The open door

sleeping boys: Noah and Fred
sleeping boys: Noah and Fred

I was having breakfast with my 88-year-old father the other day and he asked me if I wanted to play golf with him in August. I’ve never played golf, but before I answered him, I watched my mind say, “You’ve never played golf. You can’t just go out and play, especially with other people around (who could be in danger of getting hurt if you hit the ball in the wrong direction, and really, what are the chances of you hitting it straight?), you could really embarrass yourself and your father….”

I noticed a lot of excuses/reasons coming up and then realized that he asked me one question; “Do you want to play golf with me?” Not can you, should you, …only, do you want to. And I did. It sounded like fun to me. I have no idea how I am going to do it, but if it feels like a yes, then that is all I need to know. It is amazing how the mind can complicate life.

There is always an answer that leads us to more life. It isn’t hidden. We don’t need to mediate for 20 years, or even 20 minutes, to access it. It is the larger dimension of who we are. And it is beyond our reasoning minds; so much cleaner, faster, clearer,….it “knows” and it communicates to us by an inner knowing. ….and we think it to death by doubt and fear of the unknown. We don’t really kill it, but it is as good as dead if we don’t listen to it, don’t trust it.

Say yes to the adventure that is your life. Trust that your yes will open the door to something unimaginably wonderful. Start today.

“If I were dying, my last words would be: Have faith and pursue the unknown end.” Oliver Wendell Holmes


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  1. “Say yes to the adventure that is your life. Trust that your yes will open the door to something unimaginably wonderful.”
    I love this! I do the word for the year thing, and I think I just found my word for next year. Yes! Say yes!
    Thanks for another great post, Mary.

  2. “FORE!!!” (Ask Jack what that means!!!) And thanks Mary for my ear to ear smile! YES TO LIFE ! XOXO

  3. As Woody Allen said….”half of life is showing up”. “keep your head down” just kidding , I was always trying to see where the ball was going before I hit it! Have fun and PLAY golf .

  4. Dear Mary, what a wonderful post! Life is always inviting us to jump in with both feet. Thanks for the great reminder today to do just that!

  5. My son got married last year to a lovely young woman who has a son, now ten. For the past two years, this little boy has brought so much joy to my life. Then eight years old in 2011, (now ten) – he continues to melt when he says to me when staying over at my house, “Grandma, come play with me!” – Those are the sweetest words, and remind me that there is nothing I could be doing, straightening up the kitchen after breakfast, making a bed, etc. that could be more important than accepting his sweet invitation to come play. And we do. And we have so much fun. I treasure these times as I’ve missed out on those first eight years, and the ‘tween/teens’ are around the corner and he may not think it’s quite so cool to spend the night with Grandma anymore. So say yes, to those invitations to ‘come play with me’. Seize the day and all that 🙂 Mary, you’ll have a ball with your Dad!

  6. I just knew there was a “Yes” in your story. Have a blast with your Dad Mary.

  7. Mary, this brought back a memory to me. My Father(now passed on) asked me to play golf with him years ago in Sunapee, NH. We spent half the years there. My family was never sports orientated. We’re all strictly music and the arts. I was surprised he even had a set of clubs. Well, we went and he attempted to show me how to golf. We did one hole, were tired and bored. I said “Do you really want to do this whole course?” Terrified he’d want to. “No” he said. “I’m bored.Want to go to the Harbour and get an ice cream?” And off we went! Ice cream never tasted so good. It’s nice to remember good moments with my parents.I rarely do. I never forget the hard times. I need to work on this.

    1. what a sweet story Cindy! Thank you …it was just what I needed to read this morning

  8. You are welcome Mary. And guess what? Ron found me a 4-leaf clover this evening when we were watering!!!!!!! Cindy

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