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Noah and Bodhi
Noah and Bodhi are best pals. Years ago, I had the feeling that Noah needed a play mate, so I went to the shelter and found Bodhi. I still marvel at this. None of the cats that I’ve had have ever played together. What made me think that this was even possible? It has been 9 years since we brought Bodhi home and he and Noah are still playing together.

Jack and I watched the first season of the British T.V. show, Derek (starring Ricky Gervais), last week. I hadn’t heard of it before Netflix sent a notice that it was now available for streaming, but what made me want to give it a try was the description of the main character. It said, “Derek always looks for the good in every situation”. We did give it a try, and we loved it. It is funny and deeply moving. I was telling a friend (who watches a lot of tv) about it and before I even finished he said, “I don’t like British humor.” End of story.

I wanted to say, “It is so much more than that! It is about love and life and kindness.” But he didn’t want to hear anything more about it.


How many times have I labeled things as unappealing/unacceptable and by doing so, missed out?

One of our favorite little restaurants (a place that serves comfort food, at a great price, with friendly owners and staff that have been there forever) is a sports bar/restaurant in North Bennington, VT. When I first met Jack he wanted to take me there for dinner, but as  we drove up to the place I was very turned off.  I remember thinking,  “This is a sports bar. I’m not eating here.” And I didn’t. For 5 years I stayed away. I judged it (without ever going inside) as noisy, crass and tacky.

One day, I changed (opened) my mind and decided to give it a try. We’ve been loyal customers ever since.

I could fill a book with examples of where I have been wrong (limited) in my thinking about people, places, and experiences, and to be completely honest, I could probably fill two books with examples of where I have followed my intuitive knowing and have been rewarded with a rich and lovely outcome.

If I left my decision-making and actions up to my conscious/egoic mind, I’d probably never go anywhere; I’d be too suspicious. The egoic mind bases all of its decisions and reasoning on the past and many times, on an unhappy past (and of course it is the one making up, and framing, the past so it fits into a small, neat mold). It is afraid of the new so it tells us that it won’t be good, it is dangerous, or at the very least unappealing and a waste of time.

I am not putting down the conscious mind. It has its place, its very important place, as a servant of the larger, intuitive  mind, which must be felt at a deep level, and which never explains,… it only points the way to more life.

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” Jonas Salk


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  1. Dearest Mary,
    Thank you for a beautiful way to begin my day! Do away with preconceived notions and find lovely possibilities in the world.
    I love the picture of Noah and Bodhi—lucky creatures that they are. and will look for that British Comedy you mentioned. Brit Coms as we call them up here in Vermont are my very favorite of shows. Have you seen the new series on Vermont PBS? “Last Tango in Halifax”? It is absolutely charming in the manner of “As Time Goes By” and I highly recommend it to all who love the Brit Coms.
    Love from Fran in
    Jericho, Vermont

    1. Another TV recommendation – “Doc Martin.” All the seasons are available for free on Hulu. Wonderful series. I believe a new season arrives in January.

  2. Mary, I guess we all have our prejudices but British humour is something I was raised on and I miss it still. My mother (English) had four younger brothers, then a young sister and the four ‘boys’ as they were called, used to rib me unmercifully but never unkindly. But for them, I’m might have thought myself a little princess…an only child, long dark curly ringlets….my uncles taught me to never take myself too seriously. We watch WNED out of Buffalo and TVO in Toronto, both private stations who fundraise for themsevles. All I watch are British programmes. Has anyone seen Doc Martin, with Martin Clunes? He plays a doctor, a surgeon from London who fainted at the sight of blood and relocated to a small town in Cornwall (I think it is) and he also has a very strong tendency towards Aspergers, so he’s just a hoot being so blunt and offending people…his social skills are pretty slim. It’s been such a successful series that they can’t keep up with it but I think another is being written now. When people don’t get British humour I sometimes wonder that they don’t get the subtleties in life. SandyP just north of Toronto, CAn.

  3. Mary – What sweet kitties and a lovely message! I’m often reminding my girls to listen to their intuitive minds but forget to do it myself at times. Thank you for the reminder that wonderful things can happen when you’re open to them.

  4. Thank you. Mary for the gentle reminder. I try to listen to that “voice” deep within me, which I believe is my higher self , God lead ,and not media, prior conditioning etc etc etc lead . When I listen , it is always joyful, peaceful , gentle …. Showing up, saying yes to life, and positive !!!! Xo

  5. Mary,
    LOVE the picture of Noah and Bodhi…two fur-pals to the end! I have to say that I have always adored British humor. My grandmother came from England and she infected her children with it. One of them, my mom, handed it over to me. Like SandyP, I can’t understand people who don’t love it, too. To my way of thinking, the subtle comedic undertones just can’t be beat. I even enjoy the re-runs!
    Thanks for a meaningful post today.

  6. I love today’s quote as it speaks of the power and potential when Both reason and intuition are in play. And I mean Play. Yet another benefit of growing older ( and wiser!!) is depending less and less on making the safe choices, the reasoned choices and following the intuitive with more confidence.

  7. I miss Bodhi! And Derek – LOVE IT!! Watched it for the same reason and it was not at all what I expected but I love it!

  8. What a sweet picture and a wonderful story behind it.
    I get a feeling of comfort when I watch British comedy–maybe because it is the opposite of the violent shows that are popular on TV today. It reminds me of times past when our choices were which funny show to watch.
    Also, such a good reminder for me about loosening the reins in my brain that are driving my life. Sometimes it can feel like I am traveling around and around in a very small circle.

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