a worthy prayer

Nest ( new painting for sale on My Artwork Page)

Nest ( new painting for sale on My Artwork Page)

I was all set to deliver some additional paintings for a show that I’m having in Manchester, VT, on Monday morning, when I opened my emails and read that the woman who was going to meet me had a broken-down car and couldn’t make it. I initially felt quite disappointed but went outside with my cup of coffee, got quiet, and began to say, “This has to be right. This is happening for me.”

As I softly thought these words, all anxiety about the cancelled meeting was gone and an idea sprung into my mind; “Ask her if she wants you to pick her up and if she needs a ride anyplace else.” I’d only met this woman one time, so I didn’t know her very well, but I wrote the email, also proposing that she join me (after we hung the paintings) for a trip to the thrift store, which was having a big sale that day, then I let it go.

A few hours later, she emailed back with an enthusiastic yes to both, and we had a wonderful time hanging the paintings, shopping at my favorite thrift store, and getting to know each other better.

This is such a small thing; a cancelled meeting, a plan apparently interrupted, but this sort of situation used to be really upsetting to me. For many years I lived as though unpleasant things were happening to me without my consent, without my agreement, and I felt powerless and often, angry.

I never considered that all things worked together (and worked much better than I could ever have planned) if I simply acknowledged this spiritual truth, and dropped my fretting, anger, and the belief that something had gone wrong because it didn’t play out the way that I wanted it to.

A few years back I saw a bumper sticker that read, “If you aren’t appalled, you aren’t paying attention.” And I thought, “If you are appalled, then you are paying attention to the wrong things”.

Being upset by things and suspiciously looking for what is wrong with us, our lives, our situations, and the world, is a very unhappy way to live, yet for many years, I thought that the “smart people” were the cynical ones and the people who seemed unreasonably happy, were simply not with it. I was so wrong….and that makes me so happy.

Happiness is the only worthy prayer” pg. 68 from Pathways Through To Space Franklin Merrell-Wolff (I’m loving this book)

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  1. Thank you Mary for your post and I will also buy the book you are loving to read. Good luck with the sale of your paintings, which are amazing.

  2. “Being upset by things and suspiciously looking for what is wrong with us, our lives”. A very different situation than you are writing about, but I really needed to hear this tonight. Thank you.
    I love your paintings and I hope you enjoy your art show.

  3. Hi Mary,

    We just upgraded to Windows 10 and I don’t think I can just comment the way I used to.

    Love this wonder-ful post!

    I want “Nest”. I will send a check, so tell me postage… unless you’ve already sold it. L


  4. Dear Mary, I SO needed to hear this today. I have been facing extraordinary stress as of late and have allowed my mind to slip into “happening to me” mode. Thank you for reminding me that I am only creating more stress by doing this. You are a blessing and your blog a continued support in my life. Thank you!

  5. Dear Mary, I guess the best laid plans of mice and men and us are not what God always has for us. I know just when I figure out how things should go or have finally figured out how God is going to do it is not correct. And God has a completely different way to do it. So yes I can see God guiding us into his way when we let go and give up or anxiety. We are like little children trying to help our parent do something and we usually have it all wrong! Thanks for this glorious reminder! Joan and for a tip on a good book which I plan to read!😎

  6. Mary, thank you. How extraordinary it is to read something from someone I do not know, but feel the message was most particularly, personally, for me! I am working very consciously on remembering that there is a landscape that I cannot see beyond the challenges and disappointments I am experiencing, and this unsolicited and random reminder was just what I needed. I, too, want to pay close attention, but to those things that inspire and thrill me.

  7. Mary, what a timely post! Only an hour ago I was struggling with a similar issue. I’m unhappy in my job and have been applying for other jobs for about 6 months, with no results so far other than polite emailed rejections – either that, or silence. I got another polite rejection this morning and was thinking “What’s wrong with these companies that won’t even interview me? Why can’t I get one of these jobs I want so badly?” I have to pull myself out of the dumps every time by thinking “the right job is still out there, that’s all”. Then I read your post and it brightened my whole day. The path I think I want to take may not be the right one after all, and the right one is waiting for me, and will be there when the time is right. Thank you Mary!

  8. The ego is all about control. I wonder that mine will ever give up and accept the fact that it’s not in charge,
    SandyP in Canada

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