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The cutest face!


I have learned, though many hours of doubt and agony, that if I need to cancel something, then it always works out for the best for everyone. I used to feel guilty about changing plans, and wasn’t happy when someone cancelled on me, but so many times when a plan was changed by me or another, this opened up room for something so unexpectedly wonderful, that it was clear (in hindsight) that Spirit was involved.

Many years ago, my brother had to cancel a trip he’d planned with me. I almost didn’t go on the trip myself because I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without him, but as I talked it over with a friend, I realized that it was only the fear of the unknown that was keeping me from going forward. So I went. And it was an amazing trip from the moment I woke up on the day of departure. I was moved to a more direct flight (without doing anything) and a first class seat, which just happened to be next to a man who said, “Oh go to the desert. It is in bloom this time of year.”

It was magic.

So, on that note, my day today has unexpectedly opened up and I thought it would be fun to offer 20 minute sessions to anyone who might think this is for them. If you are interested, just email me at mmuncil@verizon.net and I’ll email you back with available times (you can read more about what a session with me is like by reading that page on my blog). For these sessions the charge will be $20.

Let go of your plans…or hold them loosely. Be ready to be surprised by Life.

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  1. Wow, now I know I’m up early if I’m the first to comment and I live in Arizona! I just read my Thich Nhat Hanh for the day from his book, “Your True Home”, the everyday wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh, and today’s rather tongue in cheek paragraph goes well with Mary’s advice to live loosely with a relaxed grip on those all important plans. Here is what he had to say for day 353 of this year 2013:

    Why Hurry to the Grave?

    There is no need for us to struggle to arrive somewhere else. We know that our final destination is the cemetary. Why are we in a hurry to get there? Why not step in the direction of life, which is in the present moment?

    May everyone’s day today be blessed with many present moments. By day’s end we will have fashioned a necklace, White Feather Farm style, to rival any jeweler’s, of infinite worth. Happy Thursday everyone!

  2. Even in my darkest hours of grief over these past eleven months I have felt loved and cared for….. I have made some big “mistakes” , but lessons learned …. And when I can truly manage to let go and let god , universe whatever…..and go with the flow….. serenity and wonder and omg are my gifts! 😉

  3. I was thinking recently that you had done this special offering in quite awhile. It’s a wonderful gift to yourself to have a “conversation/session” with Mary.

  4. What a wonderful picture of Fred, and I love your last line. I would take you up on your offer in a hearbeat — my insecurities seem to be growing like a wave lately — but for lack of privacy. But reading your post and the comments is a wonderful tonic.

  5. Again, I am unable to sign this because it’s gone too far down in space. It is from Sandy P..and so, I have gone back in the space of one day to reread your posting Mary and the responses..Susan, Sandy, Mary S., Charlotte, Anita, Cynthia. This is now Saturday morning at 7:24 pm and Southern Ontario, Canada is locked in ice with the temperatures fluctuating between melting, as of this morning and last night’s icy crust on our snow. The pup was unable to find a comfortable purchase with her feet on the slippery snow last night, this morning, the ice is dripping off the eavestroughs this morning early and later today, as the temperatures go back down again, my family is planning to drive an hour and a half to reach us for our annual turkey supper to stay the night and attend our local live theatre tomorrow afternoon. Planning anything at this time of year here is always subject to change. I’ve let my family know that nothing is worth risking a dangerous drive to come here and now the wait begins on Mother Nature’s plans. Nothing is cast in stone, plans can change. I would like to have called in Mary, just to speak to you in person however at my age, my emotional needs are wrapped in the time of acceptance, painful as some are with the disconnect between my daughter and our family here.

    • I hope your family was able to make it and the weather was pleasant. Or should I say I hope the family was pleasant and the weather made it!? In any case, it’s always fun to go back a day or two to catch some extra comments from the group. It’s also wonderful to be able to access the time to talk with Mary Muncil directly.

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