Following the guidance of my heart

Last week I noticed that Fred had a very rotten-looking front tooth. He’s had bad breath for a while, but I didn’t realize it was because of this. When I first saw it, I felt almost a panic well up inside and this sense of urgency that it needed to be dealt with NOW! My mind was whirling around with all kinds of scenarios (all of which had bad outcomes), and then I stopped. The thought surfaced, “An hour ago, before you noticed his tooth, you didn’t feel panic, you didn’t feel afraid for him, just stop.” So I did.

I sat down on the sofa next to him, closed my eyes and asked for guidance about what to do. The idea came to put him on some antibiotics that I had in the house, so I tried that, but for 2 days (although he seemed fine) I couldn’t let it go. I tried to pull it out myself, and that didn’t work. I hoped it would fall out by itself (and it probably would have) but I still sensed that something more needed to be done.

I rarely take the animals to the vet, or go to the doctor myself. I just have always believed that I could take care of most medical things myself, so my first reaction isn’t to head to the doctor. This is not a “rule” with me. I’m grateful that doctors are there when I feel called to go to one, or to take a medication, or a prescription, but I don’t make these decisions with my head. If I feel like I have a remedy or “cure” that seems right in the circumstance, I’ll give it a try. My son Matt still has less-than-fond memories of being encased in an “onion poultice” (one of the old-time remedies that I had heard about) when he had an asthma attack as a young teenager. It smelled pretty bad, but it also worked.

There is a vet about 20 miles from here that I like very much, but have never been to as a professional. He reminds me of an old-fashioned country doctor who would be just fine with the fact that I had tried to take care of this problem myself. As I thought about him, I also had the thought, “If he will take Fred today, this is the right thing to do.” I knew this was the guidance I was looking for. It was clear, so I didn’t second guess it, I called right then and they offered me an appointment for later that same day.

Fred’s tooth was pulled out, with relative ease, that evening by this lovely man. It was easy, inexpensive and our time at the vet was enjoyable (for Jack and I… not so much for Fred although he seemed perfectly happy as soon as the tooth came out).

I know that there is always an answer to every problem. I also know that the answer I am seeking cannot be found by searching with a frantic mind. We line up with like energy. If I want a calm, harmonious, outcome to any situation, then I must (to the best of my ability in the moment) approach it with that same mind. When I am rushing and frantic, I make poor decisions. Everything looks like a crisis that is screaming for my attention and threatening me with thoughts like, “If you do not do something NOW, disastrous results will occur, and it will be your fault!” I also feel confused when I am in this mind. No answer seems better than another.

But I have learned that the voice of Spirit/Intuition/God, does not speak in threatening, fearful, or anxious words. So when I want a solution that is guided by my higher self, I must align with that energy. It will never drop down to a level of panic, fear, or despair. It doesn’t care at all about my reasons or rationale or fears. If I want to connect with inner-wisdom, then I must rise out of these lower energies (of the thinking mind), and when I do, I listen.

I do not second-guess it (which for me feels like a pin-pong match being played in my mind). I do not logically list pros and cons, since these are all coming from the logical, linear part of my mind which although valuable, offers little wisdom, and no peace of mind. Sometimes when I feel especially wound up or unable to get calm, I’ll say to myself, “I am being led by my heart. The perfect solution now presents itself” and that is often enough to let the answer surface.

“It is liberating to know that I have the ability to choose a peaceful and loving mind (my right mind), whatever my physical or mental circumstances, by deciding to step to the right and bring my thoughts back to the present moment….Since the stroke, I steer my life almost entirely by paying attention to how people, places, and things feel to me energetically.

In order to hear the intuitive wisdom of my right mind, however, I must consciously slow my left mind down so I am not simply carried along on the current of my chatty story teller (left mind). Intuitively, I don’t question why I am subconsciously attracted to some people and situations, and yet repelled by others. I simply listen to my body and implicitly trust my instincts.”   from My Stroke of Insight, A Brain Scientist’s Person Journey, by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

17 thoughts on “Following the guidance of my heart

  1. So happy Fred is all better! Trying not to be so logical and practical , I try to listen to my intuition , spirit , heart. I always ask in a stressful situation … ” please guide my thoughts , my words. and my actions” , this slows me down , reduces anxiety and by quietly listening I can finally “hear” a solution . ( sometimes I hear things my mind wants to ) ….. Ha ha but I also know when I’m lying to myself and playing mind games . Prayer and meditation help me quiet the chatter ! Thanks for reminding me to turn down the volumn and big hugs to Fred while he heals! Xxo

  2. What a wise, wise lesson. With your help, Mary, I am getting better at being led by my heart. I cannot thank you enough.

    Love from balmy (27 degrees!) WNY,

  3. I’m glad Fred is feeling better. Mommy can have huge stress moments. She has lived by your philosophy now for a couple of years and it has really worked. We just have to ‘retrain’ ourselves not to worry over things. Easy to say but sometimes a mountain to climb. XOXO – Bacon

    • Hi PigLove –
      I have a granddaughter who LOVES pigs (and certainly does not want them eaten). I found a delightful book for her and T-shirt that she is enjoying. This pig also has a Facebook page. Thought I’d share in case you did not know about this Chris P. Bacon. The Facebook page is lots of fun also.

      • YES!! Mom has him on her Facebook page. Us piggies stick together – snorts. I hope you granddaughter enjoys the pictures and videos on my blog 🙂 I try really hard to bring a smile and chuckle to my friends 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  4. Mary, you have a way with words that really brings things home to me.
    “But I have learned that the voice of Spirit/Intuition/God, does not speak in threatening, fearful, or anxious words. So when I want a solution that is guided by my higher self, I must align with that energy.”
    These are the words that spoke so clearly to me today. Of course I “know” that I can’t make a good decision if I am in a panic, but thinking of aligning myself with the energy of Spirit gives me a positive thing to do.
    Once again, thank you for sharing your insights!

  5. Mary, another thought provoking posting this morning, a full banquet of thoughts. I think most of us as humans get our knickers in a knot over things that when our rationale mind takes over, calms things down. I speak to my Higher Power when I’ve exhausted all my human control and abilities to clear something out of my head that does me no good in being there. As a result of medical intervention, I am alive. As a result of medical malfunction, I suffered neuro-toxicity without being supported by doctors or without anyone being curious enough to discover why I was feeling and acting the way I was…thus, like you, I’m grateful that my medical doctor is there when I need her; I’m also grateful for my homeopath who keeps me in balance. I’ve also learned in recent years never to assume what another person should be feeling or doing. We all walk our own paths but I do know that I am in better balance when ‘someone’ else takes over and steers my mind in a more helpful direction. I’ll be saving this post today. Thanks, Mary…how you manage to come up with these insights and analogies, I’ll never know.
    SandyP in S.Ontario, Canada

  6. Mary – This is another one of your posts that has soooo many layers to it. Will take the time to re-read it throughout the day to “digest” all that you are offering here. The posts from the flock will be reiterating what was meaningful for them and sharing what it meant to them. Will look forward to the ensuing comments. Thank you for making these ideas so “palatable” for us.

  7. I too picked up on the same words Cynthia did.. Also what a helpful thing to do : visualize ourselves as moving to be in alignment with that spirit voice . Not to be second guessing ourselves , but trusting that this is the right state of being: peaceful, calm. It feels intuitively right.
    I too have decided to listen to my body, my better judgement , and to not rush to a doctor for every small thing. There is no drug or procedure that works better than for us to do the best we can with today’s knowledge of nutrition , exercise and lifestyle and do what we know is good for us. Yet thank goodness they are there when necessary .
    Thank you for your consistently thoughtful, and skillfully written words around which we all gather to share.

  8. Mary this post is the perfect road map when we are working through something big or small. I had something on my mind the other day and was in a bit of a frantic state about it…and it didn’t call for ‘frantic’ at all but for a while I wouldn’t see that. My racing thoughts were creating this energy that was just going around and around in my body (because energy has to keep moving) and it was causing a big tight energetic knot to the point that my thoughts were temporarily ‘paralyzed’. Which, in retrospect, was God’s way of telling me STOP! And for a few minutes I just sat in a chair staring outside trying to calm myself. And then I consciously ‘bypassed’ the knot and went straight to my heart. Immediately I knew what to do…a simple, sweet, caring approach. It is truly amazing how fast the knot was released and replaced by a warm glow. How one moment I didn’t even want to talk about it and then suddenly, one by one, the issues that I had been worried about just dropped away. The facts of the situation had not changed, but how I would deal with them did…and all was well. Love Jill Bolte Taylor’s quote! Happy weekend everyone!

  9. What a post, – Kathye, your last line, “the facts of the situation had not changed, but how I would deal with them did” just spoke so deeply to me. This is another one going straight into my WWF folder, Mary. Bless dear Fred and his bad tooth. The tooth is now gone, but his situation inspired our Mary’s wisdom to flow once again, so a thanks be for Fred, too! Restful weekend, all. Love, Susan

  10. What a timely message for me. I hope Fred gets some extra lovin’ and you, Jack, and the WWF have an amazing weekend.

  11. Great post, Mary! I so want to be better at this. Loved the quote from Jill Bolte Taylor. Gave me goosebumps. How much easier life is if we listen for the guidance, right?

  12. I have a week coming up, Mary, that I would love to bypass altogether. It is filled with many things that are upsetting due to outcomes being uncertain, but they all must be ‘gone through.’ This post could not have come at a better time. It gives me a goal to aspire to through practice, to quiet this ‘monkey-mind’ of mine.

    Funny thing is, a few years back, I had a similar situation happen during which I WAS aligned with Spirit, and WAS able to keep myself balanced in ‘knowing’ the truth of it, even while the learned ones around me were convinced things were dire. I vowed to remember the feeling of my ‘knowing’ so that I would recognize it in the future. Now that the future is upon me, I’m scrambling to get back to my peace-place.

    Your post, and many of the flock’s responses, will help me find my way. Thanks to you, Mary, and all who shine the light.

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