Hawaiian man sing his music many times. I tried to purchase more of his stuff and discovered he had passed away, very young. He was enormous. So sad. What a voice with such sadness and beauty within it!

    1. Mary,
      The song and that version was the music played during the “mother-son” dance at my son’s wedding. We had picked it together after several hours of deciding what would be perfect. It brings lots of emotion and memories everytime I hear it. I hope it will bring you such moments of love everytime you hear it, too.
      Have a lovely weekend to you-all….

  3. Love this version of 2 beautiful songs sung by a beautiful person. I recently saw a video with him, he was his authentic self. Thanks always Mary for the message you bring. Happy weekend all!

  4. Haunting voice, just beautiful Mary! Thank you for sharing it and your message for today. I so remember when my boys were small, watching Mr. Rogers tying his sneakers at show’s end, looking right into the camera and saying, “I like you Just the Way You Are, boys and girls!” The other day when I was at the Butterfly Wonderland, a little girl approached me with her Mom as a butterfly had just landed on my shoulder. I was seated on a bench and she came up close to see it better and started talking with me (she was maybe, seven?) – Her Mom stood by her side and gave me a wink as the little girl earnestly carried on a conversation with me as if she had known me all her life. The way she looked right into my eyes, with her sweet face, two front teeth missing, smiling and laughing, I thought to myself, “Oh honey, never change, never lose this YOU that is shining so brightly today”.

    1. Such a sweet moment, Susan. Don’t you just love a wink?! That special connection that sometimes says even more than a smile…A wink can mean so much…a thank you (for earnestly listening to my little girl!)…an “I’ve got you covered”…a “let’s do this”… an “it’s going to be fine”…that understanding between two connecting souls silently conspiring for something good! What butterfly connections you made that day!

      1. A cluck and a wink; the WFF ‘secret handshake’. :^)

        Last Sunday, Eben Alexander [Proof of Heaven] made a brief stop in close proximity to our new homestead and I was fortunate enough to get a seat. And butterfly connections now have an entirely new meaning for me after reading his book. It’s been a love provoking week!

        Izzy says it all so well. Over the rainbow—and beyond. Happy Solstice, one and all.

  5. Thank you Mary for the beautiful post and also for my two most favorite songs. Susan, that wonderful little girl who had a conversation with you was quite lucky to have found a very special lady and I bet she won’t forget you.

    1. Thank you Myrna, I won’t forget her either. Funny how sometimes even when something is happening, you know you won’t forget it, and it may not even be a huge eventful moment, just a sweet encounter like the face of a child looking into yours. 🙂

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