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The "blackbird fly...." painting sitting on top of some nests and eggspainting

The “blackbird fly….”* painting sitting on top of some nests and eggs

Lately I’ve thought so much about the idea of beginning our lives again, starting now, from this very point where we stand, to change our thinking and thus our lives. For me, a consistent thought that has seemed to accompany this has been, “It’s too late. You are almost 60. You should have made these changes when you were younger and not so …..”

The lie, that has ruined so many lives and rendered us helpless (feeling) is that it is too late to change, or at least to change for the better. When I let myself think this way, about anything in my life or in the lives of those around me, I can feel myself begin to sink, almost like I am slowly folding into myself as I begin the process of what I can only call “decay”.

A song that I have always loved is “Blackbird” by Paul McCartney. The words, “….take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life, you have only waited for this moment to arise…” have been going though my head. When I looked up the meaning behind this song, I read that Paul McCartney had written it about the Civil Rights Movement.

If we base our futures only on what has happened to us (or others) in the past, we never change because we cannot see a different world…so we never see a different world.

Begin today to see the world, your world, the way that you would love to see it. I know that this feels like a brave step…it may even feel like foolishness, but this is the true use of our minds, and this is true creative power. See behind the veil of appearances, diagnosis, decline, disease, disappointment, disaster and despair to your true self.

We’ve all been broken in places…take your broken wings and heal them with your thought…and fly….in your mind first….and then….


the little painting up close

the little painting up close

* Since I returned from New Orleans (and being inspired by a little painting I saw there) I began painting these small (5×7 acrylic on stretched canvas) images of a blackbird (with a crown of course!) and the simple words, “blackbird fly….” above him/her. If you would like to purchase one, they will be ready to ship on May 1st. They are $33 plus $5 shipping. Just email me at mmuncil@verizon.net and I will send you an invoice and details.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    Strangely enough, I have been drawn to the symbology of birds lately. In the past year, I have purchased three bird themed pendants – in gold, silver and turquoise. (One was actually named ‘Freebird’ by the designer). They represent freedom to me. Not only the freedom to move beyond my limitations, but to rise above them.

    Thank you for the post. Timely, as always!

  2. “Take your broken wings and heal them.” I love that reminder that we can transcend our limitations. It’s so easy to get caught up in resisting them and forget that the choice to think differently about them can be so healing. Thank you, Mary.

  3. I love your blackbird and your nest display. I keep nests, too, because they remind me of the “impossibility” of a bird building something so intricate, delicate, and yet strong with nothing but it’s beak.

  4. Dear Mary, I love your painting of the blackbird! And thank you for your tender and wise words today. I am in the midst of repairing a few ‘broken wings’ of my own these days and needed to hear your encouraging words to fly! Much love.

  5. I absolutely love you Mary and this post! I’m what I call a “birdie;” I’ve been surprised by finding nests in Christmas trees and most often I just happen onto them. I love all things bird; feathers, eggs, studying bird habits, paintings and pics.

    Seems one of your paintings has my name on it; just love your style and the turquoise-y-blue background. What a reminder of healing and renewal.

    Thank you and be well, Mary

  6. So many times I’ve felt the presence of my late daughter Hilary when I’ve encountered a single bird, alone, who seems to be hovering near me for no
    apparent reason. It gives me hope that someday I’ll see her again. I have no
    faith, but I have hope.

    • Becky, I’ve had the same experience when thinking strongly of someone. A bluebird came to a tree outside my kitchen window and sat still for a few minutes. I felt as you do, was this the spirit of the person I had been thinking of coming to visit with me. I believed it was so.
      SandyP in canada

  7. My late sister dearly loved doves, and her husband so generously gave my younger sister and me one of her beloved music boxes (doves of course!) on her passing. I have always loved birds too, – at one time my (then) teenage son raised parakeets!, and it was always the most beautiful adventure seeing them emerge from the egg no bigger than a jelly bean, totally featherless, eyes still shut, – wondering as their pin feathers came in, what color would they be? I will be hearing “Blackbird” in my head for the rest of the day, Mary – and wow! your blackbird is gorgeous – you may be surprised, you may be painting “four and twenty blackbirds” before you know it! – Just googled symbolism of blackbird – one offering was that it is a symbol of freedom – and also of our higher knowing, intuition, and intelligence. Good choice Sir Paul!

  8. Your recent posts have meant a great deal to me. Are you reading my mind? I too collect nests and am always on the lookout for egg shells to put into them. Recently a bird got into my bedroom and it allowed me to hold it to carry it outside. (The windows were frozen shut at the time.) I can now “feel” the freedom and release for both the bird and for myself. You and your blackbird are a treasure.

  9. Yesterday , as I was on a nearby trail, sitting on a huge boulder while training River to lay quietly at my feet , a mountain bluebird ( newly returned) startled me by flying from a nearby scrub oak, down to the path in front of us to pick up a tuft of dried grass and off again to the next bush. I too love the special surprise of the feathered friends in our midst . How they can take us away with them to their lofty heights and help us shake off the weight of the cares of the day!
    The blackbirds usually sit on the fences or wires near my window . On a cold morning, they can be seen all perched on a wire facing the sun as it rises. So much to learn from the birds! I decided then to take my coffee to the window and watch for the sun to rise like they do . So I love your crowned blackbird painting with the turquoise blue ! I’ll put it where I see it every morning , to remind me to fly forth from this day – and never look down at my shadow.
    P S – How neat that you felt that freedom from the release of the bird , Mary Solomon .

    • Bobbie – I didn’t feel it until I read the post tonight. At the time, it was just a “kindness” – but tonight I felt it as a freedom and soaring for both of us. Coincidentally, tonight was the second night of Passover – freedom from bondage. Isn’t it interesting how all of these things feel like messages from ??? (perhaps our Divine Essence) all trying to communicate in different forms.

  10. Mary,

    I think something changed in you when you went to New Orleans. Your posts have a different ‘feel’ to them…..a new dimension that I can’t quite name. All I know is that it’s all good.

    Are you aware of feeling differently after your trip? If so, and would feel you want to share, we’ll all be here. If it’s a tender and new work in progress, then by all means, sit with it, nurture it and share only when/if you’re ready.

    Either way, you’re terrific.

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