an unexpected opening and a give away

Our newest grandson, Sullivan, snuggling with his Nana

Today has unexpectedly opened up, so it seemed like a fun thing to do to offer 20 minute sessions for $20. If this speaks to you, just send me an email ( and we will set up a time to talk. You can read more about the work that I do on my Private Sessions Page (a tab at the top of my homepage).

The Giveaway


A few weeks ago I ordered some of my favorite incense (The Moon by HEM) on line and when it showed up, I was surprised to find that instead of ordering 5 boxes, I’d ordered 5 cartons (with 10 boxes in each), so I thought I’d offer one as a give-away. To enter this give-away, just post a comment about some scent/smell/fragrance that you love, and I’ll choose a random entry on August 2nd.


29 thoughts on “an unexpected opening and a give away”

  1. The smell of marshland early on a summer morning or late in the evening – spicy and rich. It opens me.

  2. I love the scent of the balsam trees surrounding our house in Maine. It cools and calms me.

  3. Mary, I’ve missed your posts coming into my inbox. They have been a comforting reminder of centring myself spiritually when the daily happenings of life displace them. I hope you continue them as you can.

    Another grandbaby and life continues. It’s lovely to be able to share it, cuddle them, then know you can send them back with their parents, your time and job as a hands-on parent is done.
    SandyP in Can.

  4. Love this picture and that of you and Jack! So much happiness in both!

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  5. I love the scent of lavender, takes me back to my childhood and how my grandmother smelled.

  6. This photo looks like pure contentment and love…from Sullivan and Nana. The best fragrance in the world! 💙💘💝😘

  7. Magnolia! When my little magnolia tree blooms, it takes me back to summer evenings on my Aunt Gladys & Uncle Hulsey’s front porch flanked by two huge Southern Magnolia trees. And my Carolina jessamine and confederant jasmine vines are a close second and third.

  8. Thank you Mary, such power in your words. You are and have been a compass in my life as a human being

    1. I see my comment posted to a different post than intended. It was meant for your 7/28 post. Congrats on your beautiful new grandson! I became a grandmother this past December and find it to be a most wonderful adventure! Blessings always.

  9. Wow! Sullivan is beautiful (and so are you…).
    A strong scent for me is patchouli; a reminder of hippie-dippy times.

    1. I love the smell of the phlox blooming in my flower beds now mixed with the fragrance of Russian sage.

  10. Just a comment about what your posts mean to me. I look forward to them and hope you can always have time to do them. You, Jack and Sullivan are radiant in the happiness of your lives. And as always, hugs to the cats!

  11. The scent of lilacs is like a gift. I truly do stop and smell (in this case) the lilacs when I’m out walking in the spring. Beautiful photo!!

  12. Hi Mary, I can feel how precious he is
    on your body. And how amazing life is that the genes just keep passing on the joy. I’m so happy for you to have this bond.

  13. There’s nothing like the scent of the ocean, especially after a week of being stuck in a sterile office environment. Thanks Mary, your grandson is adorable!

  14. Let’s see, I love to wear Ralph Lauren Romance for “out on the town” and Bath & Body works Japanese Cherry Blossom for everyday. I love the smell of Armani Code for men.

    1. I am so tickled, and grateful. I will take anyway I can remain connected to you, Mary and the Sage inside of. Thank you for more than you could realize…

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