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A new painting of The Star. It is for sale on MY ARTWORK PAGE along with the story of how I received the star that this painting is based on.

I was woken up at 4:30 yesterday morning by a screeching fox right outside my window. I wasn’t planning on getting up but within a few seconds I heard a cat. Assuming that the cat was Esther (our 9-year-old girl who does not like to come in the house), I got up and went outside. Esther was fine, but she kept suspiciously staring at the garage so I wondered if the fox was in there or nearby. Last evening the mystery was solved when I spotted a white and black cat inside the garage (Esther’s private domain). As soon as I approached the garage, the cat ran to the back and hid amongst Jack’s stuff. If any of you have ever been inside Jack’s shop, just imagine that multiplied by 10 and you will know what our garage looks like. That kitty could hide forever without me getting to it.

Since it was so late, I decided to put Esther in the cellar for the night and brought a plate of food and a bowl of water outside, placing them next to the open garage door. From an upstairs window, I could see the kitty eating, and I felt good.

When I woke up at 2 a.m. this morning, I thought about the cat. I didn’t know if it would still be around or not but I knew that either way, it was perfect. The thought going through my mind was, “That kitty came into your life and so it is a part of the design of your life…maybe for only an hour, maybe longer, but all is well. Do not get into the future. Do not wonder how you will take care of it. It is 2 a.m. there is nothing more for you to do now. All is well.”

This is a lesson that I have learned: Do what is before you now. Do what you can feel you are being called to do now. The way will unfold.”

Yesterday, I knew what to do for that kitty. I fed it and gave it a little space. I didn’t know what I’d do this morning but I had faith that I’d be shown. When I went to check on her/him this morning, the food was gone and so was the kitty. As I looked at the empty plate, my mind flashed to when we were kids and left cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I’m so happy that I was able to feed the cat. The only thing that matters is listening to the inner voice which always points the way. In the past I might have lost a night’s sleep over that kitty wondering how I would integrate it with our other cats, if it had diseases, if it belonged to someone, how to catch it and get it to the vet…..” I might have woken up ragged and tired and worried about my (and the cat’s) future. I might have wasted precious life imagining something that didn’t happen.

“A great deal of what people say, think, or do is actually motivated by fear, which of course is always linked with having your focus on the future and being out of touch with the Now. As there are no problems in the Now, there is no fear either.”

Eckhart Tolle

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  1. never am I more settled than when I do what I need to do in this moment and realize that the way will unfold. this is my inner place of peace and knowing. the way will unfold even though I can’t see what that looks like. thank you , thank you for reminding me, Mary. hugs for you and kitties

    • ….your comment actually reminded me of the book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” and the moment when Dr. Frankl decided to stay in the camp and care for the dying and sick (which eventually led to his own freedom but in the moment he thought he was signing away his life by staying) and he felt peace. Thank you, Virginia. Love, Mary

  2. Thank you,
    I am learning that my responsibilities are in the moment, as you said what I’m being called to do. Sometimes I get wrapped up in others lives, believing it’s “all” up to me to…. Then , eventually, I realize how I feel, emotionally and physically, usually, negatively, and then I understand and can smile, feel better, ” oh yeah” I tell myself, I’m a player in this moment not the conductor.

  3. Thank you for feeding that kitty! This story reminds me of the time Noah came into your life. I love that story and I still feel a lump in my throat whenever I think of how you rescued him, how he recognized your voice at the shelter, and he became yours!
    Maybe this new one will be back to join your group of kitties because he too recognizes your kindness!.

    • You never know, do you? Thank you, Fran. Your kind heart has been a haven for many critters (human and four-legged) as well. Much love, Mary

  4. Mary,if you and I were neighbors,there wouldn’t be any hungry,homeless cats in the neighborhood. Bless you.

  5. Thank you for this Mary. There’s so much in there reading between the lines. It isn’t just about the
    cat (a lucky one at that). We can only do what’s right in the moment – don’t dwell on the what if’s and worry about what will come next. This is a problem for me that is a big challenge in my life right now.

  6. Thank you for your inspiration. It is so true. I am working on living in the “now” It is a waste of good energy to worry about what lies ahead. I feed wandering cats too. I need to follow your advice & not worry about them too far ahead. Savor the present. 🙂

    • I believe that we here at White Feather Farm are a large family of cat (and dog and other critters) lovers, and am delighted to hear that you also feed our friends, Denise. It is a warm feeling to know that you are out there doing it too. Many blessings to you, Mary

  7. Dear Mary, this is such a beautiful and truthful post! I’ve been savoring it all day, reading and re-reading it. There exists a deep and gentle place within me that reminds me to just take what’s right in front of me,(the experience, the moment, the breath, etc.) no more, no less and to stay within the peace of doing just that. I have worked my whole life at believing I could do this and for some reason, aside from the fact that I have devoted myself to it (!), I have started finding it a bit easier to do this. Your post today was a breath of fresh air, a voice from a kindred spirit and I treasure it! Thank you for always searching deeper, looking for kindness, practicing faith and believing in divine love. You provide such inspiration and sustenance!

    • Doing what is in front of us now, what is ours to do, and peace, really do go hand in hand, don’t they. Thank you for your lovely words, Debra. Love, Mary

  8. I’m here finishing my day by reading everyone’s comments. It’s all so nourishing, thank you so much. I’m grateful to be a part of this community.

  9. Mary ~ can you repost this about once a week? I need this reminder on a regular basis! Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking/worrying about the future that I don’t enjoy the present. ~ thank you for sharing your words (of wisdom) that always come when I need them the most.
    Love to you and your furry family ~ you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals 💜

  10. Mary, ,just seeing your posting drop into my inbox gives me a sense of peace and feeling warm and nurtured, somehow. I think so many of us really do get caught up in the ‘what-if’s’ and ‘what can I do’ in micro-managing our lives when in fact we are not in control at all. This morning I got up with such a sense of foreboding that is unusual for me. I wonder why that happens. Maybe something I ‘et’ last night?? Who knows. I’m going to dust off my mind and get on with my day.
    SandyP in S.Ont.,Can.

  11. I didn’t get to read your post until today, Wed., Mary, but I was so touched by it, and immediately I heard these words of scripture running in my head – had to “google” it to find which book it came from but here it is – perfectly describes how you attended to a need in a moment, and know that all is well and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well (Julian of Norwich – I love repeating this when I am worried about something)

    For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.

    Matthew 25:35

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