heart to heart

Sending thoughts of happiness and love (Griffin and happy grandmother, me, above!)

Sending thoughts of happiness and peace to all of you during this season of Love (Griffin and happy grandmother, me, above!)

I love this White Feather Farm community and cannot imagine my life without it (you). Lately I’ve been wanting to connect in a deeper way and the idea came to me this afternoon to offer prayer for anyone who needs or wants it. If you would like prayer for yourself, someone else, or a situation, please feel free to leave a comment with your request. I will join with you in spirit, and answer you with the words that come from my heart. Love to you all on this beautiful evening, Mary

“Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

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  1. Beautiful picture of you and your grandson, Mary. Thank you for the offer of prayer. My Dad is coping with terminal lymphoma. Your thoughts on his behalf are most welcome. As always, I appreciate all that you do on behalf of all of us.

    • As I held your dad in my mind, I took a deep breath and could feel a wave of peace flood over me. I could feel a sense of comfort in and around him. May the love that he has so freely given continue to support all who know and love him and may he know that he is also upheld by the arms of Love.

  2. I fell on the ice last March , Mary, and injured my knee and foot badly. It IS healing but ever so slowly. I would like to have just one day without pain. I guess that sounds like a very selfish thing to pray for , now, doesn’t it. Maybe a prayer that my healing will be complete and sooner than expected..or maybe a prayer that all will heal, period. Winter brings on gloomy weather and sometimes the lack of light drags me down, so maybe that is why I ask for a prayer for myself. Thank you, Mary.

    • May the light of God shine on you now, Sandy, penetrating every cell of your body, wrapping you in a warm blanket of Love. All painful memories of your fall slip away as you step into this new moment with the assurance that your healing is progressing in divine timing. Please know that it is never selfish to ask that pain of any kind to be relieved, whether that pain yours or anothers.

  3. Mary, I am in need of clear direction concerning a situation in my life. Thank you so much for your encouraging blog. It’s always a joy to read your words. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    • My heart is joined with yours, Mitzi, as we pray for guidance and direction regarding the situation. Even though our thoughts may be confused at times, there is a part of us that always knows what to do, and we now call upon the larger part of you, your Divine Self, to make clear your path.

  4. Dear Mary, what a beautiful photograph of you and your adorable grandson. The look on his face is one of pure joy and peace. I would be most grateful for a prayer of healing for myself as I am recovering from a recent back injury that occurred while handling my horse. Thank you for your generous gift of prayer and as always, for your wonderful blog and all the wise, soulful, funny and uplifting words that come from your heart. You are loved most deeply.

    • As I read your words, Debra, I saw a large hand of light, slightly cupped, moving over your back, radiating a deep and healing energy to the tissues, cells, and fluids in your back and throughout your body. May all old and painful memories be dissolved in the light of Truth and Love.

    • May you know in your heart that the Love that connects you and your sons can never be broken or damaged in any way and may all feelings/memories of distance or discord be dissolved by the Light of Wisdom and Grace. As I close my eyes, I can see you and your sons in a loving embrace…I see laughter, tears, and joy as the deep remembering of who you really are returns.

  5. My mother, who was my best friend, laughing partner, confidante, and cheerleader passed away August 12. It is as raw and painful and lonely now as four months ago. Her 87th birthday was/would have been yesterday. The void is always awful and sometimes unbearable, it seems. I miss her so much. Her last year plus was so difficult and not her style at all but it doesn’t make me miss her any less. Not feeling much purpose Thank you for your posts. They always help. Cindy

    • Dear Cindy, May the space that feels so empty be filled with the Light and Love that were, and still are, coming from the beautiful being of your mother. Even though she is no longer in physical form, her beautiful energy is still as strong and present, but now we pray that you may see her and feel her with the eyes of your heart, which was and always will be, joined with hers.

  6. Dear Mary, My sister Kim is struggling after the death of her husband after a second massive stroke in November. He was only 56 and she was his full time caregiver for 8 years since his first stroke which disabled him. Her world is closing in on her as she grieves. A prayer for her to see her way out of that deep, dark lonely hole would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your inspirational messages that always seem to come at the perfect time.

    Christmas blessings, Sandy Tucker

    • We pray tonight for Kim and ask that she feel the comfort and love that is all around her. May she sense her husband’s presence in a new way, in a way that brings her deep peace even while she grieves and may this peace that is beyond our understanding open her heart and mind to see her life in a new way.

  7. Thank you so much. My 17 year old grandson who has just gone into a drug rehab facility and his mom who is just coming unglued trying to help him.

    • May the Love and Light of Spirit be felt as comforting arms for your grandson and his mom as they relax in the knowing that the path he has been on is now changing and moving in a direction that will bring happiness, joy, recovery, and healing to his entire family. We give thanks for all of the wonderful people at the rehab and ask that their hearts and minds also be opened to give him the best care and assistance on his path to a new life.

  8. Thanks, Mary, for prayers for my 40 year old niece,Cela. She has lung cancer and never smoked. She is an animal lover like you!

    • The loving arms of God now embrace Cela as she goes through this most challenging time. May she feel this peace and rest in the assurance that healing is happening right now. We also pray that her doctors and medical team are clearly guided as they assist her on her journey.

  9. Thank you Mary for your kind offer. Griffin is adorable and you are as well. I would love for you to offer a prayer for my son Mark who is going through a difficult time to be able to find peace and happiness in his life.

    • We pray that Mark will know, as he walks this challenging part of his path, that he is always upheld, loved, and sustained by Infinite Love. May the peace that is beyond understanding, especially in difficult times, be his now and may he feel a lightness in his heart and mind.

    • We now join our minds and hearts in prayer knowing that all prayer is answered in a perfect way. May you rest in calm assurance that each step will unfold and doors will open at just the right moment for you Jenn. May you be filled with a deep inner peace and joy as you let go of all concerns regarding the future. All is well.

  10. This year has nearly broken me. I lost one of my 14.5yr old yorkies Peter Parker right before thanksgiving. My mom had to go thru surgery and now treatment for breast cancer. My mom’s sister passed away Friday and now my little poodle Ive had since I graduated college 16yrars ago is slipping away and I’m faced with making that choice I can’t bring myself to make. Ive reached out to vets and specialist looking for help and have found no options. It’s too much.

    • My heart is joined with yours tonight, Kelly. May you rest in the knowledge that the right decision will be clear to you. As you calm your mind and take a deep breath, know that the answers you seek are already known in some part of you and will be revealed. As you travel this difficult part of your journey, we pray that you find a new strength and trust in the part of you that is connected to All.

  11. Merry Christmas to you and yours! I enjoy your articles very much, especially since I receive a lot of white feathers 🙂

  12. Hi Mary! Griffin is getting so big and he looks so sweet! It looks like you two are dancing…he’s just adorable! It would be really special if you said a prayer for my sweet mom and for my loving and amazing sister with whom mom is living. Mom is doing remarkably well and it is all due to the level
    of care and attention she is getting from my sister (and from my sister’s dog, Molly, who Mom just adores!). Thank you for such a sweet Christmas gift! Sending so much love…

    • As I held your mom and your sister in my mind, Kathye, I could see and feel laughter and love surrounding them. May the Love that is who they really are be felt in an even more powerful way today, and always, bringing them both a renewed sense of comfort and inner peace.

      • Thank you so much Mary! The comments, requests and your uplifting and incredibly soothing prayers overflow my heart in this week of Holy celebration. I am so grateful for you, Jack and the warm community of White Feather Farm. Peace, love and Merry Christmas to all!

  13. Mary, I too, love the photo of you and your grandson! My prayer request is for ease and peace at this holiday time rather than a sense of dread – there are some strained relationships in our family and I feel the pain quite deeply. And, in the meantime, I suffered a detached retina & after several surgeries it has caused me to lose quite a bit of vision in my left eye (and being a very visual person) this makes me sad. Thank you.

    • We pray for MaryAnne’s vision, both inner and outer vision. May the joy, peace, and love that has always been a part of her family be seen again with her inner eye, as old confilicts, pains and troubles are dissolved in the Light of Love and Peace. And as an inner peace and comfort is restored within MaryAnne and her family, we also pray for her vision as the great healing Light penetrates the cells of her eyes opening new pathways of sight.

  14. Hi Mary. Your picture is beautiful. Thanks so much for the offer of prayer. I need some clarity right now and I am struggling a bit with my ego to get it. A prayer would be most appreciated! Merry Christmas to you and God bless you and your loved ones.

    • Clarity, inner peace, patience, and happiness, are now yours, Terri as the Truth that is deep within you dissolves all struggle and conflicting thoughts in the Light of Wisdom and brings with it the knowing that all is unfolding perfectly…something you will understand in a very short period of time. The faith that All Is Well is yours now.

  15. It seems there is so much that we all need. My prayers are reaching to everyone here that has expressed a concern. Thanks, to you, Mary, for this gift to all of us. We really really are not alone in spirit. Just before I sat to my computer a minute ago, I said aloud “I need a small miracle here; perhaps a way to solve this dilemma. I will ask for help.”

    My daughter and family relocated back to Oregon after being gone for more than 9 years. They have 3 dogs, two of which are being boarded. My grands, daughter and husband are leaving early Tuesday AM to fly to Disney World for Christmas. Polly, the 9+year dachshund has an injury on her leg and perhaps her back, we don’t know what happened to her nor when. I am taking Polly to my vet early Tuesday morning for x-rays and evaluation. Here is what I need help with; my 9 year-old-cat Finners and Polly do not co-exist in my house. It is so stressful for me; the barking which causes my cat to not want to come inside, outside at night is an unsafe place for him where I live. The kennel, of course, will not take an injured dog, nor would I want to have her there. I love both Polly and Finners the same. What have I not thought of as a solution here? Seems I am emotionally muddled.

    This seems like a small thing as I read all the requests here; but the Corrie Ten Boom quote comforts me in this concern. After I read today’s writing, I knew I needed to be specific.

    • There is always a perfect solution but often we think we have to figure it out (all alone) and that can be a desperate place.
      We pray that the perfect solution for all concerned; Polly, Finners, Virginia, and her family, be revealed in perfect timing and that Virginia can relax deeply in the knowing that all is well and that every being is cared for, loved and guided at every moment, as she takes her mind off the trouble and fear of future and breathes deeply into the present moment….the only moment that counts…the moment where miracles occur.

  16. This is such a beautiful picture of you and Griffin, Mary. The peace and love on your face is lovely!

    I would be honored if you would say a prayer in my behalf for anything I need to recognize in my life, but don’t see.
    I wish all of the flock blessings of the Season, peace, love and health. May 2015 bring great bounty.

  17. Please pray for healing for me. I am dealing with multiple injuries that won’t heal. I also may need foot surgery which will delay healing further. I don’t know which injury to deal with first. I am spiraling into despair. I call to God for help but He doesn’t seem to answer. Maybe He will hear you.

    Thank you and God bless

    • We pray that the healing Light of God be felt now by Donna and with that Light may she know that God, the Spirit of Healing, Love and Peace, is as close to her as her breath, her heartbeat, her mind. May she now know that she can never be separated from God as she is also a part of this Mystery that we call God. May clarity of mind, inner peace, and comfort, be hers now as she rests in the Knowing that the way for healing will be shown to her, she doesn’t need to figure this out. The words, “Rest and Trust”, have come into my mind for you, Donna. If you would like to softly repeat them for a couple of days, I believe they will open up something for you.

  18. There is such joy in the photo of you and Griffin.
    My husband is struggling with the death of his son. He is angry all the time. Please pray that he finds a way to heal.

    • May the anger, that has such a grip on your husband’s mind and heart, dissolve in the light of Love that is always with him. We pray that this very night he will begin to feel lighter, calmer, and comforted by this Love and that as he grieves he also feels a new sense of hope and inner peace. Calm his mind and give rest to his weary body. Help him to release the pain of his past and any regret, remorse, or guilt, and to know that his son is in perfect peace and has never left him. May he be deeply comforted as he begins the journey of healing.

  19. Dear Mary, Thank you for your gift of prayer. I would love for you to pray that I live in love and peace and that I stop thoughts that bring myself and humanity down. That I know Truth. All prayers on my behalf are graciously accepted.
    Best wishes to you and yours for a wondrous holiday.

    • As we join our hearts and minds in prayer may Kate know the Truth of her being, may she see herself with the eyes of her heart and know that in her deepest self, she is pure Love. As this new vision takes hold may any thoughts of discord, unhappiness, criticism, failure, or fear, dissolve as a radical new acceptance of herself opens doors to unspeakable love and peace, within her first and then, just like a powerful beam of light, her Truth will radiate out to the world.

    • Our hearts are always joined in Love and may this Love, which is the most powerful force in the universe, shine brightly now dissolving old wounds, hurts, misunderstandings and conflicts between Lucinda and her mother so the Truth can be seen and felt by them both. Erase the pain of the past and let the Grace of God reveal a new and wonderful relationship in its place.

  20. Mary, thank you for offering this to all of your readers. You are truly special. Please pray for me that I may be humble, loving and compassionate to all of those I meet, to give to those in need without thinking of return, and for believing in the light and goodness of our greater power. Thanks again and wish you a very happy, magical holiday season.

    • When I read your words, Rosanne, I feel a generous, loving, aware, and kind, spirit shining through. What really comes to me as a prayer for you is, “May Rosanne’s eyes be opened, so she can see the wonderful, magnificent, being that she truly is. May she drop all notions of herself as not good enough and may she treat herself with loving, compassionate, thought and care, and may this loving, humble, generous, attitude radiate out from her very being to touch and bless everyone she meets.”

  21. Dear Mary, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful grandson with us! What a wonderful photo, I can feel the ‘dance’ of love between you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year to you & your family. My prayer for good health, happiness and peace for all. Sending warm hugs and love!

  22. I loved the photo. Griffin is such a cutie. I wish you and your family all good things in the new year! I would ask that we all join in prayer for uniformed policemen and women and those in the armed forces.

    • I, and many others, join our hearts with you in this prayer, Carol. We ask that the minds of all who are confused, angry, afraid, and desperate, become clear, calm, and peaceful. May the hearts of all of those who live in violence be opened and relieved of the suffering that they have lived in and perpetuated. May the light of Love surround those who work in violent and dangerous places, protecting and guiding them today and always.

  23. Beautiful photo, Mary!!
    Best wishes for the holidays & for the coming year.
    Please send a prayer out for my son…who is deployed overseas this Christmas & away from his family.
    We love you, Mary.

    • May your son feel the love that connects him to you, Ken and find comfort and inner peace during this difficult time. We pray that he grows in strength, love, and wisdom and that his gifts of leadership and focus will help others who are in need of his courage right now. May he be guided and protected at all times.

  24. What a lovely photo of you and grand baby… you look SO happy! I am grateful for your prayer offer for my sister-in-law and her family who lost their dear father yesterday. Thank you for your writings which both inspire and teach… and best wishes for a lovely holiday and wonderful new year! Sending you a big hug from my heart.

    • The comforting, supporting, and uplifting spirit of God now surrounds and embraces your sister-in-law and her family as they let go of the physical form of her beloved father. May she and her family, even in their grief, be aware of his beautiful spirit that is still with them and can never be lost.

  25. Thanks Mary for the lovely post of YOU and your beautiful Grand Child. Sending best blessings to you and your family for the Holidays and every day! I would love your prayers for my sister Pam & husband Myeron, who are having to move from their long time home and change in a big way. Thank you, Aloha from Maui, Mona

    • We join our hearts and minds to pray for Pam and Myeron to be open and receptive to the new, and to let go of all thoughts of fear or worry about their future. May they experience the peace that is beyond understanding and allow themselves to be divinely moved both physically and spiritually to new levels of happiness and peace.

  26. Blessings to you. Wonderful picture! I would appreciate prayers for family peace and restoration and thankfulness for all our blessings.

    • May the peace, joy, and happiness that are truly the center of all life, and of your family, Mary Jane, be restored now. We pray that old conflicts, hurts, and misunderstandings melt away and leave only inner peace, joy, and gratitude for you all.

  27. Merry Christmas Mary. Thank you for all your sharing and writings. Enjoy that beautiful little miracle. There is nothing like it!!☺️🎄

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  28. As I read all the prayer requests – I feel that it is all of us who are and will be praying for each other. As I read each one (and I know each of us is feeling the same) – we are all drawing closer and closer to each other. As always – you have facilitated a joining – You said in your original post – “Lately I’ve been wanting to connect in a deeper way”– I think you did it….we are all connecting and connected in a much deeper way. Truly a gift.

  29. Mary, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that the little one was born, the summertime I think…and yes, I could not imagine my week without White Feather Farm either. The connection is soothing, calming and centering for me. And yes, I, along with many others I think, would appreciate your prayers. There are challenges in life that many do not speak of here; we carry them in our hearts,
    Sandy P, in Southern Ontario, Canada

    • I join my heart with yours Sandy for both the spoken and unspoken prayers for healings of all kinds and for inner peace for all. May your life be blessed with deep comfort and love.

  30. Mary, I would like to request prayer as I transition into retirement at the end of the year that I may be open to new discoveries and wonders. There have been health challenges for my husband this year and I pray for patience and kindness as life changes for us both.

    • On this Christmas Eve morning, I join my heart with yours Sally to pray for you to be free of all concern and worry about the future for you and your husband, knowing that the path is unfolding perfectly and right on time, even if at that moment, you don’t know what it will look like. May you both feel inner peace, calm and comfort as you step into this new chapter of your lives, knowing that you are being divinely guided by Love.

  31. Dear Mary, How amazing and beautiful is your grandson! I know I have three and they are amazing too! I would like prayer for my husband David. I know he is going through something. I just do not know what yet. So I know your prayer will help. Thanks Joan

    • May you and your husband be blessed with deep peace today, Joan. We ask that any conflict, discord, or unhappiness that David is feeling be released now. Help him to rest into the Love that surrounds him always.

  32. That is a heart squeezing picture and you are a beautiful soul,Mary. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

  33. The picture of you and baby is indeed beautiful and glowing with love and contentment between you and your special someone! As I read the words here of the many readers in this special gathering place, I am touched by the deep thought and caring that goes into prayers for one another. Thank you for this avenue , this recourse we have to gather strength from your words and experiences, Mary . And the opportunity to hear of the concerns and pain and cares of each other. For everyone in need of prayer, there is an answer – there is the connection outside of ourselves that hears and cares and understands. Thank you for this way you’ve made open to us to hold one another in thought and prayer. And to all the familiar contributors who post here: it’s wonderful to hear your individual voices and thoughtful, unique responses . I ask for nothing more than courage… And that even in times of difficulty the realization of how blessed I truly am.

  34. Mary, we have never met face to face, but nonetheless, I feel a connection to you when I read your words. The last five years have been very challenging in terms of illness and the death of those I love. But since I forget my own troubles when I think of others who are worse off than myself, I thank you for this opportunity to join you in prayer. As the summer soltice is just past, I’ll offer a prayer for this beautiful planet … for her health in the years to come … that we, her noisiest tenants, may develop the wisdom to create the circumstances in which she will be able to heal herself. All the best to you and Jack and all the people you love!

    • On this quiet Christmas morning, I join my heart with yours and thank you for your words of healing for our beautiful earth. Thank you and may your day be filled with calm delight.

  35. GREAT photo, Mary! This image (and your beautiful smile) warm my heart. I love reading your posts and, miraculously, you ALWAYS speak to the topic I need to hear about most. Our family recently lost a beloved parent and friend, my hubby’s (Don) mom, Joyce. Please pray for peace and healing for Don.

    • On this quiet Christmas morning, I join my heart with your’s Susan as we hold Don in our prayers. We ask that even though he is grieving, that he also be able to feel the Love that surrounds and supports him. May he be comforted by the knoweldge that even though Joyce is no longer here in physical form, her loving energy is still a part of that Love, and her gentle touch can still be felt when he closes his eyes and feels with his heart. Blessings of peace to you all today.

  36. My daughter is 18 and suffering from depression. Please pray for her to get better.
    Your blog has given me so much courage over the past few years – thank you!
    May you have a lovely Christmas.

    • As we join together to pray for your daughter, Elsie, I can see a heavy veil lifting and the light of Truth shining into and through both you and your daughter, dissolving and removing blocks that have prevented her from feeling the joy of life. May the Love that surrounds her, and is her, be felt now.

      • Dear Elsie, I hesitate to intrude with a reply other than to say that I have had family members who have suffered severely from depression, one, a young person, the age of your daughter, with whom I did an intervention, with her approval, as she was suicidal. Depression is a horrible battle for those who suffer from it and a terrible injustice for those who are loving, yet helpless caregivers. May your daughter find the right solution to helping her with her depression. Trying to centre yourself so that you can support her, then pray, it’s all you can do. It is her path to walk, unfortunately.
        Sandy P, in Canada

  37. Oh Mary! I am so happy to see a picture of you and your beautiful new Grandson! There is definitely substance to the cliché that says grandchildren open our hearts wider than we ever thought possible.
    You are both radiating great joy and I wish you and your entire family a very happy holiday.
    With love from Fran

  38. Mary, What a beautiful picture of you and your grandson Griffin– no words are needed. Thanks for sharing with all of us. My wish for a prayer is global– for peace. I just listened to the news and shut it off after a few minutes. Can you pray for more peace and love in our world? Merry Christmas to you and yours and much love in the new year. Deb

  39. And a PS– I met a really nice man on line about a month ago now. He is lovely. Could you add a little prayer for us? Thanks and love– Deb

    On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 6:48 AM, Debra Sevigny wrote:

    > Mary, > What a beautiful picture of you and your grandson Griffin– no words are > needed. Thanks for sharing with all of us. > My wish for a prayer is global– for peace. I just listened to the news > and shut it off after a few minutes. Can you pray > for more peace and love in our world? > Merry Christmas to you and yours and much love in the new year. > Deb > > On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 5:10 PM, “Mary Muncil ♡ White Feather Farm ” <

    • On this beautiful morning filled with Love we ask that the Light of God shine brightly through all beings so that they may know who they really are as parts of this magnificent One. As the minds of all are lightened, let inner peace, happiness and kindness dissolve the fear which has caused so much conflict and pain. We also ask for a gentle blessing for this new relationship that has come into your life, Deb.

  40. Add a prayer to be happy and find wealth in friends, family, and good hearts. To not jump to conclusions and to hear the small and beautiful voice within. I need to be reminded.

    • Today we pray that our hearts and minds be open to the Truth that heaven, the Spirit of Love, is really here now and we ask that our eyes be opened to see it, our ears to hear it, and our hearts to feel it. The abundant life is ours now….it is within and around us always. Help us this day to remember who we really are as pure Love and to always be guided by this to the right words, thoughts, and actions.

    • On this Christmas Eve morning, our prayer is for healing between you and your daughter, Kim. May all past hurts, misunderstandings, conflicts, and pain now dissolve in the Light of Love which connects you to her, and her to you, always. May you find deep comfort in knowing that whatever difficulty seemed to exist between you in the past, a much stronger bond was always there and may the pain of the past be seen and felt as simply surface ripples on a very deep and loving pool.

  41. thank you Mary I love your posts, please pray for my children Michael and Melissa and their relationship with each , which can be strained from time to time. thank you

    • Joining our hearts in prayer on this Christmas Eve morning, we ask that the bonds of Love between Michael and Melissa be felt in a new way today. May they both be released from any past pain or conflict and as the past hurts melt away, let them be replaced by a renewed and loving relationship that will bring them both joy and so much happiness!

  42. Thank you for such a generous offer. Please pray for comfort and healing for my two sick kitties, Ben and Sage.

    • Good morning Allison and as we join our hearts in prayer, I can see Ben and Sage surrounded by the beautiful, healing, Light of God. Our prayer is for their complete healing and also for you Allison, that you may relax and trust completely in this field of Love for any guidance or wisdom that you might need to assist them. Blessings of comfort to you all.

  43. Dear Mary, What a gift you and the White Feather Farm community are, and what a wonderful photo. Blessings to all of you at Christmas.

  44. What a lovely photo of you and our grandson! You both look so happy 🙂
    I would like to ask for a prayer for my husband, Ken, who is in the hospital with a bacterial GI infection that almost killed him this weekend. We are trying to get him well again so he can come home. Also a prayer for one of our two dogs, Tommy, who is recovering from pancreatitis episode.
    Wishing you and our family a wonderful and loving Christmas and New Year!
    Pat Reid

    • On this beautiful Christmas Eve morning our prayer is for healing for Ken and Tommy, and may you, Pat, be filled with the peace of God, and may this healing energy radiate out to all who you love and touch including your precious Tommy. We pray that Ken will be able to completely relax and know that he is being held in the arms of Love as he is restored to perfect health.

  45. The picture of you and Griffin made me smile. You look gorgeous and at peace. He is such a lucky little fellow to have you for a grandmother. You will guide him through life in such a wonderful way. I have no special prayers of my own but do have a request for my friend in Chicago. Her husband recently had eye surgery and may lose all sight in one eye. Please pray for them.
    I thank you for your wisdom and guidance through the year. And always for all the gorgeous pictures of your precious cat family. Merry Christmas to your family and Happy 2015.

    • May our hearts be joined now in prayer, Marilyn, for your friend’s husband. May he feel the Light of Love open the eyes of his heart, lighten his mind, and allow him to rest in the knowledge that God’s perfect healing is flowing through him now, and there is nothing that he needs to do but to trust and rest.

  46. Dear Mary I love the picture of you and Griffin; you two look very soulful and connected. Thank you for your genrous gift of prayer, it means so much to me, epecially this year. Could you please pray for my brother who is on dialysis and is not doing well. It has been many years now and his body it getting weaker and weaker. Also, for myself, as I had to have my beloved dog of 9 years put to sleep last week, and my heart is heavy with such profound sadness.
    Peace & Blessings to you and yours,

    • As we join together in prayer, in my mind, I see a candle burning softly and I can feel the energy of your beautiful brother. May the light of God bring inner peace, rest, comfort, and healing to his mind and body now. May he feel a renewed strength and trust in the power of Love, and may you, dear Nandi, also feel that same inner peace knowing that you helped your friend and companion of 9 years to move gently onto the next level of being. The energy that was your friend here on earth still exists but is now free of all suffering and pain. May your heart be lightened and gladdenned knowing that you were an instrument in alleviating suffering and that you too are a part of this loving energy that connects us to all of Life.

  47. Mary, please send a prayer to my close friend’s family. Sheila passed away suddenly (brain aneurysm) last Feb. As her close adult son faces his first Christmas without her send positive thoughts his way. His Dad also passed away a few years ago from a Vietnam related illness. I also miss Sheila so much. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    • As Sheila’s family wakes up this day, may they feel the love, kindness, and joy that was, and always will be, Sheila. Open their hearts and minds to her presence and help them to sense that their deep connection has never been broken. Even though the people they love are no longer here in physical form the Love that existed between them is as strong as ever. Today we pray that you too Nancy feel the joy that was such a part of your friendship with Shiela and that your spirit lightens as you remember the Truth that Love is never lost and that friendship never dies.

  48. Love the pic of you and your grandson. I am 70 years old and am still working to fully let go of old insecurities and hurts that, as you know, can bog you down! Thank you for your offer of prayer.

    • As you step into this new day, Martha, may you feel a renewed strength and lightness of heart as old hurts, fears, insecurities, and pain are dissolved in the Light of pure Love. Today is truly a new beginning.

  49. Mary, I love this picture of you and your grand baby. I just keep looking at it and thinking how lucky I am to have found white feather farm. It is very life affirming. So in lieu of a prayer, I would like to offer a prayer of gratitude for you and your wonderful blog. Thank you, thank you and God bless always.

  50. I am touched by your kindness to strangers. What a gentle and selfless offer. My struggle is with anxiety, which seems to grow with each passing year, greatly related to the fear of failing, of being imperfect and of letting others down. My request would be for prayers for peace in my spirit.

    • As I read your words, Annette, I feel that most of us can relate to you…I know that I do, and so on this beautiful day after Christmas I join my heart with yours and ask that inner peace, happiness and an unknown confidence be know to you today. May the eyes of your heart be opened now so that you can see the true essence of who you are as a divine being who is, at your very center, pure Love itself.

  51. Every prayer here written
    Was spoken not once or twice
    Each of us recited them and
    Boosted aloft their flight.
    For Mary kindly shows us
    When we open ALL our hearts
    We share communal love & light
    To the place where healing starts.

  52. Mary, thank you again for your gift of reaching out to us all…112 comments and responses…it tells me that many of us, as ‘Cheryl B here/now’ says above, “we share a communal love & light” here on your forum. Other people’s responses helped me personally to move out of myself this Christmas in knowing that others as well have heartaches and issues, just as I do.
    SandyP in Ont., Can.

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