Write a new script and change your life…and a give-away!


Fred this morning watching me write

Several weeks ago, I was looking for a blank notebook and found a dream that I’d written down a couple of years earlier, along with some letters I’d written (not intending to send) to various individuals whom I’d had problems with. Below is what I wrote about the dream,

“I entered a beautiful room, after being in a bunch of situations that seemed somewhat disconcerting. At once I noticed that the room was made entirely of puzzle pieces. I was told not to take any pieces out. I noticed a man, who was also a puzzle piece with writing on it, and I held it in my hands, amazed at how intricately and beautifully it was made. Each piece was also beautifully and exquisitely made and came to life as I touched them.” Then I woke up. Re-reading this dream affirmed my belief that no person is in my life by accident, and everyone who is now, or has ever been in my life, is a vital part of me in some way.

All of the letters were written for the purpose of healing the relationships and bringing me inner peace and resolution. In these letters I was able to say things that I couldn’t say in person without causing more pain or confusion. I didn’t write about how I had been hurt or what they had done to me. I wrote about my part in the difficulty. I wrote about the petty, mean, hurtful, thoughts I’d had about them, and asked for their forgiveness.

As I thought about the dream and the letters, I realized in a deeper way that we are all connected, and since this is a Truth, we have the power to change/heal our lives using our minds…and I was holding the proof in my hands. All of the letters that I’d written had resulted in either reconciliation with the person or release of the resentment I’d been carrying, and all of this happened without confrontation or needing to talk it out.

I’d forgotten about this tool, and today realized that I really need to do it again with several people whom I have been harboring less-than-nice thoughts about. It is time to sweep my side of the street…even though there really isn’t a “my side” and “their side”…it is all my side. I clear up my thoughts and find that I am transformed and restored to wholeness in what feels like a miraculous way.

 Save yourself…” Jacob Marley’s last words to Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens, A Christmas Carol.


I am giving away a 20 minute session with me. To enter this give-away all you need to do is comment with a word or a thought that brings you a sense of inner peace. Feel free to tell a story or just post one word. Everyone (even if you’ve won before) is free to enter. I’ll select a random entry on Thursday, Dec. 1st. To read about what a session with me is like, go to my home page, and click the tab at the top that says, Private Sessions

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24 thoughts on “Write a new script and change your life…and a give-away!”

  1. Mary, I enjoy seeing where your growth, art, life has taken you. With good memories from an old friend! Just a comment, not a give-away entry, but still brings me a sense of inner peace!

  2. Mary, I enjoy seeing where your life, art and growth has taken you, thanks. From an old friend. Just a comment, not a give away entry, but brings me a sense of inner peace, none the less!

  3. Snow. Mary, it’s so lovely to have a message from you in my mailbox. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. Dear Mary, Thank you for this beautiful message. Now that God has my attention with slowing me down this week with a severe asthmatic condition. Okay God I get it be still and know that You are God. And now you give me this beautiful message ! So yes I am going to attempt this letter writing. And yes I want to win the session with you! Here is my action that I do to slow my self down : I take two 2 short breathes in and then one long breathe out. With my hand bringing in Two short breathes and my hand going down one long breath released. This helps me when I get nervous or excited to calm me down . Also good to do when going to doctor and before they check my blood pressure. I learned it from a Tai Chi leader.

  5. I have been missing some of the people that I had a falling out with. Love the idea of writing a letter I don’t send to reconcile. Thanks! Janet

  6. I don’t know if this is the appropriate way to enter the giveaway but I hope so. Here is what brings me inner peace : ” breath just breath in breath out ”

    Thanks for your post today!!


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  7. Mary, as always, a sense of peace happens when your emails drop into my inbox. I look forward to what thoughts you’ve had and how often they resonate with my own life. I’ve written of my conflict recently between the juxtaposition of theology training and priesthood and the reality with a friend insofar as sensing a lack of compassion that to me is what spirituality is all about. I realize that It is up to me to refocus my thoughts, they do no good other than disturb me, so thank you for your message today, Mary,
    SandyP, in Canada

  8. A very wise woman gently reminded me recently that I’ve been looking outside myself for inner peace. Thanks to her, I realize now that what I am seeking is already inside me. All I have to do is allow it to blossom. Thank you Mary, for this opportunity to chat with you.

  9. I have had to do some “letting go ” . I love your idea of writing and not sending . And writing from the perspective of what we ourselves bring to the relationship.. still, I cant seem to find peace unless I am outside , alone . Today I walked with River along the Colorado river in a snowstorm. The geese are wise to where there are natural hot springs venting into the water . The snow was piled in deep powdery mounds upon slender dried reeds bent with the weight. Catching glimpses through the reeds of geese families sweetly floating together in the stillness brings me back to serenity.

  10. Time with animals, whether it be my lovely cat, Tasha, my friend’s loving dogs, Zelda and Sam, the horses at Getner Barn. They calm me as I stroke them, give their love to me freely, and let the world stop around me for a little while.

  11. Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, when I remember that each moment is exquisite and filled with joy, I feel a deep sense of peace spread through me.

  12. Inner peace comes to me when I connect with beauty, the awe I feel reminds me that I am of the Divine, God is in me, with me and works through me. Thank you for your wise words.
    With much love, Nancy

  13. Tomorrow, Dec. 1st, my magnificent Meg, petite Border Collie of considerable years, is undergoing oral surgery for at least two broken teeth. I ask only to receive the loving thoughts and healing energy of a flurry of feathered friends here. You are ALL a gift of community and compassion. Thank you.

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