a million tiny kindnesses

Jack and I were driving through a small city several evenings ago and noticed that traffic had stopped about 50 feet in front of us. We couldn’t really make out what was happening but could see a man with long dreadlocks and a huge backpack, standing in the middle of the road, waving his arms. Within a minute or so, traffic began to move. As we got closer we saw that the man, who was now on the side of the road, was responding to someone in a passing car who had yelled something to him.

Slowly driving past, we noticed a family of geese (mother, father, and many tiny babies) confidently waddling past the man who was smiling and waving as cars passed and thanked him. We did the same.

We felt so good on the ride home…so privilaged to witness such a sweet act. This story didn’t make the evening news but it could have, along with a million other tiny kindnesses that are happening at every moment of every day….some witnessed, some not, but all of them a wonder.

detail from a new painting of mine,

detail from my new painting, “Create your world” for sale on MY ARTWORK

11 thoughts on “a million tiny kindnesses

  1. I truly believe it is the “tiny million kindnesses” that are sending sweet energy into the collective unconscious, thereby quietly keeping us all from emotional starvation. It is so needed to balance the deluge of bad news we face.

    Lovely post, Mary! I’m still heart-warmed and smiling. 💜

  2. Mary, it is these moments in time that seem to relax and fill me with the feeling of the goodness in human beings. There is so much anger, so much disrespect, so much turmoil in the world today that to stop and be with nature restores a balance within me. We have nearby a pond where Canada geese come every year to nest and encounter the same experience when the babies are being taken out for training. The goose, protecting his family on the 5 side-road, will often come up to the cars, which stop to allow this procession to go by, will come up and saucily peck at the cars. I’m never sure whether he’s saying thank you or get off the road, this is my turf, not yours.
    SandyP in Canada

  3. Mary, I love this! Also, I love my kayak bell, which had its debut last weekend…thanks to you, Jack and Jim! Love, Ann

  4. Dear Mary, what a delightful story! So touching. And you’re right, there are a million tiny kindnesses, (and many, many not so tiny!) happening in our world. What a wonderful reality to concentrate on. FYI, there is a wonderful website http://www.gratefulness.org which sends out regular newsletters in which they include “Grateful News” (all stories about Good News). I highly recommend it.

  5. Thank you Mary for sharing this and I have also seen this as well and it puts a smile on my face for most of the day. Thank you Debra for sharing the website, I can’t wait to check it out. I often thought wouldn’t it be great for at least one day to hear nothing but these stories from the news people.

    • Thank you Mary for this beautiful post and Debra, thank you for sharing the gratefulness.org site – I am so excited to include it in my daily “good news” readings. A million tiny kindnesses to all!

  6. Mary – your story made me laugh! Years ago, I lived by my sister in Minneapolis. Highway 100 is a 4-lane, 50 mph road. People living near Hyland Park know that several times a year, traffic comes to a halt because a family of geese is taking its time waddling across the road. The first time I experienced it, I was surprised people were so patient. My sister said that yep, locals were used to it.

    Thanks for a great story! I don’t care how ordinary geese are, the story made me smile.


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