Bodhi taking a look (or a smell) at the little green F.R.O.G.
Bodhi taking a look (or a smell) at the little green F.R.O.G.

When we got back home on Saturday, on our doorstep, we found a welcome-home packet that a friend left for us. Inside was this little green frog and a wonderful story and I wanted to share it with you.


by Arline Bee, Roanoke, Virginia (from the October 2009 Guideposts Magazine)

They call me the frog lady.  An expert on amphibians I’m not.  But it’s a nickname I’m proud of.  Let me tell you why.

Four years ago I was living in Florida when Hurricane Wilma tore through.  The damage the storm caused to my church was so severe that we had to hold service and Sunday School classes in the fellowship hall.  One muggy afternoon 80 of us crowded into the small hot room for class, and sat side by side on folding chairs.  It wasn’t very comfortable…or inspiring.  “How many of you know what the letters F.R.O.G. stand for?” the Sunday school teacher asked.  People shouted out lots of different answers.  Where on earth is she going with this? I wondered.

Then our teacher pointed heaven-ward.  Perched atop her index finger was a bright green rubber frog with big googly eyes and spindly legs.  It was about the cutest thing I’d ever seen!  “F.R.O.G. stand for Fully Rely on God, and that’s what we need to do, especially now,” she said.  Everyone clapped.  The message was just what we needed.

All at once, it hit me.  Maybe other folks would be inspired by these frogs too…

Pulling into the gas station one afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the woman standing at the pump next to mine.  She just seemed so sad about something.  I reached into my bag.  “I have something for you,” I said, handing over a frog.  “I know it doesn’t say much, but I think it says it all.  It will bring you a blessing today.”  She didn’t say a word, just stared at the little green frog.  Uh-oh, she thinks I’m crazy, I thought.  I turned to walk away.  The woman touched my arm.  “You just made my day,” she said.  She hopped into her car and drove off with a smile.  Right then I knew I had to pass frogs on to more people…

I’ve handed out more than 4,000 frogs, to everyone…even the governor of Virginia and President Obama and his family.

Yes, they call me the frog lady, and I don’t mind a bit.  But I’m not the one who deserves credit for the big impact these little frogs have.  That goes to the One the F.R.O.G. message is all about.  The one I fully rely on.

Everything supports you whether or not you even notice it, whether or not you think about it or understand it, whether you love it or hate it, whether you’re happy or sad, asleep or awake, motivated or unmotivated. It just supports you without asking for anything in return.” from, “I Need Your Love, Is that True? by Byron Katie

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  1. Dear Mary, what a simple, yet profound message! Thank you for this refreshing reminder that God is everywhere, in every thing and is the source of all comfort and love. Who knew the divine could be inspired through such a friendly little creature! Frogs are indeed, angelic messengers of support. Great quote from Byron Katie.

  2. Mary – What a wonderful message! I’ve been noticing a unusually large “crop” of baby toads in my gardens the past few days and encountered a baby tree frog in my raspberry bushes yesterday. Their presence has been absolutely delightful and now has even more meaning!

  3. thanks Mary.. . I could use this little FROG today. . .so glad to hear that your son’s wedding was loving and joyful. I loved our phone coversation and will call again. Sending my love and gratitude for your light and goodness. . .Veronica

  4. For years, my little frog collection has been growing – they are in the garden, I have frog vases, salt and pepper shakers, and on and on – in fact I’ve had to tell my sons, “Please, no more frogs!”, – but now I will look on them in a totally different way, and I certainly have reminders all over my house and yard, “Fully Rely on God”. – Thank you Mary – what a delightful message today!

  5. Beautiful wedding pictures on FB , and your dress was ….perfect! Loved your frog message, years ago when I was in a dark place a friend gave me a frog and the frog message….I use it every day, right along with “let go and let God” cause I want to release whatever is bothering me, but then take it back!

  6. Beautiful wedding pictures on FB and your dress was perfect! Years ago when I was in a dark place a friend gave me a frog and the frog message. I use it every day, along with “let go and let God” , cause I want to release whatever is bothering me, and then take it back!

  7. Sorry about the double message, don’t know what happened, technology challenged!

  8. Hi Mary, I have a big old chipped frog in the front yard that we’ve moved with us our last three times. It was “Mavie’s” Frog. He loved it and gave it many a soakings.(blunt but true) So I always think of him with a smile when I walk by this tacky old frog. Now I have an affirmation through “Mavie’s” spirit thanks to your lovely post. On to FB to see your pictures!

  9. What a wonderful and uplifting story! With all the rain we have had here in GA this summer, frogs have been a daily part of my life…listening to them sing at night and then fishing them out of the pool in the morning. Now I will be thinking of this story as I share my days with them!
    Hugs, Marian

  10. Mary, I loved the f.r.o.g. story and I love frogs and often rescue them from our swimming pool when I can catch them in there because they’ll only end up dead in our skimmer. But I do have a frog story that has meaning for me. My adopted daughter is not longer, of her choice, part of our family. Many years ago, she gave me a little stuffed and sequinned frog, which I’ve kept and treasured all these years. It sits , resting and stretched out over top of our cafe (half) curtains by our bathtub and every morning I’m greeted by this cheery frog and it brings a smile to my face. It is very much ‘me’ and while I miss my daughter very much, I do have the frog she chose for me specially, knowing I’d like and enjoy it.
    SandyP in canada

  11. How can I see your dress on FB? Just the one photo of the lovely couple is there. 🙂

  12. Our pastor used frog stickers on the song sheets for church this Sunday (today). She explained F.R.O.G. = fully rely on God. I had just read this post this morning before going to church; so when I saw the little frog sticker, I smiled and thought “coincidence” (small miracle of God who wishes to remain anonymous)!

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