Letting go of preconceived ideas. Allowing perfection to appear.


me looking very serious as I try to cast a spell

I’m looking very serious as I try to cast a spell in Diagon Alley.

Jack and I got home a few days ago from my 60th birthday trip. Everything seemed to unfold like magic as we entered this 4 day excursion. Then on the third day, I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme nausea. By 5 a.m. I’d been to the bathroom at least 40 times and was exhausted and completely drained. All of my plans for the next day were off. I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to fly home the following day much less leave our room that day. I tried to sleep but was still in a fair amount of pain…but not so much that I couldn’t think back over the past 4 hours and try to get some insight into what had happened.

Two things became clear right away.

The first was when I let my mind ask questions about the past, like, “What did I eat?” or “Why did I eat so much?” or things like that, I felt horrible. Asking questions (that truly had no answer that could have helped anyway) led me directly into hell. I went from simply being in pain to being in pain with emotional suffering heaped on top. When I asked myself questions about the past or projected into the future with thoughts like, “How will I be able to get on an airplane?” or “I’ll have to cancel our dinner with Tom and Lindsay”, or “Jack is going to have to spend the day alone and it is my fault”, my suffering increased, and it seemed like the pain did too.

The second insight that happened was when I thought, “This is happening for me. What if this isn’t wrong?” When I thought these things, I noticed that I felt better. When I let go of all of my preconceived ideas about what a vacation should be or what the next day should be or even what that moment should be, I began to feel lighter. I was genuinely surprised by the thought, “Well, maybe I’ll just imagine that I’m at a spa doing a ‘cleanse'”. It was followed by thoughts like, “The bathroom is only 15 feet away from my bed. The bed is really comfortable. In this moment I have everything I need.” I didn’t realize it at the time, but these were thoughts of gratitude for my life exactly as it was in the moment, and I can now see that those higher thoughts brought a light with them…a healing light, first for my mind and then for my body.

I was able to fly home the next day and even go out to a wonderful dinner the following night. I ate less than I normally would have but enjoyed the evening to the fullest. Jack had a great day by himself exploring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter by himself…he even rode the “Escape from Gringot’s” ride four times in a row, something he never would have done if I was along.

I’ve felt lighter since I returned from the trip and can say without reservation that I wouldn’t change one thing about it. It was perfect.

Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment…Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.” Eckhart Tolle



14 thoughts on “Letting go of preconceived ideas. Allowing perfection to appear.

  1. Sooooo glad to have a new post to read. Welcome home! Happy Birthday! Glad you are feeling better….. But actually I’m glad you had the opportunity to share this post with us. I, for one, will definitely benefit (it’s FOR me) from your example.

  2. Thank you, Mary. It’s good to hear you are well again and were willing and able to spin this with your wisdom and loving nature to help yourself and others too. I was just rereading your message to me from last December 22 as a comfort and because another sickness and impending loss looms. Hopefully today’s post can help over these next days and weeks. Thank you. Cindy.

  3. Happy Birthday- something in common: my husband planned a trip for us to the Bahamas and Epcot last January when I turned 60-definitely a refreshing getaway! The lesson I seem to be getting these days is to look for ways to accept and look for the benefit in whatever is presently happening in my life- even if it is far from what I pictured or wanted. Struggling to change things or wishing they were different just seems to take away the enjoyment of life and usually doesn’t accomplish much either.

  4. I was so glad to see your post Mary, and Happy Birthday. You have the best outlook and I’m thankful to be able to read and hopefully absorb your wisdom so I can apply it to my life.

  5. Dear Mary, Happy Birthday and thank you for this most helpful post. I have been challenged by mental stress and self-inflicted emotional sabotage as of late. Your courageous and truthful post reminds me to trust in the present moment and be watchful of how easily my mind can take me for a wild ride of worry, despair and loss of faith in divine help. I appreciate your blog so very much Mary!

  6. Dear Mary, Happy Birthday! It is so amazing what terrible pain and guilt we put on ourselves. And yet Christ would never do that to us. Maybe if we try and remember how much God loves us and He wants us to be happy and look at things as positive as we can. That way all these terrible thoughts will not drive us crazy. Now if I can only remember this like you did Mary ! Thank you for sharing this. It is so wonderful to read your amazing blog, a true blessing! Joan

  7. Mary this was like a beam of light for me. I’m recovering from knee replacement surgery (3 weeks ago). Surgery went very well and was a partial not a full. Then I developed a hematoma which delayed PT for a week. But when I started PT the therapist was pleasantly surprised by my progress which coul have been much less. But then I drveloped mouth sores almost 2 weeks ago and a head cold a couple of days ago. I’m really trying to see my way out of this and sometimes get discouraged. But reading this has given me a boost I needed. Thanks for that – onward and upward!

  8. It’s nice to have you back, Mary, and sorry you experienced what sounds like it could have been food poisoning. Your reaction is one I’ve had as well, having been on a trip and experiencing the same thing, which kept me back from traveling until it cleared up, others continued on their way. I never thought to look at it in a different light. I was too frightened, alone in a place not my home. This is ‘food for thought’. Changing an attitude can lessen the distress associated with it,
    SandyP, in Canada

  9. And Mary, a belated happy birthday! And I too, am glad you recovered. I am so wrapped up in my own situation that I forgot to see the world and people around me and their challenges and joys. Happy birthday !

  10. This is my first visit to your blog, Mary. I use gratitude to help me cope with any stressful situations as well. It’s our readily-available medicine! Always better than reaching for a pill. I’ve enjoyed reading and will be back!

  11. Mary, you always amaze me. I have always traveled with the fear of , “oh, dear, what if I get sick or what if”…the two exceptions were my trips to Ireland because I wanted so badly to go. You have given me a whole new insight into my way of thinking. Thank you, thank you!!!!!

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