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I know that we all have discouraging thoughts, and the one that seems to really grab me is, “You haven’t made any progress at all (in whatever area I’m currently fretting about) and at this point in your life, you probably never will.”

This was the thought that assailed me the other day, and honestly, I felt like crying, screaming, and giving up. It just seemed so obviously true. I was steeped in self-pity. I felt like a failure and the worse I felt, the more my mind came up with evidence that my feelings about myself were true. New negative thoughts seemed to jump into my mind, crowding in with the other negative thoughts until, energetically, I probably resembled a sinking ship.

I have tools for times like these but am reluctant to use them because in this state, I’m pretty sure that they won’t work either. Even though I have hundreds of examples of success when I try, in the moment of despair, I cannot imagine feeling better. I’m sure this is the reason why I wallow for hours instead of minutes. But eventually, I do try to work with my mind…when I can’t stand myself any longer.

This is what I did the other day. I went for a walk and began talking to myself. I asked myself the question, “What have you done in the last six months that has been helpful, to anyone?” and I made my mind look for the good…even the smallest thing, like asking Jack to put up netting around the base of a tree so the robins would be safe, came to mind. And the good, the lovely, the uplifting thoughts began to come, one after the other, until within 15 minutes I felt so good that I wanted to scream, “Thank you! I love my life!”

I was not only feeling grateful, but I couldn’t believe that I’d felt so bad a few minutes earlier. Nothing on the outside had changed to change my feelings. I spoke new words about myself and my life….that was it…and my life lit up.

Just the idea that we can illuminate our minds, bodies, emotions, and worlds, by speaking and thinking positive, uplifting, encouraging, words of Truth, seems so simple that this, our most powerful tool as human/spiritual beings, is often overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten. I once read, “Words are containers of light“.

So what do you say….how about taking today to think only the most beautiful thoughts about yourself? I’d be delighted to hold that intention for you too.


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  1. Thank you, Mary, I just love this! Words are containers of light or of darkness, the choice is ours. So glad that you had that uplifting little chat with yourself and that you are so generously sharing that moment now. Holding good intentions for those we love comes instinctively, it seems, but we need reminders to offer that same kindness to ourselves. Thank you for this one!

  2. Every time I try to list the positive things I have done in life, my Catholic nuns pop into my mind and tell me I need to seek humility, instead of bragging about myself. Some habits from childhood run so deep, I think they become part of one’s DNA. So aside from getting all down on myself at times, I then have to fight the nun-demons from 68 years ago!

    That’s why I love your ‘lessons.’ They always bring me back to the proper starting point, and show me the way to make real progress.

    Thanks, Mary. Have a blessed day!

    • Suzanne, although I’m not Catholic, I love your nun-demons comment and how we were taught not to brag about ourselves. It led to, in my opinion, the subversion of a woman’s personality. SandyP

      • Yes, Sandy P, and that was their closeted intent….subversion of a woman’s personality, especially back then. As small as I was, I was angry about such a big issue, and I fought. As you can see, I’m still fighting, but I’m starting to win.
        As I like to say, “My name is Suzanne and I’m a recovering Catholic. “

      • Wonderful recovery, Suzanne, I am of no man-made religion myself any longer but of the spiritual, believing that a God or whatever Higher Power there is lies within us and is there at all times when we are mindful enough to reach for it. I love your sense of humour.

  3. Yes, Mary!!! And Thank you!!! When my ego goes to work on me, I’ve learned to ask for Help. It always comes. Whatever is needed. My ego is persistent, by the way – so I ask for Help very frequently :o)
    and I always say Thank You.

  4. Your post today is the essence of what a friend and I talked about yesterday. Should I be so surprised to see it appear today? Sometimes I can almost not remember where to “go” with my wallowing and negative thoughts and vibes….then just a small opening to let me remember. It reminds me of a clipping I found in my local newspaper years back. “Ring the bells that still can ring; Forget your perfect offering; there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”—— from Leonard Cohen.

    Blessings Mary for sending this post. Love to you

    • Virginia, thanks so much for including that quote by L. Cohen – it’s going write into my WFF Folder along with Mary’s “Words are containers of light” – wonderful message and comments!

  5. Sometimes your posts just call out to me to read them and I never know why at the time. You obviously connect to my spirit at a deeper level and just like today, your words help me just when I most need them. Thank you, Mary.

  6. Well this sure was timely for this girl too. Thank you so much; I suppose we will always be surrounded by less thoughtful, kind, and mindful people than we would care to be, but just knowing there are better lights and bells out there to focus on is a treasure. What is it that makes others want to suppress, depress, and oppress their sisters and brothers? Sad thing it is.

  7. Thank heaven’s others have days like that, Mary. I always think it’s something I’ve eaten, my hormones (whatever I have left of them), something I sniffed like gasoline and car exhaust…I have eliminated two of the toxic people from my life, with painful difficulty, so I usually don’t relate it to other humans when I get out of sorts. It’s always ME. But you’re right, if you think of all the many positives in your life, it helps lift that black cloud hanging over you at times. Small things, yesterday, sitting outside with my longtime and later-in-life minister friend, Penny, having a cup of tea, we heard cows mooing. Now I’ve always wanted to live on a farm, instead live on 10 acres of land without cows but I get to hear my neighbour’s cows and don’t have to clean up the cow patties…how good is that.
    SandyP in S.Ontario, Canada

  8. Dear Mary, this post really rings true for me! When I am caught in one of those vicious cycles of self incrimination and depressive thinking, my mind convinces me that there’s no way out. And yet, like you described, when I finally get hold of myself and start to turn my thoughts around (my ego-negative mind fighting all the way!), as long as I persist, I start hearing a nice song on the radio, start seeing people smiling, start recognizing my beloved animals as the loving beings they are, etc. ………..and finally, start feeling better about myself and my life. Yikes. It’s so simple, yet so not. Being human is a full-time job and a life-time experience. And each time we can turn ourselves around and experience the loving kindness that is always readily available to us, we expand our spirits. We remind our human selves that we are made of divine source energy. Thanks for this wonderful reminder today. Your posts are lifesavers!

  9. I’ve never made a comment here but I’ve been a reader since Jon Katz recommended this site on his blog and I find that whatever the subject what you write and the comments that follow shoot straight to my heart and directly address whatever I am struggling with. I will write again, but I guess all that needs to be said today is thank you ALL. You are blessing my life

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