The world of the wondrous (how, who, and when are questions better left to the world of the wondrous)

Jack and Eleanor this morning

Jack and Eleanor this morning

Since my mother fell and broke her leg a few months ago, I’ve been  helping her with things that she isn’t quite able to do (so far). She’s progressed from using a walker, to a cane, and now occasionally walks without the cane at all. As we were leaving the grocery store the other day, she accidentally left her cane at the checkout, and the girl working there called after her, “You forgot your cane.” My mother told her that she almost doesn’t need it anymore, and the girl said, “Eventually you will”, to which my mother replied, “No. Eventually I won’t need it at all.”

Many years ago, I worked as a substitute teacher. One day, a little boy looked at my hair (which had large streaks of grey) and said with astonishment, “Your hair used to be all white!” His perspective made me smile. It still does.

Florence Scovel Shinn wrote the following about her life,

“At the age of six I had a great sense of responsibility. Instead of looking with wonder at that which was before me, I looked with fear and suspicion. I feel much younger now (she was in her 70’s at the time she wrote this) than I did when I was six. I have an early photograph taken about that time, grasping a flower, but with a careworn and hopeless expression. I had left the world of the wondrous behind me. I was now living in the world of realities, as my elders told me, and it was far from wondrous…..We are all now, back in the world of the wondrous, where anything can happen over-night, for when miracles do come, they come quickly!”*

“I am now back in the world of the wondrous”, is an affirmation that I have been saying a lot lately. These words seem to fill me with a sense of adventure and a feeling of being open to experiencing life in a new way. They also help me to let go of my old, worn out ideas about the workings of this world.

I prefer to live in a world where hair can turn from white to brown, where old ladies run faster than I do, where healing happens in an instant, or we have a dream about a box of treasure being given to us, and several days later, someone hands us an old jewerly box filled with solid gold trinkets (this was my experience several months ago). Anything can happen today if I can let go of my ideas about how. Anyone can change in an instant if I let go of my idea about who they are. Anything can happen in this very next moment if I can trust in Divine timing and let go of when.

* from the book, The Secret Door to Success (in the chapter, Look With Wonder) by Florence Scovel Shinn

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  1. Thank you, Mary , sweet photo of Jack and Eleanor ….. My mantra …..” Don’t worry, wonder ….” Worry doesn’t change anything, and zaps my precious energy, wonder on the other hand…opens me to infinite possibilities ….. “If God. (energy,universal spirit, whatever you choose to label this other ” is your co- pilot , switch seats ” ……and go with the flow …… peace!

  2. I took a big hike into the Mc Dowell Mountains last week and climbed high to reach a massive block of white quartz – at least 10 feet tall, and more feet in circumference – you can see it from miles and miles away. On the way back down I saw a beautiful piece of quartz lying on the ground. I picked it up and brought it back as a gift for my son who has always loved treasures like this. I was filled with wonder thinking that this piece of quartz had been lying on the mountain floor for what? Thousands of years! Perhaps millions if my river boat guide was correct telling us that these mountains are millions of years old. And now this small bit of ‘forever’ is a treasure in my son’s home. My little gift to him, free from the most generous and divine Mother Earth – Most of all I remember my childlike delight descending the mountain knowing how much this would please my son. Wonder of wonders! – Such a nice picture of Jack and Eleanor, Mary!

  3. I just love the moments when I surrender to wonder! So renewing, thank you. Love the picture of Jack and Eleanor.

  4. Surrender to wonder, experience All That Is. What a great pay-off for such a simple act.

    (Love the pic of Jack and Eleanor).

  5. Another well timed post. I’m sending healing prayers to your Mom. If she wants to be cane free than she should be. Have a wonder-filled day. Thanks Mary.

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