Joining with the spirit of life

Yesterday afternoon I sat down at my computer and wrote a little story, imagining myself back in high school but instead of recalling myself as I always had been: poor student, drinking too much, smoking cigarettes, feeling inadequate and trying so hard to fit in, I saw myself as a girl who had just “woken up” to who she really was: a vital, unique, important, part of All. I loved seeing myself like this, and I have come to love this way of entering into the spirit of life.**

Last evening I received an email from a woman (who I had been very good friends with in high school) saying that she would love to see me. We had not stayed in touch after graduation, and I hadn’t seen or heard from her since 1973.

Coincidence that I imagined myself as a changed person, from a specific time period, and someone from that time then contacted me?

I’ve come to see that (unconsciously and without meaning to) we are constantly sending out signals/vibrations telling others who and what we are. When we see ourselves differently, and begin to consciously change our energy (and really feel that change, not just repeat some lifeless affirmations such as “I am lovable and worthy” when there is no energy matching those words) others will feel that too….and they will respond.

By entering into the spirit of anything we establish a mutual vivifying action and reaction between it and ourselves: we vivify it with our own vitality, and it vivifies us with a living interest which we call its spirit; and therefore the more fully we enter into the spirit of all with which we are concerned, the more thoroughly do we become alive. The more completely we do this , the more we shall find that we are penetrating into the great secret of Life.” Thomas Troward, from The Hidden Power



** A few months ago, I offered a “workshop” which was based on this type of writing. That class filled up and has been so successful that I have decided to offer this on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in working with me on writing in a new way, the information is below on how to begin.

WRITE AWAY! Workshop is an on-line class that I offer to individuals wanting to create their lives in a more deliberate way through writing and focused imagination. The format and time-line will be flexible and will include 3 (1/2 hr) phone meetings with me (times will be set up that are mutually agreeable). The first will be for 1/2 hr at the beginning of your writing project, and the second and third will be at any time after you’ve begun to write. The focus of this adventure together will be for you to move closer to your dreams. The cost is $100.

If you are interested, please email me at, and I’ll fill you in on how to get started!




8 thoughts on “Joining with the spirit of life”

  1. Odd how energy goes around and is inexplicable as to how or why it happens. This morning, sitting in the bathtub a little sequined frog dropped down to the windowsill which is right beside the bathtub. It was given to me many years ago by my adopted daughter, who has chosen to no longer be a part of our family. I had been thinking of her warmly at just the moment the frog fell from the curtain rod at the top of the half-curtain. At just that precise moment, it left me feeling as though I had connected with her through some form of mental energy. It was a good feeling. But can I explain it? The frog was never unbalanced, never in jeopardy of falling off its perch sitting on top of the half-curtain.
    Sandy P in Canada

    1. that is a wonderful story Sandy! …and this morning, I was taking a drive, I looked up at a house (i’d seen many times before) and noticed it had a golden frog sitting on a lilly pad as a weathervane. F.R.O.G (fully rely on god) was told to me once. Good energy creates its own path!

      1. Mary, it was the oddest thing. The frog was not unbalanced where it was stretched along the curtain rod, the window was not open of course being winter here so no breezes. Never before has the little frog fallen and yet, yesterday it did. I’ve left it on the windowsill reminding me of that moment which has no explanation other than a form of energy moved it to where it is now. Sandy

  2. I wanted to share earlier today, but oh what a day it’s been – Every morning I choose at random a number from 1 to 365 and read the corresponding “Daily Guidance from your Angels” (Doreen Virtue). From offering 76 it says:

    “Every longing sends an etheric version of itself into the universe, while its essence stays next to you and solidifies into material form. The more energy you put into your wish, the faster it’s manifested. But negativity, pessimism, and doubt erase it, turning it back into cloudlike ether”.

    Mary, I loved your post today and oh my Sandy! What a wonderful “co” incident – I have a fun collection of frogs all over my house and patio, to the point I’ve had to ask my sons “NO MORE FROGS!” Such happiness in a hop!

    Last Tuesday, my son accompanied me to return our dear dog Dobie into the arms of the angels. He was so so healthy all of his long life (over 14 years old) only to develop a sudden and aggressive cancer of the anal glands – of all things! Very uncommon, but it explains his obsessive licking over the past couple of weeks. Our hearts are as full of sadness as they once were of joy, but the sadness will pass, and with gratitude, I keep saying, “Thank you God for Dobie, thank you God for Dobie.” My little female Australian shepherd mix, Lucky, who already was a “mama’s girl” has been my shadow ever since.

    On a much happier note, my older son and his wife delivered a beautiful baby boy on Feb. 20, – Antonio Daniel Alcantara. A precious new spirit has entered our lives and a precious old friend has left us. Every day is a gift. Love to all – Susan

    1. Susan, Life ebbs and flows, doesn’t it…like a record going around. If we wait, the bad times pass, the good times come, the bad times come around again and the good times, too…You have had a loss with your Dobie and no matter how much you thank God for his presence in your lives, there is still that emptiness that takes months of living to lessen the loss and pain that goes with it. Your Lucky will be left bereft, needing you more now than before. And a precious new life has come into yours with a new grandson. This is good.

    2. I’m so saddened Susan to hear of the loss of your Dobie. You provided him with over 14 years of love and care…every single day of his life. And that you were with him when he passed…what a lucky happy dog. I believe Dobie couldn’t have asked for a better ‘human’ nor a better life. I will dedicate my next spring mountain walk to you and your sweet dogs as I know how much you enjoyed your desert walks with them. And congratulations on your grandson! What a strong, yet melodic name! Yes, a precious new spirit to fill your life! Very sweet!

      And thanks to you and Mary and Sandy for sharing your stories. Today I have no story to add but am rejoicing in and soaking up the wisdom of the life happenings you so lovingly share. Thank you for each touching my spirit in a very special way! Sending love, and my energy to match it (!) to each of you!

  3. It feels as though you comment today is bursting with Life, Susan: wonder, happiness, loss and gratitude for it all. Thank you for this depth of sharing,… the love is certainly coming back your way today, Mary

  4. Thank you so much Kathye and Sandy and Mary for your kind words. I love the idea of dedicating a walk to Dobie, Kathye, lovely! I have a rock cairn in the canyon where I leave a stone each time I pass by it. And many days as I leave the stone, I offer a little prayer for someone – today it will thanks for the White Feather Flock!

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