Looking through the eyes of love

Esther looking cute

Esther looking cute

Something that I’ve found really helpful, when my mind wants to criticize, judge or condemn someone (including myself) is to say, “I love everyone, and everyone loves me.” A couple of days ago, I woke up at 3 a.m. and for a while, couldn’t go back to sleep. If I allowed my mind to begin its chatter, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep at all, so I began repeating these words, softly in my mind, and drifted into a sound and peaceful sleep.

The next day I noticed something interesting; everyone I saw, whether I knew them or not, seemed very friendly, said hi, or smiled. It was so noticeable that I began to think, “Am I wearing something that has a particularly friendly look today? What is happening?” and then I remembered my night. It was as if the loving intention that I thought during the night, had made its way out into the world and was now showing me the results, mirrored in the way people were treating me.

I’ve also found that I can stop my critical thoughts mid-stream by either saying or thinking the words: “I love everyone, and everyone loves me.” And, deep down, they are the Truth since at the most basic level, the level where we are all just reduced to energy, we really are all one. We really are all Love. I don’t have to feel it to say it…often times I don’t. I say these words to call up the Divine part of me; the larger part that is connected at all times to the highest and best in myself and everyone else.

Much of the talk in the world is full of opinions, criticisms, and thoughts of separation of ourselves from others. This is the sleeping consciousness. It always sees what is wrong with us and everyone around us. It finds fault, is suspicious, blames, condemns, feels morally superior, or less-than. It is hypocritical in the extreme. It will profess peace on earth, while harboring feelings of resentment and unforgiveness for a parent, relative, ex-husband or wife, co-worker, boss, ….. It will wonder why it is being ill-treated but will not look at its own un-loving thoughts. It is the ultimate victim of “others” and its own past…and I dare say, most of us can find ourselves lost in it at times. I certainly know that I can. And I know I am back there, have fallen asleep spiritually, when I entertain this kind of unhappy thinking.

But these few, simple, words, “I love everyone, and everyone loves me“, words that imply connectedness, harmony, and perfect cooperation, have amazing power to bring me Home. Home to my heart where I forgive and am forgiven, where this moment is new, fresh, and has potential for great healing in all areas of life…for me and by extension, for all.

“Continual criticism produces rheumatism, as critical, inharmonious thoughts cause unnatural deposits in the blood which settle in the joints. False growths are caused by jealousy, hatred, unforgiveness, fear, etc. Every disease is caused by a mind not at ease. I said once, in my class, ‘There is no use asking anyone, ‘What is the matter with you?’ We might just as well say, ‘Who’s the matter with you?

Unforgiveness is the most prolific cause of disease. It will harden arteries or liver, and affect the eye-sight. In its train are endless ills…Man’s only enemies are within himself…Good-will produces a great aura of protection about the one who sends it, and ‘No weapon that is formed against him shall prosper.’ In other words, love and good-will destroy the enemies within one’s self, therefore, one has no enemies on the external! There is peace on earth for him who sends good-will to man.”  The Power of the Spoken Word, Florence Scovel Shinn (published in 1925)

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    • This was a healing salve for my soul today. Thank you, Mary. Happy upcoming Valentine’s day to you and your readers.

  1. “Much of the talk in the world is full of opinions, criticisms, and thoughts of separation of ourselves from others, etc.” is so profound and so true as is the quote you’ve found and given, Mary, that I will print off (if I can figure out how to do so with my new Window’s 7 which was not connecting with my printer) and set it before me, a reminder of what is so very true in me, perhaps, all of us. Reaching for critical thoughts, blaming others, why is it the mind continually remains disloyal to what is true and good. My mind betrays me often,
    Sandy P in Canada.

  2. What a wonderful message for Valentine’s Day – no card or box of chocolates can surpass the wisdom in those words – thank you Mary (well, maybe chocolate is just about as sweet!)

    • This post stirs something deep inside of me…perhaps it is my inner flame being fanned as I read Mary’s words. When Mary says that we don’t necessarily have to feel it at that moment to say it, yet we can still call upon the Divine within us to move us to a higher place, it really helps me to understand that every step into life, and choosing love, is a huge step forward. And Susan, I love the connection you make to Valentine’s Day! I love everyone, and everyone loves me. Until this post, I’ve never ever considered Valentine’s Day as a day to stop and consider, do I love myself…enough? The day has always seemed an outward focus of our love…yet turning it inward infinitely expands our capability to love others. Thanks for such a powerful post Mary.

  3. Beautiful message and mantra, Mary. It seems our mind wants to be critical, and our heart wants to be loving. I choose love, everytime, although it is often not the easier choice. Your message will help make this so much easier. Thank you…

  4. “…calling up the Divine part of me” is what stopped me here. This entire post is the truth I need today; I’ve been ‘falling asleep’ or as you say Mary, sleeping consciousness. I see that I am letting the world of form take me out of presence. I get to re-enter into presence whenever I become aware.

  5. Mary, thank you so much for this post! Never a mere coincidence, when synchronicity like this happens, I recognize the work of the Divine…I have been struggling these past 2 weeks with difficulty at work, and as I attempt to remain positive, without playing into blame, yet recognizing that what I see in others is what I see in myself, your words are such a blessing for me in this struggle. It’s rather an answer to my prayer (which have also been fervently focused on “thy will be done,”) I’ve been reciting all day “I love everyone, and everyone loves me” so as to be present, and navigate the stress with love. Thank you again!

  6. Good morning Mary! I just read your comment to Jack and he said, “I did, and fell right back asleep!”…and I did too. Thanks so much for this comment..it is wonderful to think of so many of us saying these words!

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