What we do changes the world…little step by little step

Several weeks ago, a friend sent me a photograph of a Chickadee perched on his granddaughter’s hand. It was such a sweet image that it stayed with me for days, especially when I went out to feed the birds. Until I saw that picture, I guess I didn’t think it was possible…at least for me. But seeing this little girl, I could imagine how delightful it would be to feel those little bird feet clamped around my fingers.

Two days ago, I decided to put some seed in my hand and wait. When the first bird landed, selected its seed, and flew away, I felt like I was flying with it.

There are hundreds of unhappy, discouraging, and negative images bombarding us everyday and they can be so compelling to look at, but I believe that people are doing extraordinary, wonderful, and even magical, things everyday and these are the events and happenings that I want to see and hear about and share. If you have an uplifting story that you’d like to share, please do so!

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” William James


My breakfast with a friend this morning

21 thoughts on “What we do changes the world…little step by little step

    • I’m delighted that you are going to try this, Shirley! Please let me know when the first little bird lands on your hand. Have a wonderful day, Mary

    • I hope that you do, Jean….I got home last night from several days away (Jack feeds the birds when I am gone) and a Chickadee flew right near my car and looked at me as if to say “Seed, please”…so before I even took my suitcase out of the car, I got a handful of seed and sure enough, he/she landed on my hand and took one. It was a delightful welcome home.

  1. Dear Mary, Thanks for this glorious message! Today’s politics, family problems, and life ‘s difficulties can really get me down. And yet I am blessed by this wonderful message doing simple things like this and blowing bubbles (. Sorry not too many birds in my neighborhood) really brings me back too how wonderful God cares for even the little birds how much more He cares for me! Thank you for this reminder! Joan

  2. How wonderful Mary! Just yesterday around dinner time I overheard a request from a 7 year old son to his father who had recently arrived home from work. The little boy ran into the house with a piece of something mechanical-like and asked his Dad to hook it up so he could play on his swings etc outside. “I’d love to Buddy” the father said to his son. Not “I’ll do it when I come out”, not “wait a minute”,
    not “later”…just “I’d love to buddy”. I felt so uplifted and warm…priorities are important and I was happy to have overheard that simple but intimate moment between father and young son. 💛

  3. It dawned on me today that 50 years ago tonight my family home went on fire due to electrical wiring. We all got out ok…even the dog. There were some bad memories: the trauma of the what ifs, my father’s first stroke a year later, the disruption and expenses incurred, my mother’s first bout of Shingles from the stress. The good things: a whole new house and clothes, nobody got hurt, and the kindness of strangers. That really touched my heart, and I’ve been paying it forward ever since.

    • Wonderful food for thought….I have noticed that some of the squirrels are the same ones that were here last year, but I love the thought that birds come back too. Thank you.

  4. There is nothing more ‘everyday’ — while at the same time more magical — than a community public library. During the riots in Baltimore last April, the public library right in the heart of the unrest stayed open, when almost all other businesses closed, offering people safety and the opportunity to use the resources. We have an amazing city library system — the Enoch Pratt Free Library — and for their courage and generosity, PNC Foundation gave the library a $25,000 grant to use as needed. What a sign of hope at a time that seemed hopeless.

    • Dear Charlotte,
      What a great story! I feel the same way about libraries. In my search for a new home, one of my “requirements” is that it be within walking distance of a library.

  5. How sweet to see the chickadee in your hand. It must have been such a thrill! I so love birds of all kinds. Where I live in CO, I occasionally walk along the Roaring Fork river with River, my dog. There are often eagles sitting in the ponderosa along the banks , staring intently into the water for their dinner. I have become familiar with certain ones , always perched on their favorite branch . One day as I was walking , I sensed a huge shadow overhead , thinking it was a cloud , instead it was a magnificent eagle , wings spread, gliding very low overhead. Gazing down at me as I looked up over my shoulder, I was startled at the nearness of it , and was able for a few fleeting seconds to exchange eye contact as it passed by . It was just a few seconds of contact , yet it seemed time stood still, and the remembrance of those piercing, wild eyes stays with me days later..

    • What a feeling that must have been, Bobbie….I can actually feel the thrill as I read your words. Thank you and may this day be filled with happiness for you. Mary

  6. Thank you Mary – this was wonderful and I wonder if I tried it if the little chicks would come and sit on my hand. They know me I think as I go out almost every day to make sure there is enough seed in the feeder.

  7. Thank you, Mary, for reminding us to take a moment to see the simple and beautiful “connections” available for us to experience. Sometimes it can happen through Nature or through a story we hear that touches our heart~~or maybe a moments “awareness” that life is precious and made more so by the heart connections we allow ourselves to make.

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