A new look

I’ve begun working with Amy Anselmo to redesign my blog… the look of it may well change again over the next few weeks as we work to get it just right. One of the new features is that I now can upload videos directly, and I took one the other day of Eleanor attacking a roll of paper towels (while I was trying to paint those little blackbird fly paintings!). I hope that it makes you smile.

20 thoughts on “A new look

  1. Mary, Megs, my 2 yr. old Aussie watched Eleanor on the video on my computer and she can’t figure out what’s happening. She’s smiling and growling like this is fun and can I get a roll of paper towels too, Mom?? Love the background paper too, Mary…such depth and yet 2 dimensional.
    SandyP in Canada

    • That’s funny Sandy!! I dare not show this to my little Aussie River, … He likes to dispense tissues all over the place if he is upset with me ( for being late with his walk for instance) . He might think it It is perfectly acceptable ..

  2. How precious that is! I love the photos of your cats and forward them to my daughter who has 2 German Shepards! She loves them also. Now to see the video and hear your beautiful voice is just wonderful! Puts more meaning into your blog. I have two cats and just can’t love them enough!
    Joan and Knitter from Wisconsin

  3. I like your new look Mary. What I like the most it that there is room for the comments to “breathe” in between posts. I’m sure there will be some tweeking, but what matters most to me is your content, which is still refreshingly the same.
    Lots of love….

  4. Adorable Eleanor at work assisting the artist!
    Love the new look with the dainty wallpaper!

  5. As I’m sitting at the vet with an unexpectedly sick kitty this was a blessing as I needed to smile. Nothing like fur-baby antics to cheer a soul up a bit. Love the new design – very nice to hear your physical voice to add to the essence of your voice contained in your writing.

  6. Mary, what an exciting time for you and your readers. Thank you. Isn’t it amazing the deep connection one makes when we are able to physically hear each other? I appreciate and agree with all of the comments related to your voice…


  7. Mary, I love hearing your voice and watching Eleanor. She reminds me a lot of Bella who was also black. I’m still adjusting to her absence and had an especially rough day Sunday–a week since I let her go. Anyway, your voice, Eleanor’s play, and your new look– have made me smile and lifted my spirits into a space of gratitude for you and each of the women who are part of a conversation of deep blessing.

  8. This is a beautiful, refreshing change. Wonderful to see your picture more prominently. I agree with others, the background wallpaper is neat, with the birds in it too. The video of that little rascally ” assistant” Eleanor was fun . But we all trust that your same excellent sharings will be what we’ve come to appreciate so much: a place to come to.

  9. Thank you everyone for the feedback and support. I never intended to post that video (as you can probably tell by the silly narration!) but it seemed like a fun idea. I love the look of the new blog too.

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