a mess…a smile



I was looking at my coffee table the other day with a feeling of disgust. It was cluttered with all sorts of things that I was working on, and hadn’t put away or cleaned up. As I stood there, thinking this unhappy thought, Fred jumped up on the table and plopped himself down, right in the middle of the mess, as if to say, “Lighten up Mary, there is no problem here.” He then decided to take a nap on top of it all. I love animals.



“You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.” Bill Cosby

13 thoughts on “a mess…a smile

  1. Mary, your photos of your family of cats always brings with them, a smile. And your mess, well, that would be considered tidy here at our home in allowable areas. My B&B keeps me tidy but my studio and our familyroom are constant challenges to keep ahead of our messes.
    SandyP In Ont., Can.

  2. Happy New Year Mary – to you all
    Your coffee table is a round version of mine – thank goodness for the lessons & humor our animals are able to provide!! Thank you for your openness in sharing – I love it x

  3. Mary, How dare you sneak in our house and take a photo of our fat boy and my big, fat mess!! Thanks for making our lives feel normal!! Mary B.

  4. Wow, I love it! Exactly like my kitchen table and my beading table. I always stop what I’m doing and give my kitties hugs when they do that. This photo is a “keeper”. Thanks.

  5. These pictures are priceless and not so surprising to one who is owned by cats!
    Happy New Year and hugs to dear Fred. He always makes me happy.

  6. I love this post Mary. Fred is one contented cat! Your home seems to be filled with positive energy. 🙂

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