stepping out

Eleanor taking a d

I’d just sat down with my paints and a cup of water when Eleanor decided that she’s like a drink. This wasn’t my plan. It was much cuter.

As I read the wonderful comments from yesterday’s blog, I feel compelled to add something that I didn’t say in that post. The new opportunities that had presented themselves to those of us who “lit up” with the new ideas, were not exactly what we had imagined. In all cases, things were actually better than we had imagined but also different enough that our first reactions were sort of, “Really? Am I capable of doing this? Could this truly be possible? Should I go this way?”

It’s important to have a vision but just as important to hold it loosely so the magic of this Universe has a chance to present something beyond our wildest dreams. I’m past the point of thinking that my conscious mind can figure out how things will happen. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can figure out how my life will unfold, then the plan/vision that I have is way too small. I’d rather trust. I’d rather have faith in the unseen part of myself that works with, through, and for me (and for all of us) at every moment of every day.

Our “work” in all of this is simply to imagine ourselves happily living life. When we do that, the “particulars” of what we need to fulfill our creative desires, will “light up” on our paths and then “our work” is to say, YES. As one step is presented and we take it, while dismissing the fearful thoughts that we’re being led down a dead-end path or that we’ll be dropped in the middle and left scrambling for our lives, another step lights up. It takes courage to step when we cannot see where the next step will take us, but it is what the adventure of life is all about, and to me, this is the essence Faith.

The human mind plans the way, but God//the Field of All Knowing/The Spirit of Love/Our Divine Self, directs the steps. Proverbs 16:9 (my translation)

7 thoughts on “stepping out

  1. Hi Mary, I love your posts and your artwork touches my inner child. I have seven cats. Our youngest, I call her our “spirit cat”, Lovebug…. Her latest thing is tipping over water bowls. She does this on purpose. I share your blog with friends so keep writing. Kasandra Brown 👯 + the Stanley Avenue Cats 🐱😻💤

  2. Thank you again, Mary, for a lovely blog full of wise words…and a beautiful cat. I am such a sucker for kitty-cats of any color or shape!!! Have a wonderful week-end!

  3. I have read your blog so faithfully that when I saw the cat I said, “That’s Eleanor”. As always you find the perfect cat to match a perfect post.

  4. To me, my creativity is also about letting go, once its done, it’s out of my hands and into ‘someone’ else’s, out there in the universe, landing who knows where. It’s nice when it works out as I hope, making that visual and emotional connection with others….the reward comes back to me in other’s connection and enjoyment of what I have produced.
    SandyP in canada

  5. Hi Mary, I thought l check in even though it is my birthday and l promised myself not to be on the computer (love your new painting and Eleanor’s classy approach to quenching her thirst)…what l often do on birthdays is read old diary entries which provide great food for thought. You know, it’s true – life happens when we’re busy making plans! The expectations, the fear, the anger and disappointment – and (sometimes) out of all of that comes along a great surprise! I like Sandy P’s comment of letting go, but oh boy, it’s not always easy handing it over to the universe – that’ll be my mantra for the coming year!

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