decisions, decisions…or maybe not

Fred on the counter yesterday morning…looking like he belongs there!

Jack and I have wanted to move for a while, but since this isn’t happening as quickly as we’d like, we’ve decided to open a small shop/gallery in the studio space on our property. It will be called Little Wing Shop and Gallery. We’ll have artwork of our own and antiques, including furniture, mirrors, scales and other interesting and old things for sale. Jack’s store will be open as well since he isn’t closing it until the end of October.

Today, it just felt like the right time to set a date to open. We’ve decided that we can get ready in 7 weeks (6 weeks seemed too little and 8 much). On Saturday, June 10th at 10 a.m., we will open our doors and welcome all who feel drawn stop by.

Our address is 148 Dunbar Rd. Cambridge, NY 12816, and it’s about 3 miles from downtown Cambridge. Please feel free to email me at or call me at 802-233-4997 if you have any questions. I’ll post more about this before the big day.

I don’t know whether this shop/gallery is a “divine” idea or not. Many times, when things are right, I’ve had a feeling of uncertainty. Often my guidance seems clearer when what I’m considering is a no…but the yesses are things that I have to begin and then trust that the way will unfold and the next step will be given. No matter what happens though, I will not worry about it.

Below is a photograph that I just took of the studio space. I’m finishing up painting the walls.



“The direct path might seem long, because the mind tells you of a distance and mesmerizes you with its proof. When you believe that thought, you feel the exhaustion that accompanies it, the heaviness, the stress. But the direct path isn’t long. In fact, there’s no distance to it at all. Where are you going, other than where you are right now? How can you go anywhere else? The direct path means realizing that the beginning and end of every journey is where you always are. You can’t make a decision. You can only experience a story about how you made it. Decisions make themselves; they’re happenings; they come when the time is right. I like to ask, “Are you breathing yourself?’ No? Well, maybe you’re not thinking yourself or making decisions either. Maybe reality doesn’t move until it moves, like a breath, like the wind. And when you tell the story of how you’re doing it, you keep yourself from the awareness that you are nature, flowing perfectly.” Pg. 122 A Thousand Names For Joy, Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are, by Byron Katie

12 thoughts on “decisions, decisions…or maybe not”

  1. Not to be silly… but the gallery/shop space is DIVINE! I hope we get there this summer!!


  2. What a terrific idea! I also love the color, since I just had our master bedroom and bath done in a similar one….!!! It will be lovely to have your work and antiques, etc., so close to home, but be sure to keep to the hours you post outside somewhere, or you will find yourself running to it when not convenient! Will give Jack an interest when he closed his shop, too….which is really good.

  3. Little Wing, white feather…your vision takes flight! So excited for you! Can’t wait to stop by! Your studio space looks terrific! Happy, happy!!! XO

  4. Dear Mary, congratulations on deciding to move ahead and to follow divine guidance. I’m sure you and Jack will be successful at whatever you pursue! My loving thoughts are with you both.

  5. Just love the name of your new shop, Little Wing! Congratulations to you and Jack – I wish I lived nearer! I’ve slowly read the quote you offered at post’s end three times and decided it had to go right into my White Feather Farm folder. Happy day to all!

  6. Mary, it seems there may have been an unseen hand in this decision, what do you think?
    SandyP in Canada

  7. All best wishes for a happy and prosperous Little Wing! What a great idea. One door always opens when another one closes. You are in the right place at the right time—just like Fred! Congratulations!!!

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