Myrtle wants to play

When I heard Jack’s car pull into the driveway last evening, I felt happy. I hadn’t seen him in a couple of days and a lot had happened that I wanted to share with him. A minute passed, then two, then five and I began to get annoyed as I thought, “I was really looking forward to seeing him and he apparently is in no hurry to see me!” I then began to feel sorry for myself along with being irritated at him.

When I finally heard the door open I had to hold back the urge to express my unhappiness, but it felt like it was going to burst from my mouth. I really wanted to tell him how inconsiderate he was for not rushing in to see me. The first thing that he said when he stepped inside was, “You have a tire that is almost flat. I need to get your car down to Tink’s (our mechanic) tonight, fill it with air, and have him fix it tomorrow.”

Oh. So he was outside looking at my flat tire, trying to decide the best way to get it fixed….for me.

Sometimes my mind is an idiot. It will tell me a story, I will assume that it is true, feel bad, and subsequently make both myself and the other person unhappy. Because even when I don’t actually voice the thought, if I don’t recognize it, it will affect my relationships. I might be a little distant or cautious around the person….after all, they did hurt me (by being inconsiderate, or uncaring or whatever else my mind labels them as being).

I have also come to the conclusion that this story-telling idiot of a mind is going to be with me forever and so I am going to make peace with it, laugh at it, and “out it” as much as possible…not in the hopes of being rid of it, but to accept it as a part of this odd and interesting facet of being human.

I’ve often suggested to people (yet never did it myself) that they give this part of the conscious mind a name and to make it a funny one; a name that brings a smile. Why not play with it? If we have no hope of getting rid of it, we might as well have some fun. I have decided this morning to name my idiot mind, Myrtle*.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities“. Dr. Seuss


*I just looked up the name, Myrtle and here is the meaning (how perfect!)”The meaning of the Latin name Myrtle is simply ‘the myrtle plant’. This evergreen plant was sacred to Venus and was used as a symbol of affection”.

17 thoughts on “Myrtle wants to play

  1. I think Myrtle might have a long lost sister and she lives with me! As of right this minute her name is Lucy. Perhaps they should have a play date sometime! XOXO

  2. Dear Mary, well it seems there is an extended family of Myrtle’s. (I think she has family members everywhere!) I never thought of naming that part of my mind, but what a fabulous idea. I have, in the past only chastised my idiot mind, been afraid of it overpowering me, tried to ignore it, debated with it, been over-controlled by it. I like your idea much better. I’m going to name her something today (actually the first name that came to me was Lucy since I loved the “I Love Lucy” show because Lucy was forever allowing herself to get into the most hilarious predicaments. Kathye, I hope you don’t mind that Lucy is a popular name!). What a refreshing post this morning. Placing humor into the mix is for me, very uplifting. Now that I can laugh at/with Lucy, she doesn’t seem to be nearly so intimidating or controlling. Thank you as always for your enlightening wisdom. You are a gift. And Myrtle is a riot.

    • I’m smiling Debra because I quickly picked ‘Lucy’ for two reasons and ‘I Love Lucy’ was one of them! The other was a childhood elephant/memory! Now we have more ‘Lucys’ to love as we embrace and laugh with them!

      • Kathye, it just dawned on me that “I Love Lucy” is such an appropriate way of thinking about this part of my brain. Loving her for her idiosyncrasies and her mistakes is far better than doing battle with her! Thanks for your positive input.

    • Veta-Vita-Vegamin! Stomping the wine grapes in the barrel! The conveyor belt of chocolates! Oh, how I Love Lucy!!!

  3. Good morning Mary !
    I give myself a name you can’t really look up the meaning of, except that I was called this by my dear Swiss Grammie . She gave each of her 13 grandchildren a silly , affectionate name. Mine was Robbie-Dobbie with the rolled “R”). I call myself this in the midst of my silly times and childish childish behavior ! I sort of remember to forgive myself because of the connection to Gram. That is, when I catch myself, which I don’t sometimes…

  4. Oh what a joyful way to start the week! I am laughing at all the Lucy comments – what came to my mind as I read them are the whimsical lyrics to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Now if that isn’t a trip and a half down memory lane – but another validation that when our Lucy plays with us, she is actually one cool lady. Now when I picture my idiot mind, she will also be decked out in diamonds with tangerine eyes. . .

  5. Good morning, Mary-Myrtle!
    I enjoyed today’s blog (as always:-), but am surprised that you expected Jack to show his affection by coming into the house right away, yet, you didn’t seem to think that you could run outside and greet him there…why wait? It reminded me of so many stories where women sit and wait for the man (in shining armour, ahem) to come to them and when it doesn’t happen the story takes a different, more negative, turn. I’m convinced that Jack would have loved a warm hug and kiss before he noticed your flat tire 🙂 So can l tell Myrtle to stop playing the waiting princess, please and go ahead and express her feelings when she feels them. There is simply not enough love going around to hold back even for one minute!

  6. Thank you for the laugh, Myrtle! A friend was cleaning her car on a snowy day and slipped on ice in her driveway. She lay there, stunned for a few minutes. She picked herself up and walked slowly to the front door. When she walked through the door, her husband said “Where the *&^^% were you?.” No doubt Myrtle had paid him a visit.

  7. Hmmm, Mary, I have a wide grin on my face thinking, boy, do I ever do that too…and so I’ve chosen my name for this evil-doing ne’er-do-well who lives in my brain when things like that happen so henceforth ‘it’ shall be named Oscar…but shall remain genderless.
    Sandy P in Canada

  8. Myrtle Muncil ~ I love it! We really do need to be able to laugh at our own foolishness. In an instant I can go from being happy, loving, kind, to angry, sad, miserable, all because I told myself a lie, an untruth that was totally unfounded but in a minute I believed it to be true. Our Myrtles can be our own worst enemies!
    What a great guy Jack was being for wanting to take care of your tire ~ next time you had better sit Myrtle down for a chat and set her straight.
    ❤️❤️❤️ Marian

  9. C’est idio`te,
    You employed the appropriate docteur
    The idiot is sure to endure
    Be it Lucy, George, or Myrtle
    The result is most fertile
    Welcome life & a wondrous adventure.

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