Sweet memories…create them now.

Bodhi and Fred this morning...happy to be inside watching the birds
Bodhi and Fred this morning…happy to be inside watching the birds

In high school, I briefly dated a boy named Reid. I don’t remember one thing that we did together, or conversation that we had, but I do remember that he wore a certain men’s cologne which made me weak in the knees. There was such a strong association in my mind between this scent and him, that for years, every time I ran into someone wearing it, I could close my eyes and be right back in time: 17 years old and madly in love…but this wasn’t a particularly happy memory; it was one of unrequited love.

Scent has always been able to transport me to another time/place/feeling, and so now, I work with this energy. Recently I spent several days with good friends whom I hadn’t seen in years. Driving home, I stopped by a lovely shop and bought a candle. The name of the scent is, Black Figue and Chypre, and it is deep, rich, and sweet. As I stood in the shop, breathing in its fragrance, I was also crystallizing a memory; a good memory filled with love.

One thing that helps me feel connected to the field of Love is to surround myself with things that have positive memory associated with them. For Valentine’s Day this year, I ordered another of these candles from Nordstrom.  I love ordering from them; even seeing the box come in the mail is a happy experience for me. It is a little extravagant and that is part of the fun. When I was checking out, they had an offer to pick out 3 free perfume samples. It won’t matter to me whether I like any of these or not. I had a blast choosing.

There are ways to bring wonder and delight back into our lives; little things that we can do for ourselves to remind us that we are here on an adventure of discovery…here to learn about Love. This week, think about doing some nice little thing for yourself. Have fun. Be fun. Create a new memory.

One of the easiest ways to shift just about anyone’s mood (for better or for worse) is through stimulation of their nose. If you are overly sensitive, life in the real world can be unbearable. Capitalizing on our noses to shift ourselves back into the present moment is easy. Light a scented candle and let vanilla, rose or almond lift you up beyond your recollections of stress.” pg 163 from My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

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    1. I don’t think that I ever knew the name…but if I smelled it again, I know it would bring me back (except without any longing or pain attached!) to sitting in his VW bug in the 70’s

  1. I can totally relate to your and Jill’s Bolte Taylor’s thoughts about scents. I have always had a very keen sense of smell and recall events and memories and places and people from the scents associated with them! Scents have always touched me and moved me. I’ve been known to follow a person through a store just to ask them what perfume they are wearing and then will drive miles to find it. Years ago my late Dad always wore “Aramis” cologne. I loved it. And I would know that scent anywhere and I always look up expecting to see Dad. It feels like a sweet message from him. Having just returned from a wonderful trip to Florida, I was reminded of the scent of lemon trees…and orange trees…the smell of green…and even now, sitting at my kitchen table, if I close my eyes, I can smell the scent of freshly cut grass, and watermelon…prompting me to count the days till spring! I love your thought about ‘working’ with the energy
    that certain scents generate/inspire within me. And your post makes me want to go ‘scent’ shopping! Thank you, Mary!

    1. I can actually imagine you following someone and asking them what perfume they were wearing.I love that image Kathye: moving into life, toward what attracts and uplifts you. Thank you!

  2. “Have fun. Be fun.”
    This reminded me of a quote from last night’s episode of “Downton Abbey.” The cousin Rose thought of herself as the “fun” person; the one to bring fun to a trip to London and otherwise. I think she might have used that as a rationaliztion for doing what she wanted to (getting into a bit of mischief).

    Having “fun” can be a bit of a challenge for me. I’ll certainly be thinking about that attitude today.

  3. Scent is a powerful thing. My son was visiting over Christmas break. His bedroom is upstairs and there is a bathroom up there as well. My husband and I spend most of our time downstairs. After Nick went back to school, every time i went upstairs for something, I could smell his cologne (or maybe it was deodorant). It was very comforting to still be able to smell him even though he was not there. It is starting to fade now.
    The other scent thing that happened recently is that I bought a vanilla bean to make my own vanilla extract. I had the bean on the kitchen counter in a plastic bag. I did not get to make the vanilla extract right away so the bean sat on the counter for a week or two. Every now and then I would smell something really pleasant in the kitchen even though no food prep or cooking was going on. Then i realized it was the vanilla bean. Powerful stuff.

    1. Cynthia, I used to help out a soap maker in our small area at our local Farmer’s Market (I carry her soaps in my B&B as well). Among her ‘flavours’ was a Patchouli soap (which she blended with orange oil). I couldn’t stand the smell….it did take me back to all the scented stuff of the ’60’s. And guess what happened. One day I used her Patchouli soap…and now, I am a devoted fan…she even made me some bathsalts for Christmas this year and the scent…Patchouli..

  4. I find scents (that I like) comforting as well. Right now, a huge pot of homemade vegetarian vegetable soup is on the stove simmering away. I make a pot a month and freeze most of it for the month. What I do not like are the commercial perfumed scents, some perfumes are so strong these days that they are offensive. A lot of household products are scented overly so, as well. Scents, too, are reminders of things, places, people, as with you Mary. In my volunteer work this morning, calling seniors in their homes to check on them, one woman, 97 years old, living on her own still (her husband is alive but in longterm care due to Alzheimers) when asked said she would be having chicken soup for lunch, with dumplings. Now, people these days don’t seem to make dumplings. Then I heard an expression my late mother-in-law used to say…”I heard tell……” this elderly woman said and I asked her if she had grown up on a farm, for my late MIL used the same expression…she said yes. Imagine a 97 year old baking dumplings for herself. Nothing smells better than home baking.
    SandyP in canada

  5. I still love the sent of Patchouli and I love when I think of looking out of my little kitchen window with the macramé curtains I made. Those were good memories and of course I had my little white bug sitting outside. It’s wonderful when these scents bring back these memories of yesterdays.

  6. There must be many flower children here in the flock! I was going to mention my favorite candle, Patchouli! The mood has to be right. The mind has to be ready. Then it’s lit. I also wear a very small touch of Patchouli scent every so often. The owner of one of my lesson horses was a hippie and she’s Patchouli all the way. When I know I’m going to work with “Dakota” I wear it. 🙂

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