more about the Roadblock Prayer and Mary’s Skin Survival Balm offer


I am finally in the process of making a small batch of my skin salve (Mary’s Skin Survival Balm).  It will be ready around mid-November. I have tried to get back to everyone who wanted to be notified when I was making more, but if I missed you, I am so sorry. Please email me at if you’d like to reserve some. They are $8.95 each (shipping charges are simply what the post office charges me…usually about $3 for one or 2 but if you’d like a shipping estimate,  let me know in your email request).

the label with ingredients of my skin salve

the label with ingredients of my skin salve

Another crucial part of the Roadblock prayer is the timing of it. This isn’t a prayer to use when you have not made a decision. The essence of this prayer is motion and the assumption that we have moved forward. If you cannot get an internal feel for what direction to take, then ask for the guidance first. Ask for a clear lead. Your inner self always knows which direction to take, even when your conscious mind is confused. So ask for direction and when that guidance comes, and you are ready to move forward, if you feel uncertainty, this is the time for the prayer

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  1. Mary, thank you for the further explanation of roadblocking. That’s helped me. I am having an issue with my head at the moment. I read constantly and the new book section of my library is where I head first. In the non-fiction section I came upon a book, “How God Works” by M. Brain. I read the first few chapters and I found myself upset and offended in a way, not because of his subject matter but the way in which he`s presented it. I’ve tried to define why, more clearly in my mind. Having grown up in the church, in a church community for which I am eternally grateful because this is what, for me, church is all about, a community of people centered around a church. However, having been involved in many areas of volunteering in the church, I became disillusioned to discover that Christianity was not always part of the interaction of the community of church people. It was, as it seems to be with most groups of people, the varied personalities, opinions and sometimes strife that goes with group thinking. After studying early cultures, their beliefs, etc. at Art College as a student later in life, it opened me up further to feeling that much of my belief system was in my own attitude and mind, that when I prayed for strength to deal with issues in my life, it was given to me. This, to me, is not a solvable mystery. Am I conditioning my subconscious into the right direction of helping me? I don’t have the answers and the author of this book, in taking apart the Bible, which doesn’t bother me, anyone could do it because how can you ever prove there is a God or whoever you believe in as the head of a man-made religion. I think it is the presumptuousness of taking a book like the Bible and disproving it. It is obvious that scientifically, religion can`t be proven. I believe much of what we believe comes from within ourselves and we control how we feel, our attitudes towards our lives and issues and people. It is a matter of conditioning our mind in a more spiritually healthy way for ourselves. So, I`m still rankled by the author making money I guess off something that is so obviously unable to be proven in a critical, scientific way. If this isn`t appropriate for you to put up on your site, Mary, delete it…it`s just my mind rambling….and rattling on.
    SandyP in Canada

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