Moving forward

Esther hasn't wanted to come inside since last March. Then this past Sunday, she decided it was time and she is loving it!
Esther hasn’t wanted to come inside since last March. Then this past Sunday, she decided it was time, and she is loving it!

As I was running yesterday morning, a car pulled out very fast in front of me and I stumbled, twisting my ankle. It would be easy to blame the driver, but it would serve no purpose. I saw him (a few seconds before I jumped) and thought, “What is the big hurry?!” I was feeling irritated as this thought flashed across my mind. Then I stumbled. I saw the car, I saw my reaction, I saw the result.

As I was lying in bed last night trying to sleep but feeling  a lot of discomfort from my foot all the way up to my hip on that side, I realized that I was suffering. The injury didn’t cause me to suffer, my thought about it did. I was blaming myself, feeling guilty about thinking a cruddy thought, thinking about how careless I was….and so I suffered.

I began to softly affirm, “I am in the center of the Loving Presence of the Universe. At my center, I am pure Love. I am one with Love.” As I silently repeated this, I fell asleep and woke up several hours later in a relaxed, very happy state. The pain was much less, and the suffering was gone. It took me back to the day after I ran my first marathon seven years ago when I had woken up in a lot of physical discomfort (I had never pushed myself to run over 20 miles until that run) but instead of suffering, I was euphoric. The physical pain was just fine with me.

All suffering is judgement (thought) that whatever is happening (or happened) is wrong. The thoughts, “This should never have happened. They were wrong to do this. I am wrong. I am stupid. She is a liar. I am careless. I should never have……This is an outrage….” on and on these thoughts heap suffering on top of pain.

We will all have a fair amount of pain in our lifetimes; physical, emotional, and mental, but we also have the ability to change the way that we look at things.  If we just talk about the suffering, we get caught in a whirlpool of despair where we see our unhappiness, and that of the others who we have aligned with, continually being circulated before our eyes. A lot of energy. A lot of movement. But no progress forward. No way out.  When we share our stories of suffering, and how we transcended it, we spiritually open up new channels (for those seeking a new way) of perceiving, moving, and growing, through life.

“Because of my experience, I absolutely do strongly believe that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves as well as facilitate the healing of others. When we get in touch with that infinite place within us where we are Whole, then illness can’t remain in the body. And because we’re all connected, there’s no reason why one person’s state of wellness can’t touch others, elevating them and triggering their recovery. And when we heal others, we also heal ourselves and the planet. There’s no separation except in our own minds.” page 117 from the book, *Dying To Be Me: my journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing, by Anita Moorjani.

*(and if you haven’t guessed it by now, I LOVE this book!)

The winner of the socks is Sandy M.

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  1. I love this Mary, I have seen and been a recipient of the power of honesty. The sharing of stories that heal. Tell YOUR story, no one has one quite like it, even though they may seem similar! The healing is magical and divine. I hope your ankle is better. 🙂

  2. I love this too, Mary. Staying open, letting Life flow through us, we begin to heal from a place of Wholeness instead of from a broken place. Even typing (thinking!) the words whole and broken sends a very different energy through me that I immediately feel…joining Sandy in sending healing happy thoughts to your ankle…XOXO

  3. Think of the pain of childbirth, and the wonderful reward when it is over. And many of us go back for more!
    I hope the ankle continues to feel better.

  4. Most perfect post as i am getting ready for knee and foot surgery…i am trying not to be “that” person all suffering & theatrical. I have been trying to model myself after my dad who suffered greatly w/many serious things…he brought many a smile to all who cared for him…he was honest, warm & funny. I try and remember to bring the light…nurses, doctors, caretakers are human too and really appreciate someone who’s trying…self healing & grace is on my plate…but darn a twisted ankle really hurts!!!!!

    1. Dear Janette,
      Thank you for your loving thoughts and I will hold you in my prayers for healing of your foot and knee. I am delighted to report that although my ankle is pretty swollen, there is no pain at all (it must be all of the good thoughts being sent my way!)

  5. Pain, no matter whether emotional or physical is real pain. I sprained my wrist badly pulling a tree in the woods some years ago and by 10 pm at night, I knew that even cognac wasn’t going to cut the pain. I went to emerg and they put a tensor cast on it. That helped immediately. I think when the pain becomes so bad it’s almost impossible to believe you will get better…and sometimes you won’t but to have a positive attitude I believe helps. I have now designated every Thurs. of the month to the care of my body. I have massage therapy twice a month, polarity therapy once a month (with my former massage therapist with whom I have a spiritual connection) and I have reflexology once a month as I’m starting to get arthur-itis in my feet and I’m on them a lot. My body has served me pretty well for seventy-odd years. I figure it’s time for me to look after it now. I’d like to think that the power of positive thinking takes care of pain but realistically I know that isn’t so…but I do believe it gives us a fair chance of dealing with pain better.
    SandyP in Ontario, Canada

  6. Congrats to Sandy M. on her new socks! Mary when I first began reading your post, my mind was saying, well of course there is pain with a sprained ankle, a person can’t wish their pain away! But then I read on and realized how my thoughts were limiting not only your experience Mary, but my own experience with pain and suffering. I continuously learn here, and I am so grateful to our teacher! Healing thoughts to you Mary and all who gather here.

    1. Thank you Terri…I’ve been continually amazed at how much pain (in the body) has to do with painful thought.
      I can feel your healing thoughts and my ankle is pain-free today, Love to you, Mary

    1. I was sitting outside the other morning thinking about how to construct a heated shelter for her in the garage (since I was sure she never wanted to come in again) and much to my (delighted) surprise, I didn’t need to!

  7. Hi Mary and all,
    Last week I suddenly got a bad case of Hives. For Halloween, I looked like a Gargoyle with one eye shut from a big hive! Lumpy, bumpy, itchy red welts were inside my thighs, all over my arms, neck, chest! What caused it? My theory is I had an allergic reaction to a strong anti-inflammatory drug prescribed by my doctor for phlebitis and bursitis. Although, I also have 3 Labs who run through the bushes and then join me on the couch, did they trail in poison ivy?

    Doc prescribed Predinisone for one week and I am finally Hive-free. I also know that stress is a factor. I appreciate Sandy P. ‘s comments and will be pursuing similar avenues, spiritually and physically, to calm my overly stressed self. The relief of just feeling o.k. Is so joyful . Now, I need to keep my life simple. Enjoy the small moments of your day.
    With Peace, Mary Rita

  8. Wow- such helpful words. The words of Sandy P. also helped me, & as I am almost 70 yr. old, I think I will schedule a therapeutic massage soon! Thanks for such loving & healing words. Mary Ann

  9. I can’t recall the whole saying, but I recently saw a quote that part of it was, “Suffering is optional.” So true. We can sure get ourselves wound up in suffering. Thank you for this reminder, Mary.
    Your story reminded me of a old pick up truck that pulled out in front of me one day. I was so irritated at first as I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw no one was behind me. Could he not have waited just a few more seconds for me to go by, I thought?
    He also was in no hurry and didn’t pick up speed to meet the speed limit, which irritated me also. All of a sudden I noticed a German Shephard sitting next to him and I felt this calm come over me. I realized he may not have even realized her pulled out in front of me. And I also felt this wonderful calm as I realized he was likely having a great day with his buddy next to him, enjoying the ride and not having a care in the world. It was then that I silently thanked him for allowing me into that special moment between him and his dog.


    1. Hi Barbara, I think it goes…. “pain is inevitable , suffering optional” , a favorite of mine, like Marys post….offering ourselves a choice. 🙂

  10. Healing from a place of wholeness instead of brokenness. That is so powerful and motivating – to see ourselves already whole and healed and knowing each day brings us that much closer to being so. Wonderful comments from everyone today.

  11. Mary – This is a beautiful (and timely) post – as was yesterday’s! So much to ponder and digest…. I love the quotes from Moorjani’s book. This will be added to my must read list. Best wishes for a quickly healed ankle!

  12. I hope you heal quickly, Mary. I love your message this morning as pain sometimes keeps me awake and I lie there, angry at the fact I am hurting. Maybe if I try thinking in a different manner, it will be easier to fall asleep, pain or no pain. Thank you for starting my day. Sandy M

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