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I’ve always been a competitive and opinionated person. I’ve loved taking sides and cheering (and sometimes fighting) for my side to win. But over the past few years, I’ve felt out of sync with this part of my personality…something has seemed off. The straight and deep lines of right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral, proper and improper, have begun to blur. The question that I often find myself asking myself is, “Are you so sure you are right?” and the answer that I often hear coming back is, “No. I’m not sure.” And far from feeling frightened about this, there is a freedom in it. I’m not sure that I ever knew that much anyway, and I certainly didn’t know as much as I thought I did, so as I let the need to know (or the need to have an opinion) drop away, I feel like laughing.

Another thing that I have noticed about the spiritual life is this: when I think that I’ve changed/grown, a situation will come along to challenge me.

There has been a huge amount of coverage for the upcoming presidential elections and once again I found myself in the same “game”; cheering for the one/s I wanted to win, and being critical and judgmental of the others. I’d even tried to get friends and family to talk about the candidates, and secretly delighted in blasting those whom we felt were unacceptable.

Several nights after the NH primary, I dreamt that I was struggling to take care of an unruly bunch of animals that didn’t belong to me. As soon as I had a few corralled, more got out. There was more to the dream than this, but as I pondered it, I saw that it had to do with my attitude regarding judgment/criticism/opinions and specifically the presidential race. I could see that I not only wanted to take sides, I took secret (and sometimes not so secret) pleasure in demonizing the other candidates. This dream was a signal for me to change. It was as if my spirit said, “You can stay this way, but you will suffer, and the price that you’ll pay for taking sides in this negative way will be the loss of inner peace.”

I knew that it didn’t mean I shouldn’t have a preference, or vote /campaign for whomever I thought was best, it simply meant that I needed to stop thinking about the other candidates in derogatory ways. The habit of mentally escalating the good that would result from my candidate winning, and the disastrous results which were certain to occur if one of the others won, had to stop.

The night after this revelation, I closed my eyes and brought to mind each candidate. I imagined them smiling and greeting me like a friend, and I did the same to them. Some were really easy, and some were not, so I stayed with it and began to sense a very soft and light feeling inside. It felt so good. It felt like peace. It felt like love. This is the place where I can make high-level decisions. This is the place where I can be of most service to the world….I am sure of that.

What we imagine, that we are.” Neville Goddard, The Search

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  1. I recently received this post in an email from a man by the name of Colin Tipping. One of his books is called “Radical Forgiveness.” His latest email spoke to the topic of what the candidates might be showing us. This really tags on to what our Mary has just shared with us. It is worth the read. By the way – I am one who does not watch any of the political stuff nor do I talk about it with anyone.
    A Message from Colin Tipping

    The Age of Trump

    Dear Mary,

    I am very proud to have Sounds True as the publisher of my books and audios. One of their other authors is the renowned Scottish psychic, Ainslie McLeod.

    In his book, The Instruction, he takes you through a process to unveil the life plan your soul created before you were born. It also determines your soul age.

    Here’s the bit that’s going to knock your socks off as well as upset a lot of Republicans. (If you are of that persuasion, do stay with me, though. You come out pretty good in the end. Trust me.)

    In summary, here’s what I recall him saying that helps to shed light on the political drama being played out in bizarre fashion on the public stage. He describes the difference between old souls and young souls and why we have both here on Earth.

    Old souls are those who have been around the wheel of Karma many times and, having had thousands of lives, have developed a great deal of wisdom.

    When they incarnate, they tend to become people who have a lot of caring and compassion for others, serve others willingly, create laws that serve everyone and the community as well as the individual. They have a commitment to the common good, have a lot of feminine energy, operate according to values such as integrity, fairness for all, forgiveness, justice, respect for all life forms, and care for the planet. They are very caring but can become codependent. They do tend to think they always know what is best for others and tend to over-regulate community life and tell others how they should live.

    Young souls are those who are still learning their lessons and have not yet progressed very far up the ladder of soul evolution, with only a few incarnations listed on their resume.

    They incarnate with a lot of male energy and use it to control others and make things happen by force. They think in black and white terms, play the win-lose game a lot, foster intense competition where, to win others have to lose, consider the individual (themselves mainly) to be more important than the common good and act mostly in their own self-interest and those like them. They fail to look after their fellow humans other than those they love, have little compassion for the poor and the weak, are judgmental, self-righteous and self-serving. They are obsessed with money and status. They are quick to punish and exact retribution. When it comes to governing, they are mean-spirited and harsh in their treatment and punishment of those who don’t share their views.

    Quite a distinction. So what is my point here in paraphrasing Ainslie? Well, it’s pretty obvious who, among those competing for the nomination of their party’s candidate for President fits each category best. Judging by the bizarre spectacle they have created by turning every debate into a brawl and a shouting match, you don’t have to be clairvoyant to figure out who might be the very young and inexperienced souls, and who might be the ‘elderly’ souls. (PC Alert – Not ‘elderly;’ we should call them “Senior Citizens of the World of Spirit.”)

    But that isn’t my point. As I have argued many times before, our purpose for being here is to experience and witness intense separation in order to realize that the opposite of it is Oneness and that Love is the only true reality. We can’t know love until we recognize and experience that which is not love.

    That said, Spirit gives us many opportunities to experience the duality we create and because Spirit has a sense of humor, it sends in equal numbers of old souls and young souls to create and play out the illusion of separation on the public stage so strongly that everyone experiences it, and buys into it. And so it goes on until we all wake-up and see the truth.

    However, for that to happen, we need some sort of crisis or breakdown to occur. So Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, and Sanders are there to serve more than one spiritual purpose, none of which have anything to do with politics but everything to do with shifting our consciousness.

    These are:
    1. To play out on the world stage the illusion of separation by taking it to such an extreme that enough of us get that it is an illusion. Then the healing can begin.
    2. To intentionally (though subconsciously, of course), be the catalyst for the creation of a major crisis such as might bring us to our senses. Many of us see that possibility looming if either Cruz or Trump are elected as President. Neither do we exclude the possibility of a big and bloody revolution occurring if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton were to become President.
    3. To demonstrate that whatever we see ‘out there’ is a projection of our own consciousness. For me, that means recognizing that what I dislike about them (It’s Trump and Cruz mainly for me), is a reflection of what I hate in myself. It’s the “If You Spot-It-You-Got-It” principle. It becomes an opportunity to love those things in myself – even though I still dislike him and think he would make a disastrous President.
    (Spirit wouldn’t care. It is only interested in all of us coming to our senses and waking up. If it takes a crisis to do it, so be it.)

    I promised a good ending for the Republications. Here it is. The ones giving us the most opportunities to become acquainted with our own shadow stuff are the Republicans. Nice work dudes! You’re playing the mirror game so well, who could possibly miss it? You are all ‘healing angels’ for us.

    Carry on being jerks. We love it and, assuming we have the eyes and the awareness to perceive the truth beneath the drama, we learn from it. Thanks.


  2. As always, Mary, your timing is spot on! I have been dreading the election process nastiness and the negative, anxious, and hurtful feelings that come out in me during the many months it takes until Election Day.
    I am not a Right fighter (as Dr. Phil calls them) ~ I grew up with that with my mom and then watched my kids suffer through it as well..I do have opinions though ~ I just don’t feel comfortable anymore discussing them with others. In the past I have “liked” things on FaceBook or made comments and then been attacked by friends for voicing them. That was a lesson well learned and will not be repeated.
    As I read your words I felt a calm come over me and I wish to hold on to that. Thank you Mary ❤️❤️❤️
    Love to you and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. This writing came at a good time for me. I have been sharing the funny, but hateful posts about a candidate I pray will never be our president. It isn’t a nice thing to do and I have felt a bit guilty about passing on the meanness torch! (Especially for family members who are for this candidate.) I needed a nudge to stop this practice.

  4. This post came at such a meaningful time. Living in Oregon we recently went through a land dispute in Eastern Oregon, and my feelings about it overpowered my reasoning and love for some of my friends who had different views on the matter. I would just get back to being in my “pink light” sphere of love and acceptance and then I would go to facebook and see something and then get riled up again. Now it’s the candidates and I (hopefully) have learned my lesson, which was 1) before I get on facebook or twitter or listen to news/radio I give a little 2 minute prayer asking for wisdom. Will let you know as the race continues how that’s working, lol. Mary, I really love your posts and am so happy when it pops up in my email. Have a great weekend!


  5. Thank you, Mary. I shall try your mental exercise on the candidates. I really don’t say anything about any of them to others, but my mind is always speaking to me and some not such nice things about some of the candidates. As always, your words come at the right time and I truly cherish your posts.

  6. Your post is food for thought. I’ve never been someone who loved a good argument and I struggle with the Facebook posts of friends and family on both sides of the aisle and try to stay calm and neutral (at least online!). I’m grateful to live in a country where we have choice, even if the candidate I choose isn’t always the one elected. As with your thought process, I try to remind myself to think of all if the candidates as people who deserve my respect for their willingness to dedicate themselves to public service, and as people with the conviction that they have enough to offer to suffer the inevitable scrutiny and shaming. I do wish, however, that we lived in an atmosphere where the problem was attacked, not the person, but politics has never been a game for ‘gentleman.’

  7. Dear Mary, thank you for this loving, thoughtful post today. Love really is the only answer to everything! It seems so simple, yet is so true. Love allows us to remain true to our inner selves while giving energy to those who are on the receiving end of our loving thoughts and actions. Thank you for reminding me of this today!

  8. Mary, this is a wonderful posting. I can’t believe how much you inhabit my mind. Things I didn’t think to question, you bring to the fore and I think, yes, I’ve thought that way myself. As I grow into old-er age, I picture myself standing on my soap box with one leg down and one leg up. I teeter on my soap box because I know that other people have good ideas too, different ways of looking at things, ways I might not have considered with my superiority of being on my soap box. So now, I stand with one leg, metaphorically and hear what others have to say. I might not always find it a good fit but many times it is of value to me, rounding me out, so to speak, as you do here on White Feather Farm,
    SandyP in S. Ont, Can.

  9. Mary, you always give us something to think about and absorb – things that will probably improve us if given the chance. At least that is what I find. It would be easier if they didn’t make it so easy to dislike them, though 😉. I need to stop the moaning and groaning and start projecting and feeling the love. 😄❤️

  10. I’m going to try this exercise (imagine candidates I dislike greeting me warmly, etc.) I get a knot in my psyche thinking about the presidential campaign. I’ve begun to shy away from news about it. Thank you for the suggestion. Peace, out!

  11. Hello Mary,
    Thank you very much for this. I went through a similar kind of process re: the political debates and politicians involved. I didn’t have a dream, but when you shared about yours, I understood completely what it meant. My personal conclusion was/is to release the process, hope for the best outcome, vote when it’s time, and start gluing together my stone mosaics.
    Your writing on this was so reassuring that I am doing the healthy thing for me!! xo

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