A play-date

A friend sent me this joke the other day and I thought it was a riot. I sent it off to several people before leaving to meet another friend for tea. As we talked, and she recalled certain events from their recent trip out west, she mentioned that her husband had told a couple of Willie Nelson jokes during their trip.
I just shook my head with wonder. I have never sent anyone a joke by Willie Nelson (or even knew that he told jokes), but what happened next was over the top.
She went on to say that she had a new bicycle in her car. Her mom had purchased it several years ago, but couldn’t ride it and wanted to give it away. As my friend talked, saying she was looking for someone to give it to, I sat in amazement. I had been thinking about getting a bike, nothing like a 10 speed, just a comfortable, ride-around-town kind of bike.
So I have a wonderful new, pearl-pink bike (basket, helmet and all!), and it came to me the same day that I sent out a joke about a bike.
I was telling someone about this and they said, “That stuff always happens to you.” And this is true. But it is just as true that this sort of thing can happen for anyone….if we are open to it. If we are open to playing with the Universe, it will want to play with us.
What would you feel like if you believed that you were about to receive a wonderful gift, but you didn’t know from whom, or how it would come? I love the feeling I get when I think about this. It feels like I have just set a play-date with God, and I am showing up with an attitude of expenctancy and enthusiasm, ready to play.
One of the affirmations that I love, and say often, is:
“The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.”  From The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn, pp 266

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  1. That joke was a hoot! The phrase “play date with God” is even better. It’s so easy to remember. Congratulations on the bicycle and thanks for your way with words –


  2. Oh, that is too funny, I spewed coffee…
    The other thing? it happens to me alot too. I put out the call and the stuff happens, nothing earth shaking, its little stuff; used bricks, a bread machine, a lace curtain panel that matches. I stopped telling people because they look at me oddly. I love it though, because I never know how it will come. It’s like a little secret. Enjoy! Dee

  3. A play date with God! I love it! I am so enjoying my play dates with my ten year old grandson – this past weekend we took a ride on the Dolly Steamboat – about an hour’s drive from Phoenix, in ancient old canyons on Canyon Lake – would I have scheduled this trip were it not for my sweet boy? Maybe, maybe not, but being able to see the world through the eyes of a child once again, it’s so much fun and such a gift. If you want to, click on ‘photo gallery’ and you’ll see some of the amazing sites we did, including long horn sheep leaping from rock to rock towering hundreds of feet above us in the canyon – wow!

  4. A friend from church always talks about “synchronicity” infusing his life so often. I think he is open to what surrounds him whether he can see it, hear it, touch it, or anticipate it. He just welcomes it and feels the connections.

  5. Willie has a wickedly funny sense of humor. He has published a book called “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”, memories and musings of an incredible career. He has a very loving, open and spiritual slant on life.

    Pearl pink pedal pushers are in order now!! Wheeeee…

    1. Oh Cheryl, that’s a word I haven’t heard since I was growing up in the 50’s – pedal pushers! – oh, and how about Day Long Suckers? Those long caramelly suckers – Think I’ll look for Wille’s book, – thanks as always for giving me a chuckle!

      1. Yup, Susan, what we called ‘pedal pushers’ are now called ‘capris’. I guess if you live long enough, it all comes round again! As for the suckers, I remember them as Sugar Daddy’s. Boy, bet you couldn’t call a candy THAT name nowadays!!! 😉

  6. I have the book and it is a riot. I have always loved Willie Nelson ..way back in the seventies. Some of the language in the book is a bit out there, so prepare yourself! However, I love it. Loved your message this morning, Mary. I am going to try and think that way..positive all the way!

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