Our deep and loving connection

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she said, "Do you have your magic wand?" I had just picked up this little paperweight with the angel inside and had placed it by my phone...and was looking at it when she asked me that question!
I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she said, “Do you have your magic wand?” I had just picked up this little paperweight with the angel inside, had placed it by my phone, and was looking at it when she asked me that question!

A couple of months ago, I asked my friend, Sister Madonna Buder, to keep me in her prayers for an issue that I was having difficulty turning over. She replied that she would love to pray for me, and as a matter of fact was competing in (yet another) triathlon the following Saturday and would dedicate a portion of it to me. I felt like a weight had been taken from me when she said that.

This weekend, I’ll be riding a bike 25 miles. Nothing like an Ironman, but still, I’ll riding for (by my estimation) at least 2 1/2 hours and would love to be able to offer this time to those who would like prayer.

Is there is something that you’ve been carrying …something that you haven’t been able to let go of (even though you feel you really need to)? If this speaks to you, please comment (as specifically as seems right for you) with your request, and I will hold you in prayer during my ride. Your request (or requests) can be for yourself, a friend, animal or situation that is important to you.

In a book by David Holmstom, published in the mid-nineties, When Prayers Are Answered, Dr. Doyle explains the amazing healing he had of an open fracture he sustained as an adolescent. Doyle was participating in a judo tournament when an opponent sized his finger and bent it back until the bone protruded. Seeing the bone was broken, his instructor sent him to the hospital for x-rays. He sat in the emergency room for three-quarters of an hour, waiting for a doctor. While he waited, he pondered the biblical story of God healing Job when the latter prayed for his friends.

He says, ‘I began talking to and comforting all those people with me in the emergency room until I completely forgot about my hand. When I did look down again, the bone had slipped into place. When I got my x-ray the technician said that the bone had been broken, set, and sealed already…and that I shouldn’t’ have come to the emergency room at all….My interpretation of the healing was that your hand exists in your thought. So when your thinking is correct, nothing , including time, can stop the healing process.

We are at the verge of being forced by physics into accepting the fact that thoughts and body cannot be separated. What are the laws of Mind? That’s the renaissance. That’s what’s coming, and that is why I pray.”

From The Gentle Art of Blessing, pp 34-36

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  1. I feel guilt and pent up anger over a relationship in my life. I need to let go and move on and am having difficulty!

    1. You will be in my prayers today Barb…breathing in I open my heart to the new, breathing out, I let go of those thoughts that no longer serve me

  2. Oh, Mary … of course, what perfect timing. I’ve been praying to surrender a relationship that ended earlier this summer. The thoughts of it are still rolling around in my head and heart like a pinball machine! Thank you and bless you on your ride.

    1. I’ll be thinking of you today Laurie, …..opening up and letting go!

  3. I need wisdom for the next phase of my life. I know it’s time for a change BUT fear is paralyzing me.

    1. as I move forward, I’ll imagine you happily and courageously moving forward as well Mitzi

  4. Thank you Mary! I would love for you to hold healing thoughts and prayers for my brother Tim who is physically challenged- but more importantly-spiritually and emotionally seems to be lost. Bless you! Have a wonderful ride!

  5. Mary, twenty-five miles of biking is inconceivable to me so I would like to pray for you tomorrow, if I may.
    If any prayers are said, I would only ask to always try to remember that when another person annoys me, that they are a human being as I am and therefore, deserving of understanding and consideration. I fall into a trap when people become aggressive with me and I need to check myself not to respond in a similar manner…if someone pushes me, my initial reaction is to push back….not always the best way to handle aggression.
    Good luck, Mary,
    Sandy P in Canada

  6. Thank you for your offer. I’d like you to pray for my daughter Jessie – support her in moving forward with her recovery – appears to be stuck. And for my friend Ayana – let her find a way to let go of anger and resentment toward the people she works with.

    1. Jessie and Ayana will be in my prayers today Caran…for healing in body, mind and emotions

  7. I need your prayers to help me tap into and trust my intuition. I have been listening to others for this recent long period of time and I don’t seem to remember which voice is mine and which ones belong to others. It’s time to move on and I want to trust myself again and let go of the fear of making the “wrong” decision. Thank you so much for this offer and blessings to you for a safe and joy filled ride.

    1. I will be so happy to hold you in my prayers today Terri….I can feel you inner knowing opening up and bringing confidence and strength to move forward with ease to you now

  8. Mary, may I ask for prayers for my son Paul, who has trouble letting people get close to him and has no close friends. It is so painful to think of him going through life being lonely. Thank you, and I will prayer for you to have an enjoyable and safe ride.

  9. I would deeply appreciate your prayer for my emotional health, as I have been struggling for four years with grief, depression and a sense of loneliness that I can’t overcome in a positive way. I know I still have a lot to offer to other people creatively, but I feel so personally overwhelmed I have difficulty trying. Thanks so much, and have a safe and enlightening ride. Alacia

    1. Let our energy of love carry you today Alicia….I’ll ride and you take a break from “trying”…(maybe treat yourself to a little something)…I can feel an opening coming for you

  10. Hi Mary, have a fun ride…..pray for peace…….the mind, body, spirit as one and not separate seems to be exhilarating into our consciousness! I always feel that childlike freedom when I’m riding my bike!!! It’s pure joy .

    1. The song, “Give peace a chance” was playing on the radio on my way up to Middlebury yesterday!

  11. Mary i just so enjoy your blog…it really helps one get out of ones head…to know others are struggling with a lot of the same things just in different ways…just having my mom pass in March I just carry a heavy feeling that i didn’t do enough or do it right…she passed very unhappy right to the end moment…i was so glad to have gotten her to a Hospice facility and be with the Chaplain to help her pass…but uugghhh that old feeling of not feeling good enough haunts me everyday…you may inspire me to get on a bike 🙂

    1. Thank you Janette, and you are in my prayers today…I can feel a lightness as I hold you and know you are ready to let go of all old, negative thoughts

  12. Thank you Mary,how generous and wonderful you are to offer up my needs in prayer. The bible says,”where two or three are gathered, I AM in the midst of them” so here is my prayer…that my children would find healing, peace, and love in their lives. I am going through a very nasty divorce, and I am afraid that my children (who are all adults, by the way) are suffering in their own relationships because of it. The rendering of a family after a divorce is difficult and I pray for their wholeness. Thank you, and God Bless you, Mary.


  13. Oh, thank you Mary for your generous offer! I would appreciate healing prayer for my son Michael who feels victimized and lost due to what he sees as life circumstances. And I will hold you in love and light on your courageous 25 mile jaunt!

  14. Dearest Mary, I welcome and am so grateful for your healing prayers of love and light….during this extremely challenging time for me as I heal my body of back pain and I reawaken my spirit to the power of God within. Bless you.

  15. Dear Mary, what a gift to have your prayers at I start chemotherapy treatment. I feel a huge weight has been lifted. Thank you, and good luck this weekend.

  16. Mary, may blue birds sing to you and angels cheer you on your mission! I need to work on responsibility…..what is mine, what is not my “stuff” and peace for all, across the planet. I will be sending you wishes for strength, endurance and love. Happy ride to you, Teri

  17. Hi Mary-

    What a kind offer. I would be grateful for your prayers to release my resentment toward my mother. I have forgiven my father for the sexual abuse that occurred during my childhood but am having a hard time moving past the fact that my mother did nothing to stop it. Thank you so much-

  18. Wow everyone, for so early in the morning, so many responses to Mary’s post! Later on today in a quiet setting I want to scroll down and hold each of your names up to God for healing, for whatever intervention that is perfect for you. Mary, just to think that you are holding your flock in prayer as you run will sprout wings on your lovely shoulders! You are our angel! Have fun tomorrow! Thank you for being so gracious as to open your heart to us in this way. Hearing “On the Wings of Love” in my mind.

      1. Mary Solomon! Thank you so much for sharing the link! I almost did, but thought, ok, if someone wants to find it they will! And now Mary Muncil, checking in tonight – sending love and a hug to you! Angels’ Arms around us all tonight as Mary Muncil rides tomorrow! Mary, we know you have to stay concentrated and nobody can possibly be riding a bike and remembering every single person and prayer request, – but again, I say, the angels already have graced you with wings on your shoulders, and I envision the prayer requests to nestle lightly upon your shoulders, wish upon wish, prayer upon prayer, and a sweet wind upon your face!!!!

  19. This is such a lovely gesture. Thank you. I would appreciate it if you would pray for my friend Stacey. She has a developmental disability and although family and others have tried to protect her and thereby hold her back, she has forged ahead. Recently she finally
    got her own apartment and had to split with her family to do it. She works and she helps other people constantly and she never feels sorry for herself or asks for anything. She prays for others constantly. She also does everything with a sense of humor and is a joy to be around. She deserves all the prayers she can get as she goes into her new life. She needs to continue to be strong now more than ever. Thank you again.

  20. Dear Mary, thank you for your loving offer! I would like prayer to be able to move on with my life and release the past. I’ve been longing for my past life ever since we moved, and wishing I could go back and relive those days when I was able to set off with my two border collies, who both died in the past year, for several hours exploring the hills around my former home. I need to accept the fact that I am no longer able to do those things, and find a dog that fits in with my current needs. I’ll be praying that your ride will be everything you want and need!

  21. Wow, Mary… you’re going to be busy on your bike ride… my request would be the same as Barb (#1 poster)… regarding guilt and pent-up anger over a relationship I severed with my alcoholic brother… Thank you, and have a wonderful ride!!!

  22. Mary, what a beautiful offer! Thank you for your generosity of spirit. WFF friends, I will reread these posts daily and will hold you in peace also. It’s my way of saying “thank you” for the support and wisdom I’ve received here from so many. Blessings and laughter to all of you, friends.

  23. You have given us the opportunity to put our requests for prayer “out there” and I feel they are being “taken in” by all of us. We will all be holding each other in prayer. What an awesome thought! I look forward to reading and holding all the prayers with loving thoughts as you will be doing also.

    Can you imagine the energy we can all create by this opportunity that Mary has given us?!

    My prayer is that I remember who I am and to be loving and patient when I forget.

  24. A situation involving daughter in law, resulting in strained relations with son and grandchildren.

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  25. Thank you, Mary. . .for your generous heart! I will pray for you and ask that you remember my daughter who struggles with a physical issue and also anxiety. Bravo for your courageous ride!

  26. I would love for you to hold my children in your thoughts as they all make transitions. And I will hold You in my thoughts as you journey through your day. Thank you and love and blessings to you.

  27. Mary, we spoke once on the phone and you may have been the one that suggested this affirmation that I wake to each day and you could perhaps include it “my son’s life is growing and expanding and filling with love”. Likewise, will include thoughts and blessings for you in my morning quiet time. Good luck! I can see and feel the winds beneath your wheels!

  28. Wishing you a great, fun and safe bike ride…makes me want to get out there, but I know I could not do 25 miles….OMG! Your prayers I ask for my children who are grown, but having many challenges in their lives. Thank you SO much, Mary.

  29. Wow, blessings to ALL in your evolutions! I shall also think of you all on this busy weekend. We’re having our biggest annual event, Paws in the Park, for our homeless animals & here’s hoping we raise lots of $$ for their shelter and comfort. And I’d really like to stop being fat. YEAH SPIRIT!!

  30. Your timing is perfect, as usual. If you could pray for my friend, Melanie, her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Madison. They are clinging together in some very turbulent waters right now, and I have been praying non-stop. I would love to share the task (or multiply it…) Thank you.

  31. I don’t usually do this but I would like to request your prayers for myself. I have been quite depressed for almost a year now and the usual things I do for this, meditation, exercise etc do not seem to be helping. I also have chronic pain and a herniated disc right now so I am unable to get moving as I know I need to. I appreciate your kind offer and hope you can fit me in! I am a long time reader of your blog and i thank you for all the inspiring thoughts and ideas you share. Good luck with your ride I will be thinking of you.

    1. Susan, I am thinking of you and will pray for you tonight. It is 7 p.m. in Arizona so it is probably the end of the day for blog entries. As I read all of these precious requests for prayer, I sense us all crying out for connection. Depression runs deep within my family. I walk in the early morning every day. Tomorrow, Susan, I will hold you, and everyone here, in my prayers. (Two days ago, I had to run! from a javalina male that decided to protect his pack! for about 30 seconds! Felt like a lifetime!)

  32. Please pray for all the horses in America that are being sent to slaughter. It is a hard fact to know that these innocent creatures are being tortured and killed for no fault of their own. It is troubling and they need all the prayers they can get. Thank you and have a spiritually empowering journey.

  33. Dear Mary, Please send out a prayer for Gracie, my old english sheepdog. She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She is healing but I believe prayers have helped her thus far. Your additional prayer would maybe help her to get back to her bouncey self. Thank you!

    Namaste Karen Limes

    p.s. Best wishes on your ride.

  34. I would like to receive prayer for a health condition I am facing. In about ten days I will go for a biopsy and more testing, and my prayer is that there will be nothing at all for them to discover.

  35. Mary, I would like to be remembered in your prayer that I may be less fearful and more trusting about what’s around that curve in the road I can’t see beyond. Thank you, and happy cycling.

  36. Mary, I would love it if you would add me to your prayer list to heal my hands from ecezma so I can once again swim. Much love and many blessings I am sending to you! Joan Hansen

  37. Oh Mary, I’ll say a prayer and send positive thoughts to you tomorrow on your ride. What an accomplishment! Blow with the wind!
    Love, Cindy

  38. It is 5:30 am and I need to leave for the ride. Even if I haven’t gotten a chance to answer you personally, I have read every prayer request (and will have my phone with me which has all of the requests/comments on it). So rest assured that you are being held in prayer …love, Mary

  39. In the past, I have mentioned a self-help organization that has been the answer to many of my prayers for mental health wellness. Thought I’d share it again as some of the requests centered around fears, anxiety and depression. Please check out http://www.lowselfhelpsystems.org

    I know all our thoughts are with our Mary as she pedals along the miles with us in her thoughts.

  40. Good morning, Mary! It is beautifully raining in Phoenix! What a blessing to our desert…and what a blessing you are. I particularly enjoy your writing, as I am in my 11th year of sobriety…….and I always feel that sobriety connection, i.e., “I know exactly what you mean….” which I always laughingly refer to as the AA handshake! ha! About a month ago, I had a confrontation with my sister, who I adore, and I would do anything for her. I have realized over the past five years or so that my relationship with her was always in my dreams and was not a reality. I have always wanted the “My sister is my best friend, etc..” relationship, which I am quite sure I “coveted” from television, movies, etc., etc. My lifetime preference for fantasy vs. reality……….She has become someone I do not know….OOPS just caught myself. I am finally looking at her and realizing that I have not ever looked at her with an open mind or heart…I have only seen what I wanted to see……..We had not had any “official” argument in approximately 30 years! We really had a good one, and although she apologized and told me that she loved me, and I do love her……I know that I cannot truthfully say that I want to consider her a friend…I can’t seem to talk with her any longer. She is so angry inside and treats others with dismissal. I expressed my concern that she doesn’t interact with anyone outside her immediate family, i.e. her husband and daughter, and she replied that she simply hasn’t time for friends and doesn’t really need them…….I suggested that perhaps someone needs HER to be their friend; and she replied, “Cathy, I’m not Jesus!” I am afraid that I have just shut-down my emotional energy with her and I feel absolutely no desire to be friends……..It is such an odd feeling to love someone so intensely and to know that she will always be my baby sister and I will always be there for her and want to protect her…..but I don’t particularly like her….quite frankly, as I told my sponsor not long ago, “I think she is a ball buster!” (Thank goodness my sponsor is also a therapist who loves to laugh!)……..Please hold my sister and me in your thoughts…..because at times she needs better thoughts than I am sending her way……..XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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