The best and the brightest…and a give-away, contest!

Around my birthday last year, the thought of getting a massage kept coming up. I wondered if Jack would give me a gift certificate for one, but I never said anything to him. One day I was shopping at Goodwill and noticed a travel bag that seemed perfect for my upcoming trip to New York City. It caught my eye because it had the name of a school (that my oldest son Tom had graduated from) on the outside, and seeing it just made me feel good.

As I inspected the bag, I noticed a rip on the inside and almost put it back, thinking, “Don’t buy something that needs to be repaired. You don’t need another bag.” But I really wanted it, so I bought it anyway. When I got it home, I saw that the original owner had left a bunch of papers inside and as I was getting ready to throw them out, something in an envelope caught my eye. It was a gift certificate for a massage, made out to the woman who had donated the bag. I immediately wondered if it was still good, and if so, would I be able to use it.

As I thought about this, I also thought, “How good would you feel getting a massage if you felt like you were stealing it?” I decided to try to find the woman on line…and I did. She was more than a little surprised since she had donated that bag several years earlier. When I told her about the gift certificate she said, “I don’t want it back. If it is still good, you can have it.” It was….and I had a great birthday massage.

The Universe has ways of bringing things to us that will surprise and delight us, but how many times do we miss them because we let our reasoning minds talk us out of them. This larger part of us, the part of us that is always connected to the Divine, doesn’t function through reason, it works through the intuitive, heart center. It just feels like a YES when it makes no sense (or a NO, when it makes all the sense in the world, but doesn’t have any real feeling of life, joy, or passion in it).

I never did go to New York City last fall…that wasn’t the reason for buying the bag, but I didn’t know this until I said yes to my inner prompting to buy it. Constant reasoning, worrying, fretting, weighing pros and cons, and relying on our conscious mind alone, tends to squash the life out of things, and makes us smaller than we really are.

Living by faith (in the yet unseen realm of our wishes and desires fulfilled) takes some courage. Becoming more child-like and trusting, takes a lot of courage. We are apt to be made fun of at times. We may be called dreamers, impractical, unrealistic, or foolish. And if we don’t hear these things being said about us by others, chances are we are saying them to ourselves (the reasoning mind again), when it seems like we’ve held a vision for a long time and nothing has happened to bring it to life. But hold onto your dream. Keep believing in the impossible. Keep a clear and loving heart, and you will be a shining light in the world, helping make all of our paths a little brighter.

“Follow intuition. Have you a hunch to do anything, or to go anywhere? Intuition means to be taught from within. It is man’s unerring guide….Now let each one think of the good which seems so difficult to attain; it may be health, wealth, happiness or perfect self-expression. Do not think how your good can be accomplished, just give thanks that you have already received on the invisible plane, therefore the steps leading up to it are secured also. Be wide awake to your intuitive leads, and suddenly, you find yourself in your Promised Land.” Florence Scovel Shinn

*********THE GIVE-AWAY*************

Mary's Skin Survival Balm

Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

After many requests for my skin balm (I was just about to stop making it), I decided on January 31st (the new moon) to start a small batch and to finish it on Valentine’s Day (the Full moon). So this give away has a little twist. My niece, Mary Muncil, has just put up her website (THE LINK IS BELOW). She is one of my favorite people on the planet and she teaches yoga, (among other things) and will be leading an incredible winter retreat next month. To qualify to win this tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm, just visit my niece’s website and comment on this blog. I’ll pick a random winner on Feb. 13th and mail out your skin balm on the 15th.

29 thoughts on “The best and the brightest…and a give-away, contest!

  1. Intuition – inner listening – we are our own teachers…thank you for the reminder with this post. And, your niece has a lovely website from one yogini to another!

  2. Oh my gosh Mary. I live just 1.5 hours from Houghton, Michigan. What a small world. My friends and I have been following your blog since the beginning . We are amazed at how many times you hit on exactly what we
    need to hear .

  3. This post came at just the right time, Mary, to give validation to my feelings.
    A few years ago, something was discovered in my lung during a CT scan. It led to a needle biopsy, which was inconclusive, and then to a full wedge biopsy, which showed it to be just inflammation. The surgeon was SURE it was a new manifestation of my breast cancer. I had a deep feeling it was not, but I listened to common sense and, fighting myself all the way, fell into the fear.
    So two weeks ago I went for my annual scan and found the same problem has resurfaced in the other lung. Again, I feel it’s not a worry and this time I’m trying to maintain my feelings more on that side. I have a follow-up scan on 2/28. You can see how timely your post is for me.
    Thanks for always showing the way. You’ve given me a shot of strength today.

    • Suzanne, your experience sounds so much like my mother’s .. 20 years ago she had undergone the same biopsies – needle and wedge in one lung. After finding out it was just inflammation ( she has a lot of hip arthritis as well) she decided that she’d be fine. She’s 94 now and still cooking dinner for family members! She has lived much of her life instinctively, trusting that all will be well. On the other hand, I myself have had the battle of reason vs intuition. Yet I have seen that intuition is such a beautiful way to live… Because after all , all is well no matter how we try to control outcomes. As I say this I feel as if I am whistling in the dark, because it does take faith in the as yet unseen good . But so far in my life, night has always given way to day.
      I love how Mary explained that intuition feels good, whereas the overly reasoning mind does not feel joyful, right, passionate or good .

      • I love your mom’s story, Bobbie, and I envy her her ability to stay in the intuitive groove. I, like you, am always fighting my head! It’s exhausting and it DOES feel great to just let go and turn it over. But once I do that, I soon talk myself back into control mode.
        This time, I’m trying to remember how my gut felt last time, and how I was right. Trying to stay on that train now.
        Thanks for sharing a helpful story!

    • there are many hearts and minds that have joined with yours Suzanne to hold your vision…sending you a group hug today! Mary

  4. Mary, your niece has a lovely website, and I thank you for a timely post today. Words I truly needed.

  5. What a beautiful website and workshop one day. Your words really did come handy today. it reminds me to be grateful of small happinesses. EmmyGee

  6. Just a couple of days ago a post in Tiny Buddha spoke just to what Mary has shared with us today – I’ll offer it below: (7 Ways in which Your Mind is trying to control your Life)

    My grandparents lived near Houghton Michigan Mary! I remember trips crossing the Mackinaw Bridge as a child – it seemed like a forever crossing to a small child!) Happy Happy Birthday to White Feather Farm – and all of us “farmers” – !!!!!!

  7. Your niece’s yoga retreat sounds wonderful, but I think I’ll wait for GREEN weather! Too much snow outside my window and I am longing for it to be gone.
    I have a hard time trusting my gut and it is something I work on. Thanks for much to think upon.
    I would love to try your balm!

  8. A wonderful post today, Mary. Your niece’s website is lovely – how wonderful that retreat sounds. I just started reading Pema Chodron’s “The Wisdom of No Escape” and am loving it. Seems like being buried in snow at that retreat would fit the description.

  9. Thank you, Mary! Suzanne, sending hugs and all thoughts positive your way! I could “hear” your inner strength.

  10. Mary, I love your balm I sure hope you keep making it. If you stop I hope you’ll share the formula. And the retreat your niece is participating in looks wonderful. A great time to clear the mind and heal the body. Maybe we should do a WFF road trip!
    Suzanne I’m sending prayers and a virtual hug your way. I know all too well that breast cancer is not a pretty pink ribbon.

  11. Mary, The yoga retreat at Mount Bohemia looks amazing. Love the yurts. Your niece is very impressive and has a great namesake in you. Keep making the balm when the spirit moves you. That is how I found you. I bought a tub of it at the Nuns of New Skete, along with the best cheesecake ever. Peace and love, Rose

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