moving at the speed of Love

Luke loving the snow

Luke loving the snow

I was driving through some snow to northern Vermont on Monday, needing to move slower than usual but feeling OK about that when half way through my trip, a truck stopped in front of me for no apparent reason. Then I realized that the truck was signalling for a school bus to pull out in front of him. It seemed like the school bus driver wasn’t paying attention because it was not moving. After what seemed like an eternity (maybe a minute) the school bus pulled out and the truck, instead of driving ahead, turned off to the right. “What was the point of that?” I thought, a little unhappily as now I was moving even slower behind the bus that was destined to stop every half mile to let kids off.

After about a mile, the bus slowed down to let the first child off. I noticed a woman all bundled up (since it was 10 degrees out) standing on the side of the road in front of a very run-down looking home. She was holding a large dog by the collar. The bus stopped in front of this house and I could see the dog’s tail begin to wag excitedly as the woman held up her hand and waved it back and forth in a happy greeting. A few seconds later, a very small boy ran from the bus to the waiting woman and dog and they all trotted happily toward their home.

As I started to drive again, I could feel tears welling up and the thoughts, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for slowing me down. Thank you for allowing me to witness this beautiful moment of love…just thank you” flooded over me. A few minutes later, an eagle flew across the road and landed in a nearby tree. What an incredible world we live in; when I find myself rushing, I get gentle nudges (this time) in the form of a considerate truck driver, to help me slow down and appreciate life. The second half of my trip was very different from the first. I was no longer rushing… even a little. I felt supported, loved, and almost carried along.

Help is all around me/us, at every moment, and in every circumstance. We don’t even need to ask for it, we just need to recognize it when it presents itself, and accept the gift.

Love one another and help others to rise to higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” Sai Baba



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Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

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Stephen Kiernan

The Almost Right Word: The foundation of writing is language, though we often take for granted its tools and powers because we use them in conversation all day. Through a series of interactive exercises (and writing if time allows), we’ll examine the potency of language and how to give our writing greater specificity and strength.

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13 thoughts on “moving at the speed of Love

  1. Slow down. You’re moving too fast…
    Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. Thanks for the awesome reminders!

  2. Mary, I find when I am more at peace within myself, I see so much more of what is around me. Alas, it is not always so. Those times, such as you’ve experienced, are wonderful vignettes are they not.
    Sandy P in Canad

  3. thanks for your important reminder. . .brought tears to my eyes too! and thanks for you good good heart. . .stay warm and cozy, veronica

  4. Your lovingly told story brought tears to my eyes as well,Mary. Sweet,comforting tears. So often I feel no one sees this kind of gift anymore. We are all moving too fast,consumed by our own dramas. Thank you for helping me feel so not alone……

  5. What a sweet, sweet story. It made me smile and tears well in my eyes too. Thank you for sharing it. Reminded me of when a pick up truck pulled out in front of me – I got upset – then saw a big dog sitting next to the man driving the truck, which looked like a work truck with tools, etc. in the back. All the way into town I smiled – thinking about what looked like a beautiful bond between man and his dog.

  6. Very timely, Mary! I keep trying to get my new hubby to slow down and see/experience things – something I have come to appreciate these last few years. Maybe your post will sink in – I sent it to him so he can (maybe?) see himself in your mirror. Hope so!

    Hugs – Wendy

    Sent from my happy mobile world to yours!


  7. Was about to head out the door to walk with my two dogs – some days they seem to make SO many stops to sniff, dig, explore, and usually I indulge them, though I often find myself thinking, “come on guys, gotta keep moving!” But why should I think that? Being out there for them is like being in Disneyland, a cornucopia of smells! Things to dig up, fun to be had – just being dogs! So today I will enjoy them enjoying themselves, and who knows what I may notice to along the way as they meander in the desert? I love this post!

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