The little way

Noah and Esther
Noah and Esther

Jack and I watched a wonderful show, Last Tango in Halifax, several weeks ago, on Netflix. When we came to the end of season 1,  we realized that although season 2 had already been released by the BBC, it was not available here in the US. This has happened before, and in the past I’ve always felt a little disappointed and resigned to the fact that we would just need to wait, but this time I thought, “I am going to buy the season 2 dvd anyway, even though it only plays on Region 2 dvd players, and something will open up”. I can remember a feeling of (small) adventure and good risk when I took this step, like, “Do I dare do this?”

It arrived and I became aware of a whole new world of dvd-player “hacks”. It seems that these players are programmed to only play dvds from certain “regions” of the world but they can be changed to be “region free”. It took me some time to figure out how to change ours, but I did it, and I felt elated when it played.

The way was there all along but it didn’t become apparent to me until I took the step to purchase the dvd. Something happens when we take a step toward our desire, even when in the moment we cannot see how it could happen. Buying the dvd was a very small step, but it showed faith, and it opened a door.

It wasn’t a huge investment. I didn’t go into debt to do it, or put us in a precarious situation (financially, emotionally or physically) but funny as it seems in the retelling, it did feel like a risk. Sometimes we think that we need to make sweeping changes in our lives to move forward, but I am beginning to see a sweet, little, quieter, way….a way that I have missed in my “rushing to the next moment as fast as I can go” past…..I am paying attention now to these little steps, these little prompts to do something new and I can feel myself open up, in the most delightful way, as I do it. Even now as I write I can feel my heart expanding.

Another thought (that just popped into my mind as I began to close this post) is what I have been saying to myself lately (and especially over the past 6 weeks): “My life is filled with happy, wonderful, expansive, work and experiences. Everything is getting better and better. I love my life.”

“Big doors swing on little hinges.” W. Clement Stone

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  1. Isn’t it funny that something as seemingly small as wanting to watch the next episodes of a show you like can bring forth so many thoughts and new adventures! I might have shied away from reprogramming a DVD player or thought “I’ll just ask one of my kids to do it”. I’m so proud of you for being adventurous Mary ~ good job!
    Love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️Marian

  2. Mary, we are fortunate to be able to bring in WNED Buffalo up here north of Toronto. They purchase a lot of British film series. For years, I felt that sitting down and watching television in the evening was a waste of creative time. Now, whether age related or the realization that the quality of programmes coming from the UK is superior to that of North America, I look forward to certain programme series…Doc Martin, for one, Midsommer Murders, DCI Banks, etc. I don’t know what it is that the British do that is so much better than the films produced in North America but the quality of work is superior. NA television work seems to rely on slapdash humour or car chases. They are never subtle but in your face, noise and visual-wise. I’ve been tempted as you’ve done to buy the British series I like and follow…if I can ever figure out how to operate our CD player on the television set. Usually have to have grandchildren explain it to us,
    SandyP in Canada

  3. I just purchased ” the Last of the Blonde Bombshells” with the wonderfully talented Judi Dench along with Ian Holm and Olympia Dukakis. Fun, fun, fun!
    I, too, am a big fan of the English shows.

  4. Wow, Mary, I just finished watching the first season of The Last Tango in Halifax and felt the same way! Didn’t even realize there was another way to continue – thank you!
    And the lesson you took from this is amazing and timely for me as well. I love the way you can take everyday events and see the broader application for growth….”little hinges” …great quote.

    1. When I first started writing this blog, Gwen, I thought it would be something like, “helpful hints”; herbal remedies, helpful ways to do things, …stuff like that. I has turned out to be NOTHING like that (I’m very happy for this), but when the idea came to me this morning to write about the dvd player, I thought back to those early days and felt that this post lined up with that theme (it made me smile)…I really wanted to get this information out there for all of the other BBC fans who (like me) felt trapped by those odd restrictions! (f.y.i. I also found out that you can buy “Region Free” dvd players if you cannot figure out how to change the one you own)

  5. Good day and sunshine greetings, Mary,
    – well done! I like beating the big corporates at their own game 🙂
    Just like Sandy P we also watch mostly PBS because of their British shows. Didn’t know a second season of Last Tango in Halifax existed, will look for it.
    I do like the ‘quote of the day’ a lot and your affirmation.
    Thank you so much for sharing – have a lovely day where you are.

  6. I love reading what the flock is watching and reading – I jot things down on a little pad and check things out at leisure. I sure enjoyed the Doc Martin series thanks to WWF recommendations – I’ll copy and print out the DVD info – I feel all thumbs when trying to figure out tv controls/dvd/etc. I always say I never graduated post Fisher Price!

  7. Last Tango was wonderful. I did not know there was a second season. Thanks for letting us know.
    Also, if you like the Brits, as I do, try Hulu Plus. Lot more British shows of all kinds then other outlets and a whole $7.99 a month. I don’t have cable and don’t want it as I can watch everything I want and then some thru Hulu and my trusty Roku.

  8. Almost forgot. If you do get British comedy, be sure and watch “the vicar of Dibley” i watch many of them twice and still just laugh out loud. Wonderful show.

  9. Mary, your story inspires me, encourages me. Thank you for this and also for the picture of Noah and Esther. (Which one is Noah?) Also,I love the “Vicar of Dibley” — and all things British.

  10. Just an FYI for those who don’t have access to PBS stations – if you go to – there are many FREE replays to view. In Cleveland, Last Tango’s second season will be starting in June I believe and I am assuming that episodes might stream right after. Doc Martin episodes can be seen on The latest season is not there yet. Two other series I’ve been watching on PBS are The Bletchley Circle (doing season two right now) and Call the Midwife. So much wonderful programming on PBS. Another site that I recently came upon is Lots of great interviews and here is the link to on demand interviews. Some of you also are not able to access Oprah’s station OWN and there sometimes are streamed events. Here is a link to a recent one that might only be available till Sunday this week.

  11. And Father Brown is so good. I’m even watching the reruns of Heartbeat for heaven’s sakes…both British.

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