the golden string that leads us Home

About one month ago, I signed up for a 2 hour yoga class* which included a 40 minute “yoga nidra” at the end. I’d never heard of yoga nidra before so I assumed it would involve some special postures and I was looking forward to that, but as I sat in the class that evening, and the teacher explained that yoga nidra was like a meditation, I felt disappointed. I probably wouldn’t have signed up if I’d known that almost half the class time would be spent “doing nothing”…after all, I wanted to get my money’s worth.

I wasn’t about to leave the class, so I made a decision to be as open as I could and follow her lead.The yoga nidra began with all of the students lying down on our backs. We were instructed not to fall asleep, and not to move…I wondered how I’d manage to keep still for the entire time. At one point, I felt as though my hands were gone…very odd sensation but as I continued to give myself over to the experience, I relaxed. Then I heard the teacher say, “You may now begin to move your feet….”

I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t fallen asleep and yet the 40 minutes seemed like 10. I was stunned. I was also deeply relaxed. Wow, what a surprise.

Over the next few weeks, I looked for more classes in my area, but not finding any, I widened my search and happened upon a wonderful yoga nidra youtube video, led by Liam Gillen ( I didn’t know if it would feel as powerful if I wasn’t in a live class, but it did. I’ve been listening/doing this practice every night since and have found it to be so delightful that I wanted to share it with you.

I am so grateful that I didn’t have all of the information about the class before I signed up. I so often fall into the trap of believing that I know what is best for me, thinking that I need to know what is coming next (totally impossible anyway) before I do something.

It isn’t coincidental that one of the affirmations I’ve been saying lately is, “I am always in the right place at the right time.” It puts me in a more open state of mind…one where I can be more easily moved and led toward my true heart’s desire.

I love the Blake quote,

“I give you the end of a golden string. Only wind it into a ball, it will lead you to Heaven’s gate…”

*the wonderful yoga studio that I belong to is Align Again Yoga in Greenwich NY.


15 thoughts on “the golden string that leads us Home”

  1. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the link to the yoga nidra. I end each yoga class I teach with a ten minute nidra and after reading this may decide to extend it a bit. Have a glorious day.


  2. Wow! Just did it. Where has this been all my life? Perfect timing on so many levels. I was just thinking about you today as well. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Oh, Mary, I had to laugh because I had the opposite experience last month. I thought I had signed up for a 90 minute seminar on mindfulness, but it was 90 minutes of yoga done mindfully. I wasn’t dressed quite the way I would for yoga and I found myself irritated as I was directed to imagine I was stroking peacock feathers. It wasn’t the instructor’s fault, but I couldn’t get past the feeling of being cheated out of what I wanted. Instead of just going with the moment (‘being’ mindful) I could feel the tension in my body and the annoyance with my surroundings. Your perspective is so much healthier. It’s a good reminder that I have so much to learn!! Thank you for the link to the site and for the Blake quote.

  4. Hello Mary,

    This is LOVELY and ever so helpful. THANK YOU. I will be sharing it many times pure joy to spread such goodness 🙂

    I too am a firm believer in your quote, “I am always in the right place at the right time”.
    The universe is wise, generous, loving and kind… forever sending us gifts like this gift sent through you today.

    As for your house hunting, I hope your heart’s desire manifests! I love your description of many a porch and fireplace
    – sounds a bit like one of those big old Baltimore homes straight out of an Anne Tyler novel 🙂 delightful!

    Blessings, hugs &love,

    Stay open to all possibilities

  5. I’m glad you left yourself open to this. It’s always surprising to find that ‘doing nothing’ turns out to be so wonderful when we meditate! I’ve never heard of yoga nidra, but it does sound a lot like meditating.

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