I love “us”

Noah napping

Noah napping

It’s no secret to any of you who read my blog on a regular basis that correct spelling and grammar are not my thing. I wish that they were but although I know that I could (well, I think that I could) work really hard and learn the rules, and all of the exceptions, I am probably not going to. I saw a quote on Facebook the other day that said, “Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit”, and I cracked up.

It must be a challenge for those of you who do know your grammar to read some of my posts. I image you good grammar people saying, “Why did she put a semi colon there? What about all of those commas? and spaces where they don’t belong? My god, doesn’t Mary know any of these rules?” If you are one of these good grammar people then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me here and not pulling your hair out declaring, “I’m sorry. She might have a good message but I cannot get beyond her poor grammar”. And I really mean this.

One of my biggest challenges in life is not correcting someone if I see/hear them doing something wrong (or what I think is wrong). I am also very thankful that there are people who know things and have talent in areas that I don’t have. I am currently working on a large project and I marvel at the skills of my friend Rick and my son Tom who see in ways that I don’t even think in. It makes even more aware of how much we all need each other.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this blog. Thank you for your presence, thoughts, ideas, and contributions (both in writing and in thought). I could not do this without you.

“Non nobis solum nati sumus (Not for ourselves alone are we born)” Marcus Tullius Cicero


My latest painting (Carpe Diem 4 or Seize the Play!) was so much fun to do! It is for sale on the MY ARTWORK page of this blog .

My latest painting (Carpe Diem 4 or Seize the Play!) was so much fun to do! It is for sale on the MY ARTWORK page of this blog .

30 thoughts on “I love “us”

  1. Dear Mary, I absolutely love your blog, your wise and loving posts and quite frankly never noticed your grammar! Don’t know what that says about my own writing but I do know that at the heart of your messages, there is truth, sincerity, joy and uplifting realization. Thank you for being exactly who you are!

  2. What a beautifully expressed post. “Punctuated ” with a sweet picture of Noah and your artwork which speaks volumes in itself. Your words are always deeply thoughtful, freely expressed , and I’ve not given a single thought to your grammar either, knowing full well I too make mistakes, even when I really know better. And yes- how great is it when we can really appreciate what talents every person has to offer, how it expands our world when we can get past ourselves and appreciate both the perfection and imperfection of others.

    • Thank you Bobbie…it has been an interesting and very rewarding journey (here on the blog) to talk about my shortcomings (don’t know if that is one word or two?!)…for years, I couldn’t laugh at myself and it feels so good to do this here. Your kind words go right to my heart.

  3. Mary, I’m an editor and I’ve never been bothered by your grammar. In this world of autocorrect, online publishing, and hasty e-mails, a well thought-out blog filled with wisdom and shared experiences is a gift. You are so right: we learn so much and benefit from other people’s strengths and gifts. As one of your readers, I certainly benefit from yours.

  4. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
    I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi
    Borrowed from Louise Penny’s August Newsletter, this sums up a lot of difficulties in life for me, including the peaceful feeling that I have when I come to reading the postings here, Mary, not only yours, which stimulate our thoughts and feelings but from the others who contribute to it. I often reread this site before going to bed or at the end of my day. It somehow helps to centre my thoughts. Last night, a friend called, as she does each night at 9 pm or I call her, it’s our daily check-in (she’s also a distant relative but we’ve yet to make that connection in Britain way back when the families split up in different directions)….we laughed and giggled last night and when I got off the phone (she lives in Toronto, I an hour north), I thought, this is the way to go to bed every night…with good endorphins running around in my body and mind. I slept well. Your site, regardless of whatever structural grammatical mistakes of which I’ve never been aware, likely because I do the same, is part of my centering in my life.

    I love Noah with his paws around his nose; Meg, my younger Aussie girl does the same thing…
    SandyP in sunny, warm Southern Ontario, Canada

  5. Good grief, Mary, I never noticed any bad grammar from you! I guess I’m too busy soaking up your words of wisdom to notice, and I used to edit scientific papers years ago. I think what we’re all saying is that your message is the important thing!

  6. Mary, I love the picture of Noah. I don’t look at your grammar because I am too busy reading your adventures and your wise words. It is a lovely message you send out to us and I thank you.

  7. I love the Rumi quote too, – we meet each other here, and Mary, your messages are so full of love and wisdom, who would ever notice an extra comma or a dangling preposition? (OMG!!!) We’re here for each other and for the wonderful sharing that has sustained many of us as Sandy just said, on a day when we needed to hear just that particular message. Rock on White Feather Farm! Love to all!

  8. Looks like everyone has posted what I would have said ~ honestly Mary, I never noticed your grammatical errors. Guess I was merely focused on the messages ~ which I love and find so helpful and uplifting! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️ Marian

  9. “A beautiful thing is never perfect.” ~ Proverb.

    I hung up my red pen years ago
    T’was a very, very good thing.
    The spelling, the grammar exists
    But it’s the message that makes me sing. XOXO

  10. Mary, I have always considered myself to be fairly good at grammar but I may have to rethink this concept since I had to have my good friend, Sally, explain the Facebook joke to me!! And then I got to laugh at it and me. So, obviously your so-called difficulty with grammar has never bothered me. Tee hee. I love, love, love reading your blog!

  11. For me, it’s the comma. I put them everywhere. Once upon a time, when such things mattered, I would have my work proofed so wiser folk than me could pull half of them out. I was affectionately knighted “The Comma Queen” at work. Now I fancy myself a poet, and put them where I like! It’s all about perspective… (love, love, love the Rumi quote too). Thanks for sharing.

    • Goodness, I do the same thing with commas. They ‘sort of’ punctuate and separate my remarks. I’ll have to watch that from now on. I think I’d qualify as the second “””””””Queen.

  12. Love your Friday post Mary. Correct grammar is optional! Love Noah’s prayerful pose. Love to you always

  13. I love your blog and don’t give a fig about any grammar errors – probably don’t even notice them. I think writing is like visual art – the eye fills in what was intentionally or unintentionally left out. And that means that we may not all see exactly the same thing or “get” the same thing out of what we are reading or seeing and that is perhaps exactly how it is meant to be. :):)

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