a wonderful talk


Fred doing what he does best…relaxing

I just watched such an inspiring talk by Jim Carrey. When I finished I thought, “I wish that I could share this with everyone in my life!” …and so I am. Loving thoughts to you all today, Mary

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  1. Mary, I had no idea that Jim Carrey had another side to him other than the one he presented on stage…of course everyone does have another side and another side beyond that… ad infinitum. I’ve never been a big fan of his simply because, other than Robin Williams, who was brilliant, and Billy Crystal, whom I enjoy, I’m not into the type of comedy Jim Carrey does. And yet, listening to him speak as he did in the video, I understood his references (I live alternatively because of my ES/MCS) and so was familiar with his references but it was what he was saying that struck a chord in me and I’m grateful that you’ve shared this with me, with us. I would never have known that side of Jim Carrey, a chap who was born and raised one half hour directly to the east of me here in the countryside north of Toronto.
    SandyP, in Canada

  2. When he got to the part about ‘we’re not the pictures on the film stock’ but rather the light that shines through it, it took my breath away! That’s exactly what I feel about your art, Mary…the light, the love, the energy that comes through them…for me, it’s always about the light…and how that light shows up for me. The Divine satisfaction. Loved this! Thank you!

  3. Mary,I’ve been away from your blog for a long while. You showed up in my thoughts today and here am. What a comfort to be back! Jim Carrey’s talk was beautifully,light-heartedly,inspiring. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more White Feather Farm!

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