There is fun in the air…and it is contagious

I’ve always had a playful side to me, and I think that I have a fun sense of humor too. I’m not sure the family that I grew up in felt this way about me, as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure they didn’t. There were way more sideways glances, rolled eyes, and exasperated sighs (in response to my ideas) than happy collaboration.

On top of this, I became a teenager in the 60’s; a time where (at least to my mind) it wasn’t cool to be enthusiastic. So I tried to be serious, unaffected, and hip. God forbid you act goofy. The ultimate aim of life was to be taken seriously. Cool people were a little grim, a little dark, a little mysterious, and a little cynical.

When I think back on this now (and when I see others trying so hard to cover up the fun parts of themselves) so afraid of being laughed at, I think, “Oh don’t do that! Let us see your fun side, because if you don’t, life will become dull, and you won’t end up looking cool or hip or important, you’ll just look old, tired, and drained.”

But it seems we all have to find this out for ourselves. When a person really laughs, even if it is about something that I have done, then the world is a better place. Every time true laughter happens, I imagine it as a beautiful energy, wafting out into the universe, never-ending, and ultimately touching everyone with its Light.

The weekend is here,  I am going to be on the alert for things to laugh about.  My prayer is going to be, “Show me something really funny today. Help me to remember that deep laughter again.”

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” Woody Allen


AND THE WINNER OF THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER IS…..Ususally when I have a give-away, there are a lot of comments, many times, over 50. When only a few came in for the clover, at first I felt a little disappointed but then (reading my own post and actually following my own advice) I started saying “This must be perfect!” …well, it was. You see, there were 15 comments and I have 15, 4-leaf (and even a few 5-leaf) clovers. So by last night I hoped that there wouldn’t be any more comments so I could send everyone one, and that is what happened!

If your clover smells a tad bit musty, it is because it has been pressed into the pages of one of my little books (called My Father’s Dragon) that I’ve had for 50 years…here is a picture of the bookplate.

book plate from My Father's Dragon

bookplate from “My Father’s Dragon”

So, the winners are:

Laurie, Renea, Carol G, Marcia, Pam A, Marian, Rowehill, Cindy Chambers, Sandy Lally, Susan G., Mary Rita, Juliet Bell, Wendy Greenspan, Barbara C-M, and Kathye.

Now your part is to send me (by email) your address, and I will mail your clover out to you! My email is

19 thoughts on “There is fun in the air…and it is contagious

    • I have to do a little of this too Juliet (since Jack hardly ever gets my jokes)…I can tell when he doesn’t because he laughs in this small, little, way and then I say, “You don’t get it do you?” and he ususally says, “Not really.” and that makes me laugh even more.

  1. Mary it is like you read my mind 🙂 i was a goofy kid in a serious family…then in the 60’s i became a moody poet girl…i am trying to bring back that fun loving sweet girl…work here has become so negative that i literally yesterday thought what is my part in this? So i am digging deep for the silly girl i used to be…so timely and soooo necessary…..i am a ray of sunshine (so i tell myself) Have a beautiful weekend…

    • Silly girls of the world unite! I am smiling thinking of that part of you Janette, and I join my fun-filled heart with yours today!

  2. Jeez I love your perspectives shared on this site. I share often w close friends and they feel the same. I would have commented but something held me back. Maybe I thought others had more of a need do I’d help w the statistics of I stepped aside. I do this a lot;). Not a bad thing when you’re trying to maintain/help create fairness and balance. BUT, I like the fin factor and the laughing dose you speak of so I better not get out of the line too often !
    Best always

      • now why would you want to do that Cindy!?….I like the “fin factor” …..maybe it means that we are all gorgeous fish swimming in the same magnificent/fun sea

  3. Mary – It’s so funny you should write this today. Yesterday my older daughter told me I was being goofy and I responded with such an enthusiastic “thank you” that she looked at me sideways. I hope she figures out how to lighten up sooner than I did!

  4. Dear Mary – Thank you for another uplifting post! Laughter truly is a universal language…..not only is it contagious, but it’s understood by everyone. Those caught-off-guard, belly-laughter moments are just the most mind/heart altering moments, aren’t they? I can’t wait for a weekend of belly laughs and giggles. That’s about as good as it gets.

  5. A friend shared this with me this morning – giggles, laughs, and silliness! Great recipe for weekend fun, or fin! – Love that you had 15 responses and 15 four leaf clovers, Mary. Everyone a winner! Serendipity!

  6. Having ‘found’ a half-sister later in life (I was adopted from birth and for medical reasons at the age of fifty, found one half of my biological family) and found someone with the same sense of humour as me. We’ve traveled some over the years since and several times ended up in that deliciously silly laughter that sends good endorphins trickling through out bodies. I remember one time, the night before leaving England sitting on a suitcase in my nightgown trying to get the zipper done up made almost impossible by my few new purchases stuffed into it. I’m thankful to have someone with whom I can have a good belly laugh because oddly enough, I don’t have this at home, nor does she. We live seven hours apart but stay in touch by phone and email.
    SandyP in Canada

  7. I forgot to mention, if that laugh just won’t come…and you try and try, for some good old fashioned silly guffaws and giggles go see “Heat” with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Mindless,non-stop laughter!!!!

  8. Interestingly enough…I was going to comment, but at the last minute decided not to. Guess I know why now!!! 🙂

  9. “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. I absolutely refuse to grow up, even at my age (past three score and ten).

  10. I loved your blog today Mary and I am going to be 77 years young on Monday so this weekend I am celebrating with my boyfriend, friends and family …all on different days and I hope there is plenty of laughter to be enjoyed between all of us! I believe you are only as old as you feel and I certainly intend to enjoy life and everthing and everyone around me as long as I possibly can!

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