little lessons with big results


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At a recent event, I overheard a woman basically telling another woman how she wasn’t seeing a situation “spiritually”. The woman talking was very intense and irritated as she tried to explain what she felt was superior wisdom…about being non-judgmental. At one point she waved her hands in the air and huffed, “Don’t you believe that each one of us is perfect in the eyes of God?” The other woman didn’t say a word, but she looked like she’d been hit with something, as she retreated further into herself. The “spiritual” woman didn’t seem to notice…but she did seem frustrated.

The talking woman clearly considered herself to be a wise, spiritual person and a teacher. So why couldn’t she see that in that moment, she was the one being judgmental? She was the one who didn’t seem to understand that she was acting more like a bully, and the woman whom she was trying to “help” looked like a victim.

I thought about this event all evening. It is easy to criticize the “talking woman” and yet, being honest with myself, I can see that I’ve been both of these women as well.

That night, as I fell asleep, I asked for clarity about what I had witnessed, and this is what came to me,

“You are a teacher. Teachers must learn the lessons set before them, and “embody” those lessons. You can tell the “spiritual teachers” or the ones meant to be teachers, by the way they respond to situations involving others. Before they “embody” the lessons themselves, they get very frustrated with people who do not understand. They try to correct them and they attract many of these people, not to teach them, but to teach themselves to step out of the dense reality of time and space and all of the situations, problems, and concerns that are a part of this denser plane. Once you are out of this mindset/reality, you no longer live in it and you are not bothered by people who still are. You see that they are where they are and yet you have no desire to correct/change this because you know it ‘isn’t yours’. Family members and old friends/acquaintances may slip away. This is as it should be. As long as you are trying to ‘pull others along’ you will be unable to embody the teachings…that old field is too dense. Let it go and let them be.”

This was so helpful to me. As much as I realize that all people are mirrors, I’d felt some confusion about the part of me that at times can still get frustrated with both my own spiritual progress and that of others. What this told me was that frustration is simply a sign that I am, in that moment, unaware of what/who I really am and that I’ve temporarily fallen asleep to my true essence, which is God.

If I look at frustration as just a little nudge to go back “home” …turn inside and realize that if I am seeing a problem, I am seeing through clouded eyes, I can be easier with myself. I can lighten up and know that all really is well. I can smile at frustration instead of becoming frustrated that I still become frustrated. I hope that you can smile at yourself today too…I am going to imagine that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of us doing that right now…I love that thought.

 “Your inner speech is perpetually written all around you in happenings. Learn to relate these happenings to your inner speech and you will become self-taught.” Neville Goddard, from Awakened Imagination


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  1. So happy to see a White Feather Farm in my inbox and your wonderful, as always, words of wisdom to ponder, Mary. Much to think about here. Embodying, Being the Change we want to see, – thank you!

  2. Oh, how you can count me in on this lesson! Thank you for the gentle reminder to let things go …

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  3. Hi Mary, this piece is just what I needed to read today. I actually read it three times!! Thank you for sharing!! I really liked the idea of embodiment and that it is a process to get there.

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