The Hand of God

The perfect spot for a nap

Bodhi has found the perfect spot for a nap

I recently found a very old religious medal from Lourdes. I had a strong desire to wear it, so I polished up a dainty sterling chain and put it on. For about a month, I wore it every day, not even taking it off at night. Then one day, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to wear it anymore but had the thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t take it off.” So I didn’t.

This went on for a couple of weeks and what came to light was my superstition about religious relics and items. I realized that I had a belief that this little medal had some sort of healing power and as much as I don’t like to admit that, I found myself even a little afraid to take it off, like something bad would happen if I did.

Last week, I was holding my 6 month old grandson, Griffin, and he grabbed the medal and ripped it right off my neck. The little chain broke, and he looked at me in such a startled and delighted way that it made me laugh and he began to laugh too. It didn’t take any reflection on my part to realize what had happened.

Over and over again, I find the wisdom of this Universe working lovingly to help me to let go of old, limiting beliefs…sometimes, I can recognize one of these beliefs and am able to let it go, at other times, it is ripped away and I have the choice to lament the loss or to see it as the helping hand of God/Spirit/My Higher Self.

“Have you ever struggled to find work or love only to find them after you have given up? This is the paradox of letting go. Let go, in order to achieve. Letting go is God’s Law.” Mary Manin Morrissey


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  1. Oh, Mary– that’s how I “found” Tim: After I had let go of the search for the perfect man. And he is perfect– for me!

  2. How true, Mary! On the most mundane level, there must be at least one St. Christopher medal in every draw of oddments. We dare not throw them away! On a deeper spiritual level, your post resonates.

  3. Dear Mary, what a wonderful story! Yes, it is so very true that we needn’t worry about what, how, when our lives must be played out, or about our beliefs and perceptions. The hand of God (in this case the hand of your Grandson 🙂 ) is always guiding us, When we truly let go (a task I am working on each and every day of my life) and allow divine guidance to help us, life becomes weightless and far more free. Thank you for this beautiful reminder this morning to allow my worries and thoughts to flow away and to remember that a higher power is guiding my life.

  4. I love this and I love you too. It’s apparently not just “out of the mouth of babes” but into the hands of babes. Delightful.

  5. Thank you for the message Mary! Your cat pictures help too! Pete is doing fine since his transplant. Back to work full-time! He is such a fighter. For all the right things. Love Lillian

  6. This is such a visual! I love it! Thinking of recently helping my almost one year old stack his little blocks – we got so high! Higher than ever before when they all came crashing down and I got the biggest belly laugh from him ever! Can you imagine any other time in life when things come crashing down and it’s a hoot?

  7. Mary, I can worry something to death like a dog with a bone, my father used to say (seems it’s a family habit I inherited when I later found my birth family)…but when I’ve done enough of that I get fed up with my behaviour and usually turn it over to a higher power. It either resolves itself or doesn’t but I feel better.
    sandy P, in snowy Ontario, Canada

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