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A few years ago, I made an appointment with an energy practitioner whom I’d heard good things about. I traveled quite a distance to meet with him, and found the session to be very powerful, but at the end he strongly suggested that I come back for follow-up appointments, indicating that I needed quite a bit more work. This surprised me since I hadn’t yet considered coming back, and I hadn’t asked for another appointment. When I did ask what he meant, his answer was cryptic. It felt off.

I left the session saying that I would get back to him, but I didn’t. A year later I heard that he had been forced to stop practicing because of unethical behaviour, and I wasn’t that surprised. No matter how gifted he was in this area of his life, he had another huge area that he hadn’t yet cleared in himself, and it eventually seeped into his approach with his clients.

I believe that people know what is best for them, and I continue to hold that truth in my own practice; I always let my clients make the follow-up appointments. I know that a number of people have found this odd and a bit disconcerting, but it isn’t because I have forgotten to schedule their next session, or because I don’t want to work with them. It is my deepest belief that no one should leave an appointment feeling like they are not OK without my (or the therapist/healers/doctor’s) help.

If I feel like someone knows more about me than I do, or they have some hidden keys to me, and I need them (specifically) or else I’m in trouble, then something is off. If I am not more empowered, healthier, stronger, or better after an appointment, then I need to examine this relationship. Is this person trying to make me dependent on them for some reason? (financial, emotional, sexual?)….it can happen.

All of us human beings have areas of our lives that we need to come up higher in. If you are feeling like something isn’t quite right with a relationship, try trusting that inner voice, ask your inner-self for guidance, and let it go. The answer will come to you; maybe in a song, a dream, a passage in a book, a sign on the road, ….but you can trust in the divine part of yourself to lead you to the correct path or to bring more clarity to the one you are on.

When I finally heard what had happened to the man who I’d had the session with, I didn’t feel happy or glad about it. I sent him a silent blessing and imagined him surrounded by light and peace. I sincerely hope that he clears things up within himself. He has many gifts to give to this world, and it is my wish for him that he have the opportunity to offer them in a better way,… and I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again if I felt that inner call to do so.

I can trust my inner voice, and so can you. We don’t need to be fearful or hyper-vigilant, always trying to “protect” ourselves. If I am having trouble (mentally) with someone, the best thing I can do is to bless them, think no harmful thoughts, and trust that the way that I need to proceed (with or without this relationship) will be made clear.

The still, small voice always lets us know which way to turn; it is our best friend and we can trust it.

“As you walk, bless the city in which you live, its government and teachers, its nurses and street sweepers, its children and bankers, its priests and prostitutes. The minute anyone expresses the least aggression or unkindness to you, respond with a blessing; Bless them totally, sincerely, joyfully–for such blessings are a shield that protects them from the ignorance of their misdeed and deflects the arrow that was aimed at you…..Blessing those who attack us in any manner, in word or deed, constitutes truly that impenetrable armor and prevents arrows aimed at us from wounding us inside, even if we are touched physically. For the minute one is clothed with the love such blessings express, one is no longer at the mercy of outside circumstances, persons, forces or events. “ The Gentle Art of Blessing: Lessons for Living One’s Spirituality in Everyday Life, by Pierre Pradervand)

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  1. I think I figured it out – my post was too long??? Is there a word limit? The post was in response to “The Open Heart” post and Sandy P’s comment and for all who read Mary’s blog. I will now abbreviate my comment which was actually to share some thoughts of Morty Lefkoe who deals with beliefs and Truth. In fact, I’ll put his post in the next post just to make sure.

  2. It is such a blessing when we actually trust that twinge or flutter of intuition. I literally hug myself when i listen to me 🙂 …i just had this experience of being referred to a very well known gung ho physical therapist…i dreaded going (just knew she’d make me cry)….yesterday my sweet personal doctor said oh no i have this wonderful gentle yoga practitioner … i knew immediately that was the right thing for me….YAY!!!!! Have a wonderful fall weekend Mary!

    1. Perfect example Janette! Thank you, and I loved it when you said that you hug yourself when you listen to your inner voice…I am going to give that a try. It feels very sweet.

  3. Dear Mary, what a powerful post. I had a session with you about two years ago. You helped me through issues I had with a new supervisor. Your help was so valuable. I am currently in a new position with a supervisor I respect and love to work for. I’ve never scheduled another session, but love knowing you are here if I find myself needing a guiding hand. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog.

    1. Thank you for those sweet words Jeannie….love and a hug across the miles to you today, Mary

  4. Mary, for the past twenty-five years I have been ‘dealing’ with alternative practices, between holistic health practitioners to energy balancing, etc. but having worked in a health food store many years ago, I’m also aware of the need to be cautious and careful in what I chose to do and where I chose to spend my money in this regard. That said, I can see that ‘blessing’ someone who comes at you in an aggressive manner, releases the initial reaction of responding in kind. It takes the ‘punch’ out of their approach and allows the person on the receiving end to diffisue the aggression like poking a hole in a balloon and letting the air out. I will try to remember to ‘bless’ those whom I find aggressive (and I’ve had several B&B guests who have pushed my buttons badly this year) but I’m not entirely sure I’ll be successful in this. My tendency is to guard my boundaries. I think I’m getting old and grouchy.
    SandyP in Canada

  5. This is a good one. I hope you read it. She seems to appear when you need some good advise. She doesn’t seem to be writing her blog every day so when I get one it always seems appropriate. Enjoy. love

    On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 8:40 AM, White Feather Farm wrote:

    > ** > Mary Muncil from White Feather Farm posted: ” A few years ago, I made > an appointment with an energy practitioner whom I’d heard good things > about. I traveled quite a distance to meet with him, and found the session > to be very powerful, but at the end he strongly suggested that I come back > for fol”

  6. I recently had a similar experience with an energy practitioner and Mary Muncil helped me in my sorting out my discomfort with the relationship. I had been going to this woman, but feeling more and more ill at ease with each visit. It was as if she did not hear me or listen to me or said things that felt thoughtless. Mary coached me with a conversation or message I might say to this practitioner in order to terminate the services I was getting.

    So, I left the message in order to cancel my upcoming appointment (without going into “reasons” or “excuses” and said that I would contact her if I wanted to make another appointment. I did not hear from her for a few days (and I thought that I was off the hook since she not contact me right away) when lo and behold she left me a message asking about some possible rescheduling times. This certainly demonstrated that she did not “listen” or “hear” me and I followed up with a phone message that she had misunderstood my message – that I would contact her IF I wanted another appointment. My fear all along was that she would want to know WHY, but it seems like I was not as important as I thought I was and I have not heard from her again.

    In the meantime, I have found a wonderful resource for the Reiki treatments and could not be happier.

    1. Thank you Mary. I am finally at the point where I realize that when someone doesn’t listen to me, it has very little to do with me, and many times when I just observe them without judgement or emotion, it is clear that they are not listening to anyone (but themselves). I just had this experience the other day with a family member totally ignoring what someone said. As I observed this I thought, “I really think that the Dalai Lama could walk into this room right now and say some amazingly enlightened words and this person would probably say, ‘What is the guy in the robes doing here?'” ….I just smiled to myself at the thought. Have a wonderful Sunday Mary, Love, Mary

  7. Mary Solomon, sounds to me like you handled things in just the most gentle, attentive and tuned in way, your most perfect “today” self possible, – and I am reading this post from Mary Muncil late today – no matter what we all may be dealing with today, t is never too late to check in and mingle with the flock – love you all! Susan in AZ

    1. Mary Solomen, listening skills and language skills are very important in communicating with one another and it sounds like this worked well for you. Interesting when you know what your focus is and the other person doesn’t, what you learn from it.
      Today I was so busy blessing people in my mind that I nearly drove myself to distraction and decided that I could be a complete failure in this, that or either I’m getting very dotty in my old age looking at people who have hurt me, to bless. I have spent a number of years guarding my own being…a long time in fact, of necessity after my late husband died. Now it’s served absolutely no good purpose, although it did at the time…but it’s made me mindful of my own behaviour and reactions. It is a thought provoking posting, Mary M.
      SandyP in Canada

      1. Thank you Sandy…I have come to the same conclusion (about being self-protective by guarding myself) and have found that this way (blessing others and myself) is so much easier and kinder to me and them…but we do what we know to do until we know better is my belief. Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow) to you Sandy, Love,

      2. Mary, you’ve posted two things in the past week that have jarred me out of my complacent thinking. I’ve guarded my rear flank, not without justifiable reason, since my late husband’s death in 1972…and then it served me well in settling a very difficult estate but now…??….once ingrained it seems a pattern doesn’t shift unless someone nudges it….I’m not sure I’m going to be able to change this patten overnight but I’m certainly more mindful of my part in this behaviour.
        SandyP and thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes…ours is delayed two Sunday’s from now and a fat turkey of 26 lbs will feed our family then.

  8. Thank you Mary. This subject is very timely and reminds me that I am on the right track. I am a massage therapist. I have never been comfortable with developing a “treatment plan” for my clients as we learned in school. Because of this I probably will never be a good fit in a day spa for other massge business other than my own. When people come to see me I believe they are already on a path of healing, and the most powerful part of that healing will come from within themselves. I will help.
    Finances are a major issue with most folks these days. I cannot in good conscience suggest that someone must come see me on a certain schedule in order to heal.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment Steph. Yes, yes, yes. ….I too feel that I cannot say how long it will take for someones “healing” to occur. I believe that transformation/awakening/healing happens in the blink of an eye and may then need to play out over time (according to the individuals belief system). I am very happy to be a part of their unfolding journey toward wholeness, but do not want to lock in a time-frame for them. If they ask me, I will tell them honestly if I feel they would benefit from more work (with me or someone else) and am delighted to work with them again, but then I let it go. I can also see the “golden rule” in this; Do to others, what you want done to you”, and I don’t appreciate, at the end of a relaxing time, the other person pulling out their book to make another appointment for me, so I don’t do it either.

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