Seek and you will find….just make sure that what you are looking for is something you want


a new painting

“Innocent Mind” a new painting of mine. I saw all of the blue balls as ideas which as soon as they were “captured” by the open mind, lit up. This painting is for sale on MY ARTWORK PAGE

For a while now, I’ve been working with the concept that all emotions are just energy; not good or bad, positive or negative, simply energy. The easiest time for me to notice this energy is at night when I’m lying in bed and it’s dark and quiet, and usually it’s what I would’ve called “negative” energy that gets my attention. What I did in the past, and what almost always kept me up and led to a poor night’s sleep, was trying to figure out what was wrong.

The scenario when like this: I’d fall asleep, or be on the edge of sleep, and suddenly feel jarred awake with hot, spiky-feeling energy running through my body. I’d throw back the covers, usually in a sweat, and begin the mental investigation to find out what was wrong. My mind was on a “search and label” mission…and it always found the unhappy answer to what I’d done at sometime in the past, or what wasn’t going to work out well in the future.

And then everything changed.

One night, I woke up the same way but instead of letting my mind grab me by the wrist and take me down that fretting and well-worn path of searching for the bad, I said, “This is just energy. I wonder what this perfect energy is?” The more I repeated this, the more my body relaxed. I felt as though I was experiencing a miracle. The question, “What is this perfect energy?”, was like a magic pill to my body, mind, and emotions. I didn’t ask the question and then engage my conscious mind, it was more like the question was a stone dropped into a pool and the answers came back to me, on their own, like the ripples bouncing off a distant shore.

One day when I was speaking with a client who had been having the same night difficulties as I’d had, the words, “The mind is always wants to label and box-up everything, and usually those labels are negative. Give it something positive to search for, and it will”, came out of my mouth and I suddenly realized what I’d been doing at night myself; I’d given my mind a new search (one that it didn’t have an answer to) so it had to look for that…it had to look for what this “perfect energy” was.

Seek and we will find. What are we looking for? Tell the mind to look for what is wrong, and it will find endless things to satisfy that question. It will tell us what is wrong with us, our families, our friends, our work, our finances, our health, our sleeping patterns…. and all of the low, unhappy, crippling, emotions that go along with these answers will accompany this search and be ours too.

But tell the mind to look for what is perfect and watch what it comes up with….watch how the body and mind respond to this command. It brings peace, freedom from fear, and blessed rest, as it begins to search for what is right, good, and perfect within us, and our world.


time to fly...the fourth (and last) baby robin left the nest this morning.

time to fly…the fourth (and last) baby robin left the nest on Tuesday morning (my father’s 90th birthday)


10 thoughts on “Seek and you will find….just make sure that what you are looking for is something you want

  1. Thank you, Mary. Great suggestion and lovely art work! And what a wonderful photo of the Robin! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful idea and approach to those uneasy night time feelings…what is this perfect energy? I love that! I’ve been getting better at trying to think that next best thought when I awaken…sometimes it’s a decorating idea, sometimes the anticipation of picking up a wonderful painting, sometimes the excitement of an upcoming trip…all to get my mind on a positive path…now I have a new way to look at this and to swing the momentum from dark to light. Thank you! 💖

    • Kathye, I do the same thing if I wake up in the middle of the night or when I’m having trouble falling asleep. I dream of building a home on my property which I own further north in cottage country. I don’t know why trouble seems to seek us out when we are most vulnerable, often in early morning, around 4 a.m. and why negative thoughts and worries are like a layer over our minds to leap out first thing. Why can’t thoughts and feelings be positive first and negative second. I don’t know.
      SandyP in S. Ontario, Canada

  3. Thank you Mary for sharing the picture of the last robin leaving the next. I wish for all four a long life filled with fat worms. I am going to try to give my way to often restless nights a more positive approach.

  4. Dear Mary, I can’t express how much I needed to hear your powerful message today! Your insights about the negative patterns of the mind relate to not only my night-time fretting, but my day-time worries as well. I have given my mind free-rein to search insistently for problems, watch-out signals, more worries, etc. for quite some time now. And you are so right: whatever direction we give the mind (ie: search for the perfect energy vs. search for the problems), if we keep up with giving it that direction, we can re-train it to become our ally. Thank you as always for your honest, heartfelt and enlightening post. You are such a precious and welcome presence in my life!

  5. I so agree that energy, in and of itself, is neither good or bad – think of fire, – it can warm your home from a cozy fireplace, or it can burn the house down, or water, so absolutely life sustaining, but also destructive if it cascades into a flood or torrential storm. Our emotions are a bit like this too. But we don’t have to be at their mercy. It is how we harness the energy or emotion that makes all the difference, and of course, that is easier said than done. Beautiful photograph and art work Mary!

  6. Wonderful post and photo. We have a next of grackles outside our loft window: they are out of the cute-baby-bird stage and are now belligerent adolescents, but I’m still enjoying them. Mary, you described my night time ritual perfectly, so I am looking forward to seeking perfect energy. Thanks so much.

  7. Great message Mary! And I love your new art work ! Having been a terrible sleeper my whole life I can relate well to this . So this is an amazing insight you have for those terrible thoughts and fears that try to invade our mind and our sleep. I also have been praying for these thoughts and fears during the daytime hours. I keep getting from God how He has already walked this path we take each day and prepared it for us. So we just need to relax and realize our days have been prepared for us from the Lord. And that is helping me too. Thanks , Joan

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