Building the life of my dreams

Fred adn Noah sharring a dish of milk

Fred and Noah sharring a dish of milk

I went out for a run this morning and as usual, found myself thinking about the people in my life and how I could help them. My thoughts ran along this line, “Since my mind is an extension of Divine Mind, how does Divine/God Mind think, and how can I elevate my conscious thought to that level?” A couple of people came to mind and I saw them as happy and peaceful, but then I let my thoughts drift to someone who I know has had a lot of trouble in relationships, and instead of seeing her as happily and harmoniously connected, I began to reason why she wasn’t (I began to think about what was wrong with her instead of seeing her Divine Self).

At that very moment, I looked up to see a large truck (with a lumber company’s name printed on the side) heading straight for me. I moved way over on the shoulder and my eyes met the drivers. I thought I noticed displeasure in his eyes. I stopped and turned around, watching the truck as it sped by and thought, “I hope he thinks I am taking down his license plate to report him.”

Then I thought again….”What was I thinking when this truck (delivering building supplies, and the symbolism wasn’t lost on me) didn’t see me? What kind of life am I building with these critical thoughts?” I got it.

For the rest of my run I felt grateful to that driver for stopping my crappy thoughts in their destructive path.

As I was running back home a few miles later, I again saw the same truck coming toward me, but this time, it slowed way down and stopped next to me. The driver rolled down his window and said, “I am so sorry I startled you earlier. I didn’t see you!” I told him that it was no problem at all, and in fact thanked him, saying it woke me up!

And I meant that. It did wake me up to my own thinking.

What kind of world do I want to live in? Do I want my mind to grow and expand (as long as I am alive, and after) to more closely resemble Divine Mind? Do I want a life that expands in harmony, happiness, and peace, or do I want to live in the world of contraction and decay, filled with problems, issues, irritability and disappointment. The choice is mine and I choose the former…and I am so grateful for all of the gentle and subtle (and not so subtle) reminders that are constantly presented and offered to me, that help keep me on that path.


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  1. Thank you for this reminder Mary…i have so much stress on my plate that i have been swimming in the soup of negativity where i really don’t want to be…I got a whole lot of letting go to do…love your kitties too!!

  2. Thank you. You consistently put the words to experiences that could go drastically off the rails. It’s a generous share this thing you are doing. Peace, Cindy NH

    • you are so right, Cindy….it’s a generous share this thing that Mary is doing. how easily I can “off the rails.” My ego can take me to places that don’t want to go…quickly.

  3. Such a good reminder to lift up others with positive thoughts. My mind always wants to go to ferreting out the whys, as if that would fix a problem someone else has.

  4. Dear Mary, another timely and oh-so poignant post…….as I have been allowing my mind to run rampant with critical thinking lately. Thank you for the wonderful visual of the truck driver and how he ‘woke you up’…especially how when you changed your thoughts, he appeared again to deliver grace and humility.

  5. What an amazing story – no, event! this morning Mary – and rife with symbolism – the truck, almost being run off of your path, the Building Blocks, and as Debra put it so beautifully, his return and sincere apology, full of “grace and humility”. Both you and the man in the truck were struck in that single moment, thankfully in mind only! And now your experience has rippled out to all of us this morning. Choose our blocks wisely; watch what path we are on. Retrace our steps if necessary, and forge ahead. Love to all.

  6. Like so many of your posts, Mary, this one brought back a memory I’d long ago filed away. It’s a corollary to the reality ‘wake-up’ as well as a spiritual one.My father was a career military man: big, strong, disciplined. Never one to show emotion, yeah, you get the stereotype. When my step-mother died unexpectedly, my dad never let on how deeply depressed he was, stoic soldier that he was. Never allowed any of us kids to see his pain.
    So in the wee hours of one night, he got in his car and began driving to her grave (her hometown in Georgia) from their home in Colorado. Driving straight through, non-stop, somewhere after sunrise, on a long straight stretch of rural two-lane highway, he saw a semi tractor trailer heading towards him from the opposite direction. He described it to me as not really planning or thinking of it (very selfishly!) but he just did not want to live without his sweetheart; the pain was too unbearable. So at almost the last second, he swerved directly into the path of the on-coming truck. Somehow, the truck driver locked up his brakes, managed to not jack knife and came to a stop, completely missing my dad. Then he did something that is etched in my brain.
    He got his rig turned around and chased down my dad, horn blaring, lights flashing, and hung on his bumper until my dad pulled off into a rest area!! He was motivated by anger, and righteously so, wanted to pummel the idiot that nearly killed them both. My dad was sobbing when the guy got to his car door, and Dad began apologizing profusely for what he had almost done.
    Well, that trucker spent two hours talking with my dad at that random rest stop, making him promise to call one of his kids from the next pay phone [way before cell phones existed!] That call came to me.
    To this day, I don’t know the name or company of that trucker. All I do know is that he spent hours of a tight schedule I’m sure he couldn’t spare, under most circumstances, to give a bereft old man a new reason to carry on. Divine intervention and eternal gratitude from myself and all the rest of our family. Blessings come from the most unexpected places. Keep on the path…

    • Oh my goodness, Cheryl, what a story that is. The truck driver could have carried your father’s death to his grave had the accident occurred. And still, he had the wherewithal to follow your dad, make sure he was alright, making sure that your dad called you. Just as Mary’s experience with the truck driver, you wonder that there isn’t a Higher Power in our lives that takes over when it’s truly needed.
      SandyP in Canada

  7. I am covered in goosebumps, Cheryl. That trucker was an angel in human form, – isn’t that what we’re supposed to be, most of all, “God’s messengers”? I was way into my 30’s before I learned that is what angel means, messenger of God. Thank you so much for sharing this. Mary, your experience and the ripples really have ‘troubled the waters’ today. Love that old spiritual. To think a day ago, this wasn’t even set in motion. . . or was it?

  8. I feel so deeply blessed by your story, Mary, and the others that follow. These shared moments strengthen my own efforts just this morning as I prepare for a special event and, as usual, find myself focusing on what might go wrong instead of enjoying the preparations and feeling grateful for the people involved. You and the other women have helped me shift into positive energy and feel the joy of life that is available, simply by thinking differently–and being in the flow, rather than being closed by fear. Thank you, one and all!

  9. Thank you Mary and Cheryl for your stories. I don’t have a story to tell that would come close to the one you told Cheryl. I tried repeating it to my husband at lunch today and completely cried all the way through it. We have to realize the positive power that others can give to us and we to them.

  10. Okay, I had no where else to go with this…but it spoke of so much that we talk about here. This was on a local, rural FB page……..LOVE.

    To the woman in the black suburban who paid for my kids food tonight at Dairy Queen…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! No one has EVER done something like that for me and it made my month! You and your family are in our prayers tonight and I promise to pay it forward when I get the chance. Random acts of kindness can change the world.

    • Hi Cheryl – Both your posts on this thread are so appreciated. The one about your father was jaw dropping. As I’ve said before – so glad to have you posting again.

    • Cheryl, random acts of kindness, yes, and random acts of emotional understanding which many of us find here on Mary’s forum. They go a long way in helping each of us along this sometimes rocky path of life,
      Sandy P in Canada

  11. Oh, I love this post Mary and all the comments too. Cheryl’s story was so powerful. Thank you thank you, Mary and all.

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