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Eleanor looking very cute as she naps under the coffee table

Eleanor looking very cute as she naps under the coffee table

Last Thursday, I thought about buying a new car. I’ve contemplated getting another car for a while, but when I stopped at a dealership a year ago, the salesman wasn’t encouraging about my trade-in options. I remember his face as he looked at my car, and I thought he was thinking, “What a mess.” He ran the numbers and basically said, “No”. I drove away from that dealership feeling like I had no choice but to pay off my current car and then look for another…some day.

But I also had another thought about that experience. I was the one thinking that my car was a mess. I was the one feeling like I had no options but to keep paying on something that I didn’t even like. I felt upset that the salesman seemed to be looking at me negatively, but on that day, I was the one who was looking at myself as somewhat of a mess…and I saw my mind mirrored back to me in energetic perfection.

Nothing about that visit felt right. I felt off and I lined up with someone who was a perfect match to that. Thank god I didn’t push it. This path was clearly a closed-door. This was the path of NO (or at least “NOT NOW”).

Last Friday I cleaned out my car really well, and as Jack and I drove to Albany to attend the opening of his art show, I asked him to stop at a Subaru dealership. Silently, I prayed, “If a new car is not in the highest and best for me, roadblock it*.” I had no feeling of desperation. As a matter of fact, my thought was, “The worst that can happen is that I drive home in a very clean car with a $20 Starbucks gift card” (they were offering these as incentives to test drive a car). Everything about this trip felt easy. My current car was valued at quite a bit more than I expected, I’d wanted a white car and there was one in Pearl White…we drove home from Jack’s show that evening in my new Subaru Crosstrek.

The “Roadblock Prayer”* is one of the most helpful spiritual tools that I have ever used. Many years ago, I was working as a volunteer for the Norman Vincent Peale Prayer Line, and the director (at that time) was the one who first told me about it.

Sometimes we make commitments, or say yes to something, that we’re not totally comfortable doing, and aren’t sure if we should cancel, or go forward with it. It’s hard to tell, when our minds are full of doubt, conflicting desires, and old fears, if a certain path is the best one for us to take. This is the time when the roadblock prayer is so helpful. Basically it says, “I am turning this entire situation over to a Higher Intelligence. I cannot figure out the best course and I feel confused when I try to. I am going to move forward with the plan (whatever it may be) but if it is not in the highest and best good, then I give You (Spirit/God/Universal Energy that is within me and everything else) full permission to roadblock it, and I will now drop the struggle from my mind.”

The wording is not important, but the intention is. I have to be ready to really let go of the mental debate (and my plan) and turn the current dilemma/situation/decision over to the part of me (the Divine Self) that always knows the best course to take. After I’ve said this prayer, I drop the issue from my mind and refuse to entertain it again.

When things are “right” for us, they flow. We might need to push through old fears, but the situation will not feel like a struggle. When things are in the highest and best for us (and we drop our mental anguish, worry, fretting, and struggle) all we need to do is say YES to the idea and then YES to the action that is presented. When things are right for us, we walk on a path of opening doors. It is also true that it sometimes takes all the courage we can muster to step foot on that path, but the YES path is clear, harmonious, and it feels like an open door….because it is.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

* The “Roadblock Prayer” has been such a helpful tool in my life. If what I have written is at all confusing or you would like me to say a little bit more about it, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to talk more about it. It is equally true that after the action has taken place (if the path has been one of opening doors and harmony), second-guessing our decision is just another way to mentally torture ourselves. If it happened like it was meant to be then trust that guidance.







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  1. Thank you for this post! I needed this today and couldn’t be more greatful and thankful. Anything, anything,anything. More on this prayer and it’s power would be so meaningful and educational for me. I need help with this part of my journey. Thank you again for all you share!

  2. Its funny you wrote this today. Just last week I found this to be true for me also. I would love hearing more.

  3. I, too, want to thank you for this post. It came as such an appropriate time. I have been dealing with the aftermath of a repaired detached retina and my vision in that eye is not great. I have seen 2 doctors about putting in an implant (no lens in that eye) and they had such different views I decided to do nothing. Yesterday, I returned to my retina specialist who said he really thought I should get an implant – which put me in a complete mental uproar of trying to figure out what to do now. So, I need the Roadblock Prayer today.

  4. That’s wonderful. I look forward to your posts in my mailbox because there is often something just right for my life right now. I have found that these phrases and affirmations really work, especially if I make a point to print them out and put them where I can see them.

    Thanks –


    ps I’ve so enjoyed the painting you did for me earlier in the year: “Who do I want to be…… ” I keep it in my living room and whenever I find myself stressed and anxious, it is a wonderful reminder to just slow down.

  5. Thanks so much. Once again spot on words. Do you know what a relief/release this is? Eleanor is adorable!

  6. Thank you, Mary and love to Rin.  

    On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 08:11 AM, “Mary Muncil ♡ White Feather Farm ” wrote:

    Mary Muncil posted: ”

    Last Thursday, I thought about buying a new car. I’ve contemplated getting another car for a while, but when I stopped at a dealership a year ago, the salesman wasn’t encouraging about my trade-in options. I remember his face as he looked at my car, a”

  7. Love this! Have used something like this myself many times. Always works! Congrats on the new car! I hope to get a Crosstrek next time – just plan to make mine last til forever if I can though! Hate car payments …

    Hope to see you while I’m back in VT. Maybe can arrange a visit in a few weeks? I will be here for 5-6 most likely.

    Take care! Big hug!


    Sent from my happy mobile world to yours!


  8. Hi Mary! First, congratulations on your new sparkling white car! Pearl white…love the name of that color! Pearl white…white feather…And congratulations to Jack as well on his art show opening! His work is so incredibly awesome! What a way to begin the fall for you two!

    I was so grateful when you taught me the roadblock prayer several years ago. It makes such a difference. And you also taught me that once I made a decision, and it/I was moving forward (like my birthday trip to Washington, D.C several years ago!) that I needed to align with it or I would be miserable. Oh what a difference that makes as well. For me, the very last line of your post is as important as the roadblock prayer itself. Not aligning with the decision, trip, outing, event, etc is mental torture. Thanks for the reminder to trust the Divine guidance. XOXO

  9. Mary, thanks for another terrific post. As someone who can be transfixed by choice and decision, this is a helpful way to move forward without drowning in self-doubt. Enjoy your new car. Cleary it was the right action for you!

  10. It’s not because what or how you said is confusing — it’s because the concept is new to some or all of us and I, for one, learn by repetition. So any further illumination would be welcome. I always like your personal examples. Somehow or other, many of us identify easily with your experiences and openness.

  11. Another crucial part of the Roadblock prayer is the timing of it. This isn’t a prayer to use when you have not made a decision. The essence of this prayer is motion and the assumption that we have moved forward. If you cannot get an internal feel for what direction to take, then ask for the guidance first. Ask for a clear lead. Your inner self always knows which direction to take, even when your conscious mind is confused. So ask for direction and when that guidance comes, and you are ready to move forward, if you feel uncertainty, this is the time for the prayer

  12. That’s so funny, we just went through the same thing! The Mr. needed a new truck, so we went and looked at tone last Thursday. We had checked out an advertised “deal” about a month ago at a different dealership and were happy to leave without buying as it just didn’t feel right. (They had already sold the advertised truck when we got there and only had more expensive ones with options we didn’t need – yet they ran the same ad with the same stock # again the next week. Not sketchy at all… 🙂
    We were waiting while they ran the numbers at the second dealership and the Mr. said that we could always come back, he wasn’t planning on buying anything that day. He was surprised when I said “I was.” His old truck had just developed another noise and a new wobble and I really didn’t want to put any more money into it. He picked up his new truck the next day. 🙂

  13. Mary, I’m just now getting to this and it is so helpful for a particular situation in my life! Thank you for sharing it. I think I will print it off and have it ready at hand to read when I need it!

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