Not so bad,… maybe even good?

Luke sitting in the backyard yesterday

Luke in the backyard yesterday

A few years ago, I began suddenly waking up in the middle of the night with a feeling of  “distress”.  It  felt like a restless, irritable, energy had taken over my body….at least that is what I labeled it, and I didn’t look forward to this happening.

Then one day, I noticed that I had labeled this energy as bad, but at the same time, had the thought, “This is just energy.” I began to work with that concept, and when I would awaken (and observe my mind instantly go to a negative “diagnosis”) I would say to myself, “This is just energy.” I also saw that the dread of it (and the anxiety that accompanied that very low energy thought) was the only thing causing me (my mind and body) distress. Thank god I didn’t go to the doctor,  get it diagnosed …..and medicated.

When I attached a negative label to the feeling, I dreaded it happening. Simple as that. But over time, I saw that even when I woke up with this energy running, it wasn’t unpleasant if I didn’t call it that. Then something more fantastic happened: I began looking forward to this energy/feeling. I found that I could even direct it around my body. I could almost play with it, and I could feel, that by not resisting it, I entered a whole new dimension of consciousness (one that seemed most available to me, in the middle of the night). This energy was waking me up, both physically and spiritually, to new insights (that I might have missed during my busy days).

There is a huge tendency for us to label things that we don’t understand as “bad”. If we are in pain, we say that we have a bad back, bad headache, bad leg…..We go out, don’t enjoy ourselves, and call it a bad time, say we have bad luck, criticize someones bad behaviour, bad……

So…what is good about the thing/experience that you might be tempted to label as bad? Ask it. Ask yourself. Become open and teachable and I guarantee you, if you do this with an open mind, a new world will open up for you.


Our culture has taken things such as near-death experiences and mystical encounters, and shunted them off to the side where they can be avoided by normal consensus reality. Typically, the Western medical attitude toward people who see visions is to prescribe drugs designed to curtail that state of altered awareness so that they will fit in with the expectations of polite society.” pp 14, Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation, Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D.


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  1. Mary, I’m constantly amazed at where your mind goes to develop these thoughts that resonate with many of us here on the forum. Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and perceptions. I also can wake up in the middle of the night, if not for an Australian Shepherd leaning over my face with her hot breath and bum wagging (you have to do that when you’ve got little tail to way)…but other times, sometimes, it’s pure anxiety that rushes in. Next time this happens, I’m going to take a more positive approach to it if I can. In just speaking to a childhood friend whose husband is heading in for two ankle operations and who will be like a bear with a sore paw when it happens, she was lamenting that he’s put it off too long because he doesn’t want to face it. She’s a doctor’s daughter. They aren’t her ankles either. I’m with him unfortunately, I will try to go on until my body tells me I can no longer do it…then I know, it’s time to deal with Western medicine, the same medicine that has led to some medical issues for many years with me..however I’m grateful also when it does work.
    Now, to the remembering in the middle of the night when my heart is racing and there is something ominous on my mind. It’s been labeled ‘doom’. Now let’s see if I can turn it around into something more positive.
    SandyP in S.Ont, canada

  2. I am a “night-doom” person, Mary, and this post has given me something to try. I don’t break habits easily, but this is one I’d love to dump.

    Thanks for another light on the path!

  3. Just last week I was reading Jane Robert’s classic THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY and “Seth” (an out of body entity”) was saying that one of the optimal times for personal mind expanding was after 4 hours of sleep. The energy at that point is one of great power and most people miss it by trying to medicate it or not allow the flow of it to help you. I say next time you wake up check the time and see that you are probably in a very good space so take advantage of what it can offer you and get out of your own way.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Mary. Apparently this is not an uncommon experience. Just knowing that others experience this too, is very helpful in dealing with it.

  5. This happens to me as well, waking up in the night with a panicky, anxious feeling. I always thought it was from a bad dream I didn’t remember, but I hadn’t thought of it “just” being an energy, and one that I can control how I experience. Thank you, Mary.

  6. Dear Mary, thank you for this powerful message. I too experience the night-time wake-ups and have many times labeled them negatively. Indeed, everything is energy and I will remember this now! Something so simple, yet so profound.

  7. Waking in the middle of the night, and not being able to go back to sleep, tossing and turning, what to do, what to do . . . . Feeling
    “restless” – I’ve been trying, when those times come in the middle of the night, to think of it maybe as precious alone time with God, or whatever one may choose to call the Divine. It’s almost as if you are being gently awakened, “ah ha! dear child, NOW I’ve got your attention!” Instead of telling myself how restless I feel, I am trying to give in to the quiet and embrace it as a gift that we would only too happily welcome in the midst of a busy day. Another little technique I learned a long time ago in a Bible Study book by Maxie Dunham, was to slowly inhale, saying to yourself, “I breathe the love of God within”, and on a slow exhale, “and pass it on to _____”, name your friend, loved one, difficult person in your life. It sure helps to center your wandering mind, and it fills you too, with peace. And oh yes, Mary! There is no BAD energy – I cringed a few weeks ago when I heard a mother tell her young one who also happens to be on ADHD meds, that his (what I perceived as happy dancing which was getting on her nerves) energy was bad. Oh no! How can that be? Wild, uncontrolled energy is simply unharnessed energy – a raging river can be transformed into a power supply for instance. I’m rambling a bit (scattered energy, ha!) – would love to hear from more of the flock what you do when you awaken at night and can’t get back to sleep. Again, Mary, how you remind us, our perspective changes everything. A beautiful 13th of May to all!

    • I have tapes or cassettes of calming or meditative things at the ready. I also like to do alphabet things such as grocery store shopping and do apple, banana, carrot, etc. or occupations or gratitudes. I also like to focus on a Hebrew letter or a prayer. Or just picture calm words or sounds. I also tell myself that I am getting the right amount of sleep and that I’m probably sleeping at that time.

  8. This; to take in, over and again…profound for me. And yes, thank god you/I didn’t go to the doctor, get diagnosed and medicated! All the posts here are enlightening in some way for me. Thanks all

  9. Mary I love your thinking on this and it relates to a recorded discussion I recently heard between Dr. Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. Wayne Dyer was saying that he too wakes up almost every night at the same time and recalled a Rumi quote something on the order of ‘the morning breeze has secrets to tell you…do not go back to sleep…do not go back to sleep.’ Esther/Abraham responded (I am paraphrasing based on my notes) that when we are sleeping our vibration momentum slows/stops. When we wake up we are at our best potential for clear space and highest frequency of vibration, alignment to source, and fresh beliefs. We have to reverse any low energy thoughts as soon as possible before that low vibration gains momentum. Reverse the momentum at the beginning while it
    is weakest. She used the example of a car at the top of a steep hill. Give the car a nudge and down the hill it goes gathering and gathering momentum. It is easier to stop it at the top before the momentum is too hard to stop/break. This all resonated with me as I often awake between 2 and 3 in the morning. So the other night when I woke up, I glanced out the window looking for the moon or a star and with the window opened in the warm night, listened for the wind, or a bird or a frog. My mind quickly looked and listened for a soothing light or sound of nature…When I saw the moon light and heard the wind, I said a quick gratitude prayer and back to sleep I went! I’m new at this approach and it took lots of concentration (because I could have easily and naturally turned my thoughts to an ill family member and been awake the rest of the night). I’ll keep trying and like Susan A. I love to read the experience of others! Linda, your rich comment also advances what I’ve recently heard! Thanks to all!

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