A give-away and contest to launch my new website

Eleanor napping

Eleanor, the drama-queen, napping

I believe that my new website is finished and I am so happy with the way it looks and feels. I truly cannot say enough good things about the woman who helped me design it, Amy Amselmo . I looked forward to our times together, as if I was meeting an old friend for a cup of tea.

I had the idea to run a give-away, as a way to launch my new look and thought, “Of all the things that I have given away on this blog over the years, I’ve never offered a session with me”. It just never occurred to me before now, but now it has, and so I am.

If you would like to enter this give-away (for a 1/2 hr. phone session with me) all you have to do is take a look at my new website and write a comment about some aspect of it that you like. I will choose a random winner on Monday, May 19th (in honor of my father’s birthday. He will be 89 on that day).

You may enter this even if you are currently a client of mine, and the only rules are:

1. The comment must be about something that you like about the new website.

2. The session cannot be given away to someone else. If you enter, it should be because you want it.

3. If you also take a look at Amy’s website, you may then comment again (saying what you like about her website) increasing your odds of winning!

4. Have fun.

“The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” Victor Hugo


90 thoughts on “A give-away and contest to launch my new website

  1. I enjoyed that I could read the days blog and also see you on the side and read about you. I felt like it added depth to the entry and I knew more about you.

    • I really like the bird wallpaper. I am so enjoying all the birds in my life right now, and this wall paper was I’ve more example of how birds have become such a big part of who I am right now. The blog is also do ways to read.

  2. Dear Mary –
    What a great website! What I like most about it is the background “fabric”. Yes, fabric because that’s what it looks like to me. The pattern of flowers with a bird perched on top looks like an old-fashioned cotton twill that would have eventually showed up in one of my mother’s patchwork quilts.

  3. Okay I will write the first thing that I said when I clicked on the new website, Mary. “Wow that is bright”…made me smile and loved the birds.

  4. I absolutely love the banner! It’s a serene, quiet blue with the flower and it perfectly portrays what your blog is! I also like the background. Glad you did it!

  5. Mary, I like the banner with the heart and the statement “A place to come to be…”
    It’s such a lovely invitation. And I like that the banner seems translucent…Beautiful. Congratulations.

  6. I love your quotes. And what you have on your website “a place to come and be reminded of who you really are: Divine, Magnificent,Love” made my day. Thank you.

  7. Birds and flowers…flowers and birds…need I say more? (Oooh…just as I wrote this a titmouse came to my feeder!) Yes, birds and flowers…flowers and birds.

  8. Hi Mary,
    I think the new website is bright and cheery but what I really like is the photo of you. The new one. I liked the old one and I remember when you wrote about your new hair cut, but the new one shows such a smile of joy and happiness. I love it!
    Here’s the catch: I almost didn’t comment because I’m afraid to win. I have been following your blog for quite awhile now and I love what you do, what you write, and I often think about calling you for a session. But of course, I never do. And thats on me and the fear in me. But if I enter and get chosen…uh oh, thats up to the Divine. And maybe it means it is meant to be.

    Regardless, the new website is beautiful and full of life and you appear very happy in the photo. Thank you for all you do!

  9. Mary, I really love your banner/header. It generates such a peaceful feeling as I look at it, dreamy and serene. Lovely!

  10. When I got to your new website the birds/flowers of the background made me giggle. Then I noticed the blue flowers at the top of the page. I love birds and flowers. This is a very simple site to navigate and I love that. All in all, it’s a great site. Well done.

  11. I love Amy’s Poet’s Shack on her website. What a great thing to have…a place to create.

  12. Mary – I love the wallpaper and the birds but especially like your photo with the scarf looking like you will start dancing in your studio.


  13. I love the simple orange/yellow/turquoise daisies that sprout out of the more intricate parts of the background pattern. The bird is a more colorful version of the grackle that has taken up residence in my apple tree – she is quite perturbed to see me return from my long early spring trip and start mucking about the garden. I hope she stays

  14. Congratulations as well! So bright, cheery, and inviting!

    And I also love the link on Amy’s blog to her Instagram where she calls herself an “idea farmer”. Neat!

  15. Hi Mary,

    I adore the background wallpaper! I also love seeing your photo on the right hand side. Makes me feel like you are right here with me as I write this post, as if I’m talking right to you. It would be so fun to win your give-away too. Great idea! Great new welcoming website. Love it!

  16. love the new look. . .especially the sweet photo of you at the top and the colorful wallpaper! sending a hug, Veronica

  17. not sure this is the right place but I thought Amy’s diy business cards were great. . . such clear easy directions for a classy and simple product. . .

  18. Two things I particularly like about your new website Mary…..
    The jacket you are wearing in your photo is so similar in color to the border fabric on the site. I had to look twice to see if it was the same. The saying ” the fabric of our lives” immediately came to mind and I thought how clever.
    The second thing I like is the ❤️
    next to your name Simple and sweet.

    I looked at Amy’s site and love the handmade house. Makes me think of fairy tales and happy thoughts!
    A fun place to visit.

    • Hi, The Poets Shack was an awesome project, but I can’t take all the credit…about 40 people contributed to it, mainly the folks in that photo on my website…and on this site: http://sovtbombshells.com/ maybe we should have a tiny house/studio building workshop one of these days!!

  19. The wallpaper is cheerful and contains my favorite colors. Your new photograph is the best of all. Just looking at you makes me feel good. Thank you for the opportunity to win the session.

  20. Mary, I just love that you wanted to change. I am always in awe of how the human race just always wants to change and grow and advance. It is so bright; like taking a deep breathe. I love so many things about your new website but the most intriguing is that you have related blog postings available. What a wonderful and convenient and thoughtful gesture.

  21. Mary,
    I love everything about your new website– it is almost like a breath of fresh air. So clean , welcoming and you can ‘feel’ your good energy. I loved the banner and what it says– it invites you in- sort of like somebody opening up their front door and saying welcome,come on in… The wallpaper is beautiful… so much of nature- birds, flowers, and of course I always enjoy pictures of your much loved animals. Congratulations.

    And I loved Amy’s website– I would love to spend some time in the Poet Shack!

  22. Dear Mary,
    Your new website looks like everything I see around me, lately……out with the old and in with the new! Your wallpaper birds remind me of the “rising phoenix”, after collapse, rebirth and a new start. Congrats on your “new” transition and accompanying new website….looks fresh. Happy Spring.

  23. I love the background design! Also the font that you have used on your masthead, and the blue theme. Like the blue flower and the mission statement. Like the clarity and ease with which it can be used. Particularly like the information about yourself, written in your words rather than some cold PR thing. Like the the straightforward info about what you do, the choice of sessions, and the costs. It’s easy to navigate and understand, and pleasant to look at. 🙂 Thanks!

  24. It’s a simple joy.. But the lettering choice is inviting and neighborly .. Like a thankyou note left on the front screen door .. Very assuring and inclusive.

  25. Mary — how much the new website says about you! A lovely photo of you…..cheerful wallpaper, a good new look, and a solid bit of the story about who you are and what you do. It exudes your growth!

  26. I really like the colors if the background print. It’s not overwhelming. It’s very comfy and calming.

  27. After viewing Amy’s website, I love the picture if the poets shack under the contact info. I also like the font used on her name. And I must say that after I hit “post comment”, I fully saw the print of your background and LOVE the print!

  28. I’m not going to enter your contest, but I would like to say that I really, really like the new picture of you!! The whole website is so fresh and cheery! Good job!

  29. Mary, your new look is super, your second plunge this year, the first one was au naturel,
    in this one you are “well- covered”- quite smashing actually…thanks for sharing your
    life with all … the WFF community is a special place…

  30. I like Amy’s photo. She looks like someone with whom I would enjoy sharing a coffee.

  31. Amy’s site is fun, I especially like the Pinterest -Threshold Collaborative-section…and your business cards are very creative…anything resting in beach sand is super in my book…thanks!

  32. It’s funny, but as I was reading all the comments, I realized that many of the things that the people were liking were things that I hadn’t taken the time to notice and appreciate fully. The comments helped me to open my eyes to so many of the small and interesting touches that are so “you” that have been incorporated on the site. Lots of little details that add warmth and your essence and a welcoming feeling. Your thoughtfulness and attention to the various aspects of your site really show through. Your new photo is smashing!

  33. So, I went to Amy’s site and, again, I was able to find all sorts of interesting things due to previous comments posted here. One thing I loved was her photo of “our” Mary on Instagram with the following description – “Working with the lovely #marcymuncil today, she’s an amazing writer and thinker… http://www.marymuncil.com” Plus, the photo of Mary could be clicked on and enlarged so I/we can full admire the new photo.

  34. Today is Stevie Wonder’s birthday, he is 64 today! He was born one year before I was less than ten miles away in Saginaw, Michigan, – I was born one year and one day later on May 14, – just fun trivia, I know, but one thing I’d like to share is that Stevie, had he been born six weeks later, full-term, well, he may not have been blind from birth. His gifts transcend visual seeing – he touches our hearts with his music, his universal language. As we celebrate our third year together at White Feather Farm, I know that if I had to read Mary’s blog in braille, I would be no less the richer for not seeing the lovely new visuals. Mary, your words run so deep – the new look is icing on the cake, but the way you touch our hearts and open us to sharing, it is priceless, and we thank you!!!

    • Next day – I sure am enjoying reading the many and happy responses to theWhite Feather make-over. I love the little heart at the top of the page and Mary. Your face is radiant and so inviting. This is a place of rest, inspiration, sharing and encouragement. Feeling so much gratitude today for everyone here.

  35. Not only do I love the bird wallpaper, as do many others, but I really like the way it comes up with no overlay for a brief pause before the rest of the site loads. My favorite part though is the tag line under your name because reading your blog serves as a huge reminder every day, a reminder that I sorely need and am always grateful for. Thanks Mary!

  36. I like that the pattern with the birds in the tree of life uploads first, that my mind says ahh… Then pops up the wisdom that I need, even if I don’t want it.

  37. I love the new look Mary! I especially like the bird background and your smiling face. You look truly happy!

  38. Dear Mary, I like not only your cheerful background with the blue birds, but the fact that you can now share videos with all your blog followers.

  39. I do think a session with you would be wonderful! Yet it would have to be by email since I couldn’t just speak with you. But that is the beauty of your written words , conversational, thoughtful, as if you were indeed speaking directly to us! You wallpaper is great, the additional related blog posts, too. Your lovely new photo adds another touch of welcome. Thank you for the refreshing change!

  40. The whole composition looks very inviting and cozy. The background looks like wallpaper that you might have on one of your walls. With your photo next to it, I feel like you just invited me in for tea and a chat. Really nice design, thank you!

  41. WOWZA! My FAVORITE part of your new web site is your photograph — like you, it’s FABULOUS! The tag line at the top of the page, “A place to come be reminded…,” is powerful as well. The colors are awesome, too. Nice going, Mary and Amy!

  42. Well, the very first thing that caught my eye was the happy background! Made me feel like I was home. Love the updated pic of you and the short bio. Learned some new things about you. I enjoy every blog entry and always look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

  43. I just checked out Amy Amselmo’s website. What a talented woman! Her tiki glasses really caught my eye.

  44. Dear Mary,

    I love the new look! It’s softer, personable and makes me feel peaceful as I read your blog. I always come away with a new quote or a new insight. Keep it growing, it’s beautiful.


  45. Both your website and Amy’s make me feel like I’m coming home, not necessarily to my own (wonderful) house and a list of chores, but to my parents’ our grandparents’ homes where I will be welcomed and cherished. It looks like you and Amy have very different styles but the same underlying messages of individuality and welcoming. Thank you both.

  46. Wow, Thank you Mary, working with you was truly lovely. Come over and have tea anytime! What a lovely community you’re part of. Kudos to you all. ♡Amy

  47. Perhaps you are looking for comments on one thing about your new website look, but I found I didn’t want to take things apart. I love the feeling tone of the WHOLE site. It combines beautiful color and William Morris style design with spiritual truths and human ponderings and it sets you out into the world with beauty and honesty.

  48. Forget-me-nots are one of my favorite flowers and I love the background wallpaper. The overall look is very pleasant! I did notice one thing… when I explored the tabs; private sessions, write away, etc., I didn’t see a tab to get back “home” to the blogs although it’s not a big deal, I just used the back button on my browser.

  49. The color palette is so cheerful, it makes you feel good just opening it! I also love all the pictures of your animals in their various states of repose, since it reflects a lot about your life there on the farm. Thank you for sharing!

  50. I really like the bird wallpaper and that it is in the background and “stays there” while I look at your website. I find it so easy to navigate! Same as Amy’s site, simple and elegant, user friendly. I really feel calm and peaceful when I see your picture, like I somehow know you and you know me.

  51. The new face of your website perfectly fits you and provides such a nice framing to you inspirational words of wisdom. What I like BEST is that when your post arrives in my in-box it no longer says White Feather Farm but includes your name, your heart, and WFF. It adds warmth and anticipation to my entire in-box page! It’s like the ‘smile’ that really sticks out amidst all the other mail! I love that! A heart visual that says “Mary’s here”! It adds a whole new level of a personal touch…like you are writing and mailing it to each of us individually and as a community! Great great idea!

  52. Looked at Amy’s. Cute, very cute, with the cup of coffee, Hi I’m Amy!. Like we are sitting together. Love it

  53. I like your header tagline about being reminded about who you really are. And, as so many others have commented, the beautiful wallpaper of birds and flowers.

  54. The best part of your new design is that everywhere you look there is something to catch the eye, as if to say “I knew you’d look here, and I wanted you to see something special”. LOVE the colors!

  55. And the best thing about Amy’s site is the look of mischief she has peering over her coffee cup . . . there’s someone to sip with!

  56. I love the colorful wallpaper with the bird and flower design. I also like the picture of you looking vibrant in your colorful outfit! The website is simple and easy to navigate. Gives a feeling of peace.

  57. I just noticed that you had a tab about your Art Work. Totally missed it until just now. I love my bird painting. I bet you and your grandchild will have oodles of fun in your art room/area.

  58. I am liking all of it. Even tho I don’t know you personally, it just speaks of you. I love how bright and refreshing it is and I love seeing your picture. It completes the whole site!

  59. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new site. But mercy me, HOW did you find the exact right blouse to perfectly match the bird/background wallpaper??? You amaze, Mary!

  60. The first thing I really like about the site is the background wallpaper. I read quite a few blogs and this is very unique and also festive and unlike any other, very personal feeling. Next i like the new photo of you, fabulous. I read your blog a lot and often forward it to my sister, always seems to be spot on about what is going on in my brain. please keep writing, chris

  61. I love the way the new site feels warm and inviting. It feels like I am sitting down with an old friend enjoying a cup of tea. Nandi

  62. Your new site is warmer than the old and the picture of you is smashing! Amy’s site was clean and inviting! Big Birthday hugs to your Dad Mary! Have a great w/e!

  63. Mary – what I love is that the lurkers came out of the closet and you’re up to 84 comments as I leave you this note! How wonderful to find out so many people do read what you’re writing and sharing.

    I was so happy when you stayed longer in New Orleans. Although I agreed with your thoughts of no longer caring what others thought (when you were considering whether to use the pool without a swimsuit on), I also was not sure that I personally was ready to tolerate others being judgmental. As always, I enjoyed considering what you were sharing and using it to clarify my own thoughts.

    Hugs & kisses,


  64. Hi Mary,
    I really enjoy reading your blog! Your new website is HAPPY and it is so nice to see your picture with you SMILING – I love when people give a genuine smile – it’s like a gift – enjoy this beautiful day – 🙂 r.furlan@verizon.net

  65. I love the background and your lovely picture. If I happen to win, may I please gift your session to someone whom you think might benefit? You have done much for me and I would love to pay it forward.

  66. I love the look of your new blog! The flowers at the top and side are lovely and whimsical,which is the lighthearted energy I feel from you … even as your posts are deeply meaningful. I especially love the heart between your name and White Feather Farm. I always smile when the heart appears in my email inbox. – Nancy

  67. The new look for your blog is beautiful! I love that you can post videos! It was wonderful for me to see you AND HEAR YOU last week when the cat was wrestling with the paper towels. I felt like I was with you for a bit. Also really like the wallpaper and the lisiting on the side with your picture and past blogs. xoxoxoxo Cousin Nancy

  68. Thank you everyone for your comments. I loved reading them and appreciate you taking the time to comment. Barbara T was the winner of the session (I’ll post this on my next blog too)

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